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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"SEAL Team 6 Was Murdered"

Dear Mike (sharing with all bcc herein w/permission to forward),

  What can I say my Brother?
  The evidence is OVERWHELMING as to what is going on and yet there are those who will remain blind in order to perpetuate their false sense of security & comfort while those in Government will continue to ‘Manufacture’ a variety of Lies & Distortions designed to keep the Folks content & happy with their false illusion.

  Many Americans, unfortunately, would rather delude themselves into accepting this rather than acknowledging the Harsh Reality that is squarely staring them in the face.

  In either case, a major Shit-Storm is rapidly approaching.
 Washington’s Usurpation of this Republic in the form of their continued Political, Economic and Cultural Reconstructive undertakings will have devastating consequences.

 Many are only now realizing the significance of their many ‘Alterations’, as is the case with Obama Care and the MANY LIES associated with it, that were ALL designed to ELIMINATE ANY MENTION OF THE CONSEQUENCES Those People KNEW WOULD OCCUR if People would have only paid attention to what WE were saying!

  Is has been a SERIES of Socialized Programs and Applications clouded in LIES that, collectively, are about to come down on MOST like a ton of bricks.

  We Confederates, as I have mentioned on numerous occasions, have Understood ‘Those People’ only too well but…. YOU know what happens when the Spoils of War are realized by the victor.
  Most Americans can’t even begin to grasp that CONCEPT and how it relates to ALL THINGS following a War.

  Thus, each generation removed, has had their lives affected negatively resulting from that which occurred Long Ago.
  Equally, the ‘Connection of ANY Historical Dot’ relative to Then and its impact upon them Today, becomes difficult in the least to advance & explain.

  The Power-Brokers in Washington have reduced much of the Republic’s past & history to a venue that suggests it was all about slavery.
  Thus, the enormity of that War has been reduced to a level of concocted  ‘Poppy Cock’, reducing any element of TRUTH associated with it that they have hidden, denied or cleverly omitted.  

  Meanwhile, the world is exploding and imploding around us & somehow these Uniformed Americans think themselves IMMUNE from the Holocaust that is forming about them.
  The Enemy Within is worse than the Enemy Without!

  In any event a Major Collision is coming and it WILL, NOT if, be realized by One & ALL….. the ‘Party’ my Brother has been over for some time and now the Darkness associated with the ‘Piper’s song’ very much resembles that of Homer’s Sirens in his Odyssey…. Proving too strong, tempting & intoxicating as another Country is about to be claimed upon the
Siren’s Reef of Stupidity…..

God Bless,
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 2:31 PM
Subject: "SEAL Team 6 Was Murdered"

They knew too much?

Mike has shared a video with you on YouTube

Video produced by Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey

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