Friday, November 11, 2016

Major Ed Dames : Is 'The Killshot' next?

Election Update: Private Message Below From Major Ed Dames

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 2:40 PM 
Major Ed Dames 
The following message is from Major Dames:

Yesterday was election day but, as previously stated,  this was NO election in any traditional sense. With various governments now publicly preparing for the Killshot, the "powers that be" had already determined who would be taking the presidential seat in the US. 
As Remote Viewers foresaw years ago, the democratic process is now over as governments are recognizing that greater threats are at work now regarding our future. So, for those paying attention, you may already be aware of some of the things I'm going to warn you about below. And if you're still a skeptic of RV, then you definitely need to read on!

Understand that the Killshot is not only entirely real, but is frighteningly close to beginning. Here are just 3 points (of MANY) that not only correspond to exactly what I have predicted on national radio, but essentially prove the Killshot will happen. 

1) I predicted that discoveries would be made and revealed publicly regarding exactly HOW the Killshot will come to pass. This included the notion that the Killshot solar flares would be much larger than anything we have ever previously seen. Now, scientists have discovered that the sun is capable of what they are calling "Super Flares" that can be up to 1,000 times more powerful than anything witnessed today.

Read about the Super Flare Evidence HERE

2) I also stated that the Earth's magnetic field would weaken, allowing a super flare to penetrate the atmosphere, pushing radiation down to ground level. We're not talking about just downed power grids everyone, but rather super heating of the atmosphere that will lead to the death of millions, if not billions of people.

Read about the Magnetic Field Evidence HERE

3) Various researchers and organizations have been coming out over the last few years to finally admit that my Killshot predicted was not only real, but likely to occur in the near future. But the smoking gun evidence that governments really do know what's coming was revealed just a few weeks ago when Obama signed an executive order to allocate more funding and accelerate efforts for preparing for a catastrophic space weather event.

Read About Obama's Killshot Executive Order HERE

Finally, remember that I have always admitted publicly that Remote Viewing is not perfect, but in the hands of properly trained students, it still provides unprecedented accuracy on a level not found anywhere else in the world! And for those still on the fence about the predictive power of this skill and the Killshot warning - just look to my prediction about the nuclear disaster in Japan. Several years before this catastrophic event took place, I put my reputation on the line; going on national TV in Japan and national radio in the United States to warn millions of people that a Chernobyl like nuclear disaster would soon hit Japan as the result of a large earthquake and tsunami! As we all know though, this prediction came to pass just as I said it would and the proof can be seen right now!

Watch the PROOF at

The point is that when it comes to the Killshot event, do not make the mistake in avoiding preparation or not taking Remote Viewing seriously. Time is indeed running out, and each person needs to take a serious look at the events unfolding around the world right now. If you want to learn more about the Killshot, or get materials to share with friends and family, click on the link below.

Learn about the Killshot with FREE video at:
FREE Killshot materials at:

Thank you to all and good luck
- Major Ed Dames


Anonymous said...

The killshot is just a hyped up boogey man by the discredited press and well meaning brainwashed civilians across the nation...

There is no killshot that's going to occur. The real killshot is going to be a collapse in currencies, as the economy crashes.
It's what's coming. People should truly study that instead.

Lotusblossom said...

C2C and its audiencecis even tired of the killshot hoopla

Lotusblossom said...

Even C2C is tired of the killshot hoopla for years and years.

Lotusblossom said...

C2C and its audiencecis