Thursday, November 7, 2013

Obama School mate, Mia Maria Pope, says he is a Liar, Drug user and gay 26 MINS

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Obama School mate, Mia Maria Pope, says he is a Liar, Drug user and gay 26 MINS
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Date: Thursday, 7-Nov-2013 00:30:29

Sent to us from a RMN reader.. Manning is out to get Obummer, for sure but if this is true and I were this woman, I'd go into deep hiding.
Gotta watch this. This lady says Obama was a consummate liar, drug user and known homosexual. She claims to have known him personally in school. M

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  1. Classmates Out Obama as a Cokehead Anti-American

    Needless to say, the adverse observations by two of Barack Hussein Obama’s old classmates, one a high school girl at Punaho School in Honolulu, Hawaii, the other a male student at New York City’s Columbia University, will be dismissed by the president or, more likely, by his minions, as belated fabrications perpetrated by envious Obama-haters and/or vicious lies concocted and orchestrated by Rush Limbaugh in collaboration with Glenn Beck.
    Nevertheless, details concerning the background of the most mysterious commander in chief in America’s history as provided by the now-50 year old Mia Maria Pope and the now-52 year old Wayne Allyn Root are both enlightening and intriguing.

    If proven true, an unlikelihood given the passage of so many years and Obama’s mainstream news media’s years-old reluctance to pursue any truth regarding Obama, America’s leader could be the second Democrat president to face impeachment in less than two decades or, at the minimum, disgrace and scorn for the remainder of his second term.

    Indeed, again if proven true, the allegations of Ms. Pope and Mr. Root would force any president with any sense of honor to resign his office.

    MIA MARIA POPE. African-American talk-show host Dr. David Manning recently interviewed Ms. Pope but was probably unprepared for the devout Christian’s revelations concerning her former classmate, then known as Barry Soetero. She described Barry as a compulsive liar who would often “prostitute himself for gay sex in order to feed his cocaine habit.” (See the 27 minute video of Dr. Manning’s interview here:

    Pope added, “One of his attributes that’s still evident today is that he was even a pathological liar even back then. I’m not kidding. Every time this guy would open his mouth the most outlandish stories would come out. It seemed like he couldn’t tell the truth about anything.” She also remembered Obama “would get with these older, white, gay men, and this is how we pretty much had this impression that that’s how he was procuring this cocaine. In other words he was having sex with these older, white guys and that’s how he was getting his cocaine to be able to freebase.”

    Among others substantiating Mia Maria Pope’s impressions of Soetero-Obama’s drug use are Barry himself in his “memoir,” Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance in which he conceded his high school drug use, but not what he did to procure them. Kevin DuJan, however, a player in Chicago’s gay community, has partially filled in the gay gap. DuJan ”has long claimed that Obama was a well-known face in the bar and bathhouse scene” during his days as an Illinois state senator and is “not heterosexual and he’s not bisexual. He’s homosexual.” (

    WAYNE ALLYN ROOT. Root never met the future president who was then going by the name Barack Obama at Columbia even though they were both poli sci majors, both Pre-Law, and both graduated the same day in 1983. Root thought he knew all the other 100 to 150 students in the Political Science Department but he wasn’t alone in not recalling anything about Barack. At his 30th class reunion last May, everyone remembered Root, “the token big-mouthed conservative patriot” but, like Root, not one of his friends remembered ever meeting, seeing, or hearing anyone refer to Barack Obama. . . . (Read more at