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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things are getting Wild out there .. Pot Smoking RCMP

CGI's Cmanynames: Things are getting Wild out there .. Pot Smoking RCMP
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 29-Nov-2013 13:31:06
Well, it has been an interesting day
one thing for sure
the political strategists have done a 180
that's good news

this is fascinating
Pot-smoking Mountie has uniform seized by RCMP

one of the commenters(like me)
which has just recently chimed in under 5 times or 5 times

was citizen joe
Citizen Joe
Big deal .
I am more concerned with the RCMP laying charges against Stephen Harper's Scandal crew .
and me
I feel badly that you are more concerned with the RCMP
laying charges against Stephen Harper
High Pie in the Sky that, that will happen
you'll be dead before that takes place, so will I

as far as the marijuana issue
PTSD - I'm sure we are suffer from it
(ought to read we all suffer from PTSD)

I'm sure this mountie is making a point
they just can not possibly arrest everyone
involve in that industry

and maybe that cop is just
not exaggerating what really is going on

everyone knows that
and we might need a new approach
to the situation

I don't know what the answer is Joe
I'll tell you this
millions are not racking their brains out
thinking about this

If I was betting in Vegas on whether
they will charge the PM
I highly doubt it
I channel my frustrated energies elsewhere

like are my taxes and their expenses going
up this year in unison

this is a clear and obvious message for all lawyers
many politicians are lawyers
some things are rotten to the core

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