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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dems Pushing To Steal The Presidency From Trump

Breaking! Dems Are Pushing A Measure That Could Steal The Presidency From Trump

*Please share, share,share, make sure people are aware of this measure On Thursday, Democrats pushed for a last ditch effort to change the electoral college outcome and grant Hillary Clinton the Presidency due to the 'popular' vote. ??? reported: Though Clinton led the popular vote by about 280,000 on Thursday morning, Trump has won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. As of late Wednesday, he had 290 to Clinton’s 228. According to the Constitution, electors will meet in their respective state capitals on Dec. 19. In most cases, including Colorado, whoever wins the popular vote gains all of that state’s electoral votes. The number of electoral votes per state is determined by the number of congressional districts plus one for each senator — a total of 538. But there is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent any of the electors from refusing to support the candidate who won their state. Or from abstaining. They are dubbed a “faithless elector,” though 29 states ban the practice. A petition on is pushing for electors to vote for Clinton instead of Trump. It had more than 175,000 signatures as of Thursday morning. It’s rare for electors to defect or abstain. Even in the razor-close 2000 election in which George W. Bush beat Al Gore, no one withheld their vote for Bush and gave it to Gore, who won 271-266 with one abstention. The New York Times reported more than 99 percent of electors throughout history have voted as pledged. Read full story @ (Link: *Please share and make people aware of this