Thursday, November 10, 2016

By hook or crook, Democrats working to reverse Trump victory

The Democrats are petitioning across the nation to Steal / Nullify Trump's Victory  Before  Our  Very  Eyes

Democrats are pushing the law into practice by spreading a provisional petition. As of this afternoon, the petition has 175,000 signatures, making it an official public position.

While some states could try to “ban” electoral voters from switching to Hillary, there’s no way it could be enforced—each electoral voter has the ultimate say.

It’s a low move by the Democrats, and it could actually work.

Red State Watcher reported that, throughout history, more than 99% of electors have pledged to support American voters. But if the election cycle was indicative of anything to come, the Democrats are sure to actually push this.

Clinton already has the control of large donors like Soros, who are currently funding anti-Trump protests all around the country.

We have come TOO FAR to lose it now. 
Please spread this message and share this article. 
We must make the American People aware of the dirty trick they are trying to use. 
If we don’t, we could surely lose America to the same evil forces we just defeated.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just like Brexit it's the salty milk they'll regret.

Time to ram this down their throats the old fashioned way.....Deploy the legal teams.

With the already assembled team who's spearheading the Jury on the Clinton Foundation, there's no way these vermin are going anywhere but into the gutter. They have no idea which mavericks were chosen for the job.