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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Dinar Inc Sale

Subject: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Dear Dinar Inc Client:

Thanksgiving is a time for giving and Dinar Inc is doing just that.  Our corporate headquarters is located in Stuart, Florida and on Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day) we will be sponsoring the feeding of the hungry, and homeless of Martin County.  Located at the Stuart Grill & Ale will be a sit down Thanksgiving feast for approximately 1,000 persons and families in need.  Also, being distributed to each person who attends are bags of clothing (distributed by size), can food goods, and toiletries like toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, etc…  This is just Dinar Inc trying to say thank you.
We want to wish everyone a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  Our phone lines for support will be open on Thanksgiving Day and night.  Thank you for being a valued Dinar Inc customer and many blessings to you and your family. 
Dinar Inc now has eight (8) national store locations to service our clients around America.  Our stores are located in:
Los Angeles, Mall of America, San Francisco, Oceanside, Nashville, Kansas City, Ft. Myers, Florida and our corporate headquarters in Stuart, Florida.  We are sure proud of these stores and encourage you to visit the one nearest to you.

Dinar Inc is running a Black Friday sale to celebrate our 2013 expansion.  Starting at midnight (12:00AM) Thanksgiving night to 12:00 AM Monday, these currencies will be on sale with the following promo code:
Iraqi Dinar - $25 OFF Per Million use promo code - 25OFF
Vietnamese Dong - $5 OFF Per Million use promo code - 5OFF
Indonesian Rupiah - $5 OFF Per Million use promo code - 5OFF

May everyone have a very  Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Best regards,

Robert Hoffman, Jr.


  1. Yeah, big sale going on because they know the dinar are worthless. Find out how much they'll buy yours back for. Con artists extroidinaire.

  2. Hoffman should invest in some Staff that don't treat clients like crap--- instead of just trying to peddle more IQD's.