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Thursday, November 28, 2013

SEAL Team Six Was Murdered

SEAL Team Six Was Murdered

“Why haven’t the American people impeached and arrested this traitorous president, Barack Hussein Obama?”

Excerpt of audio text:

This was Obama’s new way of fighting a war – a war in which we lose, a war in which our brave soldiers are slaughtered, and Obama stands on the corpses of our brave men for political purposes.

But this is only the beginning of this abomination. There are still many unanswered questions.

Here are a few:

Who were the  nameless Afghan National Army soldiers on board the CH-47?

Literally minutes before the CH-47 took off the Afghanis were replaced without changing the manifest. In the thirteen-page military report it was revealed that this was never investigated. The U.S. mission commander that authorized this was never identified. The Afghan Army members that appear on the manifest and were replaced at the last minute were never interviewed. There is only one explanation for this: that the original Afghanis were found out to have compromised the mission, that the mission should have been aborted, that the Obama regime is trying to cover this up.

Charles Strange, father of Navy SEAL Michael Strange killed on Extortion 17

Where is the “Black Box”?

The CH-47 Black Box was “lost” according to the military report – “washed away” by an Afghan flood.

Charles Strange, father of a Navy SEAL lost on “Extortion 17”:

“Can’t find the Black Box, which is really orange? Them Black Boxes don’t go away – they lose Black Boxes in the swamps of Florida and they find ‘em. You’re telling me you can’t find the black box? Not acceptable. I tell my boss something like that, I get fired. Right? … My 25 year old son got set up and killed.”

Why was everyone on board immediately cremated?

Everyone on “Extortion 17” (the call sign of the doomed CH-47) was immediately cremated without permission from the families, supposedly  because the bodies were so badly burned in the crash. This is a complete lie.

Charles Strange:

“When the helicopter got shot down (it’s in the paper work) we didn’t know what helicopter got shot. It took us ten minutes… (loses composure, tears well up) …Yes – my son… right?

My son Michael… was fighting for his life. Nobody came in to help. They didn’t have the Pathfinders there to check the area… Nobody… Whose calling the shots here? This is bullshit. They told me my son had to be cremated … everybody has to be cremated… (grimaces in anguish) … my son didn’t need to be cremated… I got pictures of my son … he was fighting … he had a gun in his hand … come on … fighting for his country, fighting for us … and you’re going to lie to me, slap me in the face?

I called the command… I said why did you cremate my son? … My son didn’t want to be cremated. I got pictures of him… When I asked for the autopsy report from Dover… they sent me a disk with pictures … he’s sitting there fighting.

Everybody was burned beyond recognition?  No – everybody WASN’T burned beyond recognition … another lie!”

The most pressing question of all, however is this:

Why haven’t the American people impeached and arrested this traitorous president, Barack Hussein Obama?


  1. I understand your anger & concern for the way your son's body was cremated. The entire episode was planned & executed by none other than Hillary Clinton. Obama had nothing to do with it, but had to 'go along with the outcome' or he would have been 'silenced' too. The Truth will come out soon & all will see Hillary & her cohorts being arrested. BTW - Please know that your son is very much alive & well in the Spirit world. Only his body was cremated.

  2. Because "the people" are the tyrannical majority who are your enemy.

    They are the fun society. The lazy and debauched.

    They worship the beer can, the ball game, and the baloney.

  3. It seems there are many tragedies happening in our world today. But every life is important and a gift, and do not think that God is not
    aware of all that is happening to every person. Every human life is precious even though Satan tries to make life look like it is nothing.
    But, God is everywhere and knows all and sees all, and one day we will all stand before Him for what we have done here with our
    life. No one is getting away with anyone. Also, the good that we do is seen. Wise people will understand this, but the foolish will ignore it. Have a great day.