Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama Admin Fines, "Forces Sheriff's Dept. To Hire" Illegal Immigrants


Submitted by Mac Slavo via,
The lawlessness of the Obama Administration knows no bounds.

Not only has President Obama made every move he can through executive order to create and foster amnesty for illegal immigrants, but his Justice Department is now attempting to force people to hire undocumented workers.

Ironically, the agency on the other end of intimidation is the Denver County Sheriff’s Office.
Incredibly backwards…
via the Daily Caller:
Denver County’s sheriff office has been slapped with a fine by the Department of Justice (DOJ) because it refused to hire non-citizens as deputies.

From the beginning of 2015 through last March, the Denver Sheriff Department went on a major hiring binge, adding more than 200 new deputies. But those jobs ended up only going to citizens, because the department made citizenship a stated requirement on the job application. The department admitted as much in a new settlement with the U.S. government, which requires it to pay a $10,000 fine.

The department will also have to comb through all of its job applications from the past two years, identifying immigrants who were excluded from the hiring process and giving them due consideration.
How can someone be hired to enforce the law, if they are living in violation and ignorance of it?

How can counties, state agencies, small businesses or individuals be forced to hire in violation of the law, in order to comply with non-discrimination?

Obviously the system has a logical loop failure, either that, or someone wants this country to eat itself.


Anonymous said...

The Federal government has no authority to tell any sheriff that he has to hire anyone and especially people that are proven to be law breakers.

If you do follow their lead I would demand the feds pay to bring their English skills of reading and writing up to standards so they are able to write reports and perform other duties before hiring.

I would also insist the Feds put up a Bond so as to cover you for any litigation or losses incurred by these law breakers in your county.

The state should require a Bond also to cover cost of incarceration should they break additional laws as many will as statistics will bare out.

I would also develop common since/situation aptitude and response test for all new recruits so as to weed out non-functioning individuals.

As an example. Recently a car was stopped for a bad tail light. Cop was on passenger's side of the car holding a gun on the passenger and when the passenger told the cop that he had a gun, the cop shot him two or three times and them let him bleed out and die. There was no reason to shoot that man. That cop's brain made him unfit to be a police officer. Believe cop is now being prosecuted for manslaughter but should be charged with murder in my opinion. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

That cop who shoots people at point blank is going to trial for murder, the SOB.