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Saturday, November 30, 2013



     In my report yesterday "PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!", I used a trick to test if any critic of the report would know the Bible or not. None caught the trick of Bible scholarship. I said the sons of Abraham founded the tribes of Israel. Now on the surface that should sound incorrect as it was the sons of Jacob who was renamed Israel who had the sons who became the Tribes of Israel. And his son Joseph had two sons in Egypt who became part of the tribes of Israel. Now actually technically I made a correct statement but you had to know Bible culture to know why. In the New Testament it makes mention of a daughter of Abraham alive at the time of Jesus Christ. Also, Jews of that age of Christ could also be called sons of Abraham. Now in the culture of Israel when Jesus was alive, when you called someone a son or daughter of Abraham, that did not mean that they were born to Abraham but rather this phrase meant that you were a blood descendant of Abraham and by the time of Jesus, many generations removed from Abraham. So the use of this phrase was technically valid but if you did not know the meaning of this statement in the culture of the Jews back then, then you could think I had incorrectly said that direct sons of Abraham founded the tribes of Israel. Many heretics and heresies are born in Christianity by claimed Christians who have too shallow a knowledge of the Bible and do not always know the correct meaning of words in a Bible when used in a special context. Also, critics of Christianity can invent false arguments against the Bible because they are not familiar with the real meaning to many words in the Bible and especially when used in special context due to the situation involved.
     Many of the issues which divide Christianity are launched by sources not identifying themselves. The King James Bible of 1611 had I think 14 books in it not in the abridged version of the King James Bible which came out in the latter part of the 19th Century. Tricks like this divide the gullible Christians who then boast how they have the true Bible and the other side does not. The Catholic Douay Rheim Bible translated into English and the Protestant King James Bible of 1611 are very similar in translation. That would not do! Divide Christianity by changing the version of the Bible used by each side! The real issues dividing Christianity are very few but made a huge number of dividing issues by dishonest scholars who invent false issues by false scholarship. And of the few real issues dividing Christianity, probably all of them are answered by the early Christian writings by early Church Fathers shortly after Jesus Christ and His Apostles.
     Many dead have come back alive for whatever reasons in these last 100 years. I have found widespread testimony from such of seeing the hereafter and then knowing what the Bible says about the hereafter is true and not invented falsehood. I think Christianity among other things is a form of I.Q. test from God. Those who are too foolish to recognize that Christianity is for real the door for salvation and eternal fellowship with God are showing poor intelligence. My observation is that pure weak or stupid brains is nearly always an election of will and not due to birth and genetic inheritance from their parents. Some people love evil or corruption so much, they are children of the darkness and not light and when they die, they will be shocked when they realize how they cut their own throats for all eternity by refusing to be intelligent and admit the facts which show them God is a reality and not a myth. It is hard to learn the truth when you hate the truth so much and want to believe lies at all costs. Such is the case for atheists, Satanists, and other self-elected fools before God.
