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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Obama Mutant Murder Menagerie

Lame Cherry discusses a green card selling scandal operating out of S. Dakota, with possible national implications
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 29-Nov-2013 21:13:50

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The Obama Mutant Murder Menagerie
Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Obama Mutant Murder Menagerie

In another Lame Cherry exclusive, a matter anti matter which will touch the Obama regime, the Boston bombing, and the entire Karl Rovian Obamacans led by criminals such as Governor Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota, who is exclusively featured here in various smarmy shady and unscrupulous practices. 

What starts out in this is Democrat Representative Kathy Tyler of South Dakota who has uncovered a criminal enterprise which started in 1990 whereby rich foreigners who bribed the United States government with $500,000 dollars could obtain a green card.
This money in the EB-5 program was administered on a national level with the Governor's Office of Economic Development of South Dakota.  The money was supposed to go to investment in one such investment was Northern Beef Packers located in Aberdeen SD, the former political power base of President of the Senate Tom Daschle, Democrat of South Dakota. 

Northern Beef received a check for one million dollars in January of 2011 at the height of the Obama regime.  Over half of these funds were re-routed and disappeared as monitoring fees for the South Dakota Regional Center.
Mutant Daugaard took office and divided the Department of Tourism and the Department of Economic Development into three smaller departments, one of which became GOED.
Daugaard issued a press release on November 22nd stating that he knew nothing about the federal investigation.  Richard Benda, who worked for the State of South Dakota as the Secretary of Tourism and State Development from 2006-2011, then went to work for SDRC in 2011.  Subsequently after Benda was found to have double-charged the government for travel expenses of a paltry $5,559.80 then he suddenly found a way to commit suicide and stop the investigation.  South Dakota Atty General Jackley announced that no further investigation was necessary because no one else was alive. 
Jackley and Daugaard seem to have the same problem with amnesia in not being able to find crimes when it comes to crooked dealings in South Dakota which connect to the Obama regime. 

Northern Beef has subsequently gone bankrupt and was originally overseen by Northern State University in the EB-5 project, again a seat of Democratic power in South Dakota linked directly to Washington, which created the SDRC.
Everyone in South Dakota is currently trying to shut the information flow on this crime spree or is backing away.  Current GOED commissioner Pat Costello in September terminated the state's contract with SDRC.

Upon Inquiry, Richard Benda was silenced in a like Andrew Breitbart assassination.  The money is the tip of the iceberg in this because this is not the only program in the United States which has been importing foreign agents to infiltrate the United States such as Birther Obama Chin.  No one is bringing forward who this original investment group was.  All we know is that foreigners purchased green cards illegally by bribing the United States government and the State of South Dakota was but a part of this pyramid scheme now being uncovered. 
We do know that basically a million dollars disappeared out of South Dakota as payback to someone.  Richard Benda was silenced as no one is going to commit suicide over five thousand dollars with the kind of Republican connections he had inside that GOP state. 

Mutant Daugaard as was featured here was busy trying to siphon more money from citizens in referendums in the last election which the people of South Dakota voted down.  Daugaard went into a fury afterwards, castigating the people for not allowing him to run more of this money into pet projects which is starting to look like Bill Clinton in Mena Arkansas. 

All of this now is being brought up by a brave former teacher turned politician in Democrat Kathy Tyler.  This is a most dangerous situation as it exposes everything from how terrorists arrived in America for 9/11, the Boston bombing connections, and the reality that our government and our higher institutions with business have all been purchased by these contractors bribing their way into the United States. 

This is a scandal which will bring down the Obama regime.  It is a real scandal and is only being reported here.  This is something that needs to be covered by the puppy press as it is the foundation of the espionage network and terror network encompassing these United States.

Now you know why the big stories, the sexy stories, the only relevant stories are covered here.  So donate.

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