Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jill Stein's Recount 2016 Scam Exposed


Anonymous said...

They can't get away with this bullcrap anymore, after the electoral college has already certified official votes. All prosecutors are ordered in the ground in Michigan and Wisconsin, for immediate seizure right now.

We have warned the extremely evil Globalists repeatedly, if they will stand down on their Civil War actions then the most some of them will get is prison. Some of the Soros family is dead now.

But if they do not relent and they in fact keep going on this charade up until the end, there will be no amnesty for cretins such as David Rockefeller and Bill Clinton. They will get the death penalty no questions asked. (s)Hillary would absolutely hate seeing that as her husband is far more evil and it would be the ultimate punishment for her to live and watch it.

We order the U.S. Army, under President Elect Trump and Seargent at Arms Flynn to immediately DETAIN, disarm and place in a holding cell the Clintons as well as these Banker criminals who are engaged in the act of TREASON inside the state of Michigan. We order the FBI loyal to the official U.S. President, to immediately conduct a full-tier investigation of the Soros Foundation and drag these crooks into a Grand Jury tomorrow.
We order the FBI loyal to the U.S. President, to immediately fan out the militia and find all these crooks engaged in these treasonous actions including Elizabeth Warren if needed and slap on the cuffs. We also order them to suspend new recounts, arrest Romney who is assisting them and detain the illegal aliens.

So it is said and so shall it be. God speed to the militia! God chose this President, and his will is absolute.

Anonymous said...

A comment from an author....

"These traitors already lost the Civil War.....Why do they want it to happen again, when George Washington always wins." - Geronimo the First

Anonymous said...

Jill Stein, just another Khazar doing her job for Netanyahu.

Anonymous said...

Aliens expose the Illuminati as destroyers of the world:
Aliens Expose The Illuminati ?!

This moment in history is our last opportunity to save our world and please do not go back to sleep.