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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed: Family Returns Home to Find that "Sovereign Citizen" Has Taken up Residence

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed: Family Returns Home to Find that "Sovereign Citizen" Has Taken up Residence 

Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 3:36 AM


  1. To the families who are facing this thief: If it were my house I believe I would just shoot the lock off the door, call a goodwill or some other charity to come and pick up the belongings and haul them off. I would get all of my paperwork together, proving absolute ownership and I would re-change the locks and make sure there was someone there guarding whenever I left. Buy some good dogs and fence them in around the house. This guy is absolutely in the wrong and he needs to be stopped. He better go to work like other people and quit trying to steal from people or he may end up in bad trouble.

  2. These sovereign citizens do not understand that they do not have a right to someone elses property, this is what gives those of us trying to use the law with honesty a bad reputation. What a shame a few educated criminals are taking advantage of this status.

  3. You are not sovereign as a tyrant or prince. You can only claim sovereignty over your body. This man cannot claim according to de iure law that he is of noble blood and therefor has a right to due process under blood of crown--a ridiculous claim at any rate for any civilized human being to make.

    This is crypto-anarchy at work. This sovereignty movement is full of these subversive agents.

  4. In my opinion; the words "sovereign" and "citizen" shouldn't even be used in the same sentence!
    Either you are a self determined "Sovereign" individual who is not somebody else's "citizen" or OF any state or government.
    Or you are a Citizen OF something, as legally defined, even if that definition includes the rights of a Sovereign.

    Probably not wise to claim to be both at the same time.

    Anybody claiming to be a "sovereign citizen" appears to be claiming his own ignorance of the law and proper use of these words.
    And, yes, in my opinion; these so called "sovereign citizens" may be a problem for some or even cause a bad reputation for the founding, Soveriegn, Fathers and other lawful Sovereign individuals.

    It has also been my personal experience that, if somebody simply accuses you of being a "sovereign citizen", this may result in an investigation by the FBI and/or US marshal and MIBs arriving at your door. . .


  5. Remember Dr Zhivago. the poor people took over the whole apt from Dr Zhivago. Communism that is showing.

  6. My personal oath is: "DO NO HARM in my pursuit of Truth, Science, Self-Discovery, Happiness, Prosperity, Spirituality, Healing, Private Travel and Law Studies."

    The so called 'Sovereign citizen' should apply his Law knowledge and use his energy in a good, non selfish, way such as claim of actual abandoned buildings or land in areas suffering from economic or natural disaster such as Detroit or New Orleans. Then make improvements and actually help the community including the teaching of Contract Law and Administrative process to others. (Lead by example.)

    Where is the contract agreement?
    Can he prove he properly followed through, and perfected, an administrative process and holds a verifiable agreement of the parties?
    To simply take over or occupy, as a 'pretend' creditor or banker without license, a property which is obviously NOT abandoned causes serious harm by violating the self evident rights of others!


  7. This man is a disgrace to the freedom movement, unfortunately, there are many like him. How can you possible lay claim to someone else's property when you have not put one drop of effort, energy, work, sacrifice, to such property? This is ABUSE in the higher form, I hope he gets thrown in jail for what he does. If it was me I would have the locks changed, beat the shit out of him and burn his belongings, plain and simple!! He is not Sovereign he is a THIEF!!!