     I think a spectacular example of God trying to offer His love for mankind and finding it accepted by some and rejected by others is Pastor Dan of Nigeria. He had been dead for 3 days in 2001 and in a morgue awaiting burial. His amazing wife took him by ambulance to a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in Nigeria and acted on the promise in Hebrew in the New Testament that God could give back the dead husbands to their wives. Pastor Dan resurrected at the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade and this was caught on TV cameras. His resurrection from the dead after being dead for 3 days as recorded by medical sources, the morgue, etc. apparently helped cause millions of Blacks in Africa to become Christians after finding out about this stunning Miracle of God. Pastor Dan said that Jesus Christ was in Paradise. And Pastor Dan said he was shown Hell where those who hated God and never wanted to live with God in eternity were sent to. And it was horrid beyond measure. But God respected their wishes and so did not force them to live with God for all eternity. And they did not want the free salvation and forgiveness of their sins before God offered by Jesus Christ God the Son who God the Father offered to mankind as His gift of love to give mankind eternal life with God by forgiveness of their sins. And among those who hate God on earth, they hate to see a Catholic monk-priest St. Padre Pio with the wounds of Christ on his body for 50 years until he died recently in time and healing people in the name of Jesus Christ for 50 years. This included a 7 year old Italian girl born with no pupils to her eyes who could never see according to medicine and with his prayers to Jesus Christ she obtained her eyesight and could see normally as was reported all over Italy after this happened. Or Ronald Coyne with the Plastic Eye Miracle where he saw with plastic eye inserted or else with an empty eye socket all his life after a woman evangelist prayed for him in Oklahoma when he was also 7 years old like the Italian girl. He prayed for me and a broken toe of mine of 4 years was instantly healed where the broken bones floated apart and instantly reset themselves once he prayed in the name of Jesus Christ for their healing. He instructed me to make the sign of the cross on my chest with my arms, refused to touch me, and as soon as he prayed for me in the Name of Jesus Christ, I was instantly healed of a horrid disfiguration of my broken toe then. Or Ernest Angley of Akron, Ohio prayed for my wife then and she was healed of a large tumor on her face and a much larger tumor inside her which shocked the medical field when this happened. Rev. Ernest Angley prayed in the Name of Jesus Christ for her and she was healed when the medical field urged immediate surgery to save her from dying from cancer. God seems to honor those both Catholic and Protestant who seriously believe the healing promises of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. How those who hate God hate to ever hear about stunning Miracles of God! No wonder they end up damned to hell for all eternity as they spit in the face of God by their displayed hatred of God!
     I was dead for a short time when young and bargained with Jesus Christ for my life. I made promises which I have done my best to keep and was given back my life. I saw the hereafter and learned truths about death not known by the ordinary people. A later good friend of mine Dr. Richard Eby of Victorville, CA had been dead for around 18 hours according to a hospital in Chicago, Illinois and his face tore to pieces requiring around 100 stitches to reattach it to his skull. He had also lost much blood through his blood gushing head after the accident by falling. He suddenly arises from the hospital bed which scared the nurse to death. He was alive again and fully recovered from this terrible accident. He and I later talked together and he said that he judged that I had to die for real as I had the same observations about death with my scientific approach as he had had from his medical observations when he was dead for around 18 hours. He said he also talked to Jesus while in Paradise and was told that he was being sent back to earth to tell the Christians that Jesus was returning soon and the Christians were not ready for His return. Same message as Pastor Dan brought back from Jesus Christ in Paradise.
     Enough preaching for now with real testimonies and facts for you the American people and other people across the world. Share this report and have Jesus smile upon you!
     The evil organize fake opposition in such as America to trick the people so they won't back real opposition to evil from good leaders in their nations. I am the real McCoy and not a plant of the evil! That is why you should back me and passage of my Omni Law posted on our national website. This is the only political maneuver that is going to take power away from the evil secretly running Wash., D.C. and restoring real power to the American people. Where even the Christians are naive, because you would not want to kill countless millions in America or elsewhere, you can't believe the evil leaders would really want to kill off most of mankind on earth. They are called evil because they really are evil and dominated by the spirit of Satan who now controls them.
     Our website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com . Our mailing address for products or support sent to us by mail instead of through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. The website finances the Omni Law Drive which is founded upon the political concept of God-given rights taught by first Apostolic Christianity. Because you have never read the early Christian writings, you don't know that they taught that you had the God-given right to run your own national government.
     We are saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ, but after that we are rewarded for all eternity for all the good we do when done for the right reasons. That is called being a "reborn" Christian. Our works done in the right spirit are rewarded for all eternity as documented in  the records of God and our name entered into the Book of Life of Jesus Christ.
     Contrary to the deceiving propaganda of the enemies of God, a Christian can sincerely believe in God and wish to do good in life, and yet still be very smart and practical in the worldly answers needed to bless society and make life worth living for those in a nation. You don't have to be dumb in order to be a Christian, but even the most briliant of people have been Christians such as Sir Issac Newton who was called "the father of modern science." Even Albert Einstein said that the laws of science proved to him the existence of God and he was no atheist himself! Also, he praised Jesus Christ for the finest moral code for human society ever offered to mankind.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for one who died, saw death for what it is, and God returned me to life so I could tell you to honor God so your nation may be blessed on earth by God!)


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