Saturday, November 26, 2016

Guys, I Know I Need to Do Videos

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I know I need to make videos.  But they can’t be just any ten minute do-it-yourself YouTube rants, and here is the reason why: this stuff is confusing. 
There has been a deliberate effort to confuse things via many different “deceptively similar names” deceits.  Here are a few examples:  “the United States” sounds just the same as “The United States” but these are completely separate and different entities.   “Economic Stabilization Fund” abbreviated “ESF” sounds similar to “Economic Security Fund” also abbreviated “ESF”.   “Hawaii” sounds the same as “HAWAII”….  The word “employee” popularly means someone who works for somebody else, except that on government documents it is arbitrarily defined (by act of Congress) to specifically mean a federal government worker or volunteer….. The word “person” in common popular usage means one of us, a living being, but in Federal-ese it is arbitrarily defined to mean “corporation”.
You are beginning to see the problem, right?   There is no safe and sure way to communicate about these things verbally as a result of these confusions.  You have to write things down so that people can literally see what you are talking about, and in terms of making videos, that means having the ability to add written materials, schematic drawings, labels, charts, etc. so that the meaning is clear and easy for people to understand.
There is no point in me making videos if all I do is confuse people more than they already are--- and too often I fear that that is the sum total of my effort in too many cases.
Doing videos that aren’t confusing requires abilities and equipment that I lack, and which I would have to hire someone to contribute, and frankly I don’t have the resources to do that plus all the research and court actions, etc. that are already on the move.
I do see the value in video communication, especially for classroom type instruction---- and I certainly see the need for that kind of step-by-step guidance.  I very much admire those few people, like Robb Ryder, who have by dint of patient perseverance contrived to use very simple video production techniques to address specific topics one by one, bit by bit, and to do a totally credible job of presenting difficult, complex, and deliberately confused information to the public. 
However, as anyone who has sat through one of Robb’s videos can attest--- the process is painfully slow and would be infinitely easier if he (or I) had the means to visually format and diagram and edit and excerpt the material.  Staring for ten minutes at a blurry, shaking document in fine print on a monitor trying to take notes from it is not a sane way to process all this.
Or present it, either.
Those who have read “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” know that we presented it ---deliberately--- in large print and with more than ample illustration in an effort to convey the crucial information simply and directly.  We did that because illustration is the most effective means to demonstrate a lot of what we are talking about.  The same applies to videos.
We need the power of “black and white” in graphic terms to show people what we are talking about, not just tell them.  We need digital illustrations to help people conceptualize time lines, word definitions, relationships, and processes.
All that takes time, money, skill, and equipment that I don’t have.
So if you want me to do videos about specific topics, please weigh in on what those topics should be. If you have skills as a videographer and want to help, feel free to contact me.  If you would like to put pedal to the metal to expedite the whole process, please feel free to donate funds to the effort. 
My PayPal address is the same as my email: and my mailing address is the same as ever:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Finally, yes, I know I am being misrepresented and outgunned in the cyberspace information war because people like Karen Hudes who constantly misrepresent me, my words, and everything about me, are on the airwaves and YouTube blatting 24/7 and spreading disinformation by the manure truckload. 
I know that having a presence on YouTube would help settle that hash, and I would certainly LIKE to speak directly to everyone in the flesh and sort the bears from the buckwheat – but I need help to do that.  Most of these people are very well-funded by those self-interested in the outcomes.  Ms. Hudes has the entire war chest of the World Bank to fund her endless twaddle, and Cindy Kay Courier has Swissindo---- all these various spokespeople have their organizational supporters. 

I am just one old lady from Big Lake, Alaska, and all I have is you--- the American people.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do not do videos.
For one, there is still people who are in the system and your videos are not meant for those who are in the system.
Everyone that has ever taught those who are still in the system have had the system come after them for teaching them things when they refuse to get off the support of the system and still want to act like they are free of it.

Also, everyone is not at the same level.
You can tell someone how to remove the shackles and they will call you disinfo or an *ss because they have now knowledge or background for how you came to know what you know.

Do not do videos.

It will cause people to create karma they don't need to be creating.
Let them find their own way, or let them come to you in their own capacity and work to exit out. does not give all info at once, they ask the people to make initial moves to exit before they teach them anything extra because they cannot have their feet in the door, electing people and then turning around and saying the people they selected can't tell them what to do.

Au contraire, you chose them to tell you what to do...they can tell you what to do.

Remember Anna, you get some things delivered without enough information, and you will be called names by the uninformed, because to them you are the disinfo agent.

They don't want to know.
Don't tell them. Don't tell them.
Let them seek for their selves.