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Friday, November 29, 2013

Comments per Lord Sananda's message

re:  What Exactly Is The Event
       dated: Noverber 22, 2013
       A Message From Lord Sananda
       Through Elizabeth Trutwin


I find it very difficult to put any Faith or TRUTH
in any message I find to be tainted, no matter
how well it is cleverly written OR by whom!
This ONE just happens to be a perfect example.

We need to admit and recognize that we live in a
world where an on going battle exists and rages
between GOOD and EVIL for ultimate Control.
Unfortunately all to many citizens fail to realize
the significance and seriousness of this struggle.

Satanic Evil has been in power and control of our
US Government for all to many years.  This Cabal
likes to "entertain" their membership thru activities
related to dates!  Case in point: todays article on the
same 1963 infamous day they Murdered JFK! 

Coincidence?  Exactly 50 years? Not likely since it
follows their pattern. Therefore I for one conclude
that this so called Author is a Cabal supporting member. 

Further evidence is buried in the Ninth paragraph where
it mentions that President Obama has prepared over
1000 lifetimes to be the Disclosure President. Really?

How can any Heaven and Devine Plan include a NON
Christian as their Spokeperson?  It has never happened
before, at least in the last 2000+ years; And Especially
from One who disrespects ALL aspects of Christian
beliefs in BOTH public displays and ALL of his actions? 
He is without a doubt a major FRAUD in all portions of
his existence.  That said, are WE to witness Forgiveness
on a Grander Scale by Heaven towards Obama that was
NOT provided to Jesus resulting in his death?

You decide for yourself.  Thank You for allowing me to
submit my Two Cents worth.