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Friday, November 29, 2013

NSC Battles Government Efforts to Seize Private 401K's and IRA's - Retirement Savings

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NSC Battles Government Efforts to Seize Private 401K's and IRA's - Retirement Savings
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Date: Friday, 29-Nov-2013 15:10:10

NSC Battles Government Efforts to Seize Private Retirement Savings
The National Seniors Council continues to lead the fight to prevent Congress and the Obama Administration from confiscating private retirement savings as part of a scheme to create a new “national retirement system.”
During negotiations between Congress and the Administration over the so-called “fiscal cliff,” NSC’s website was nearly overwhelmed with visitors seeking information on efforts to change the tax code to limit the ability of Americans to save on their own for retirement.
National Director Robert Crone warned that, “As part of the Administration’s continuing drive to redistribute wealth, the National Seniors Council believes that tax-deferred contributions to retirement plans like 401(k)s and IRAs may very well be on the table in bipartisan budget negotiations going on right now between Congress and the White House. NSC will vigorously oppose any such ‘compromise.’”

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  1. Let's get petitions against this and write emails , faxes, letters to your Congressmen and other Representatives against this new scheme (scam) of Obamas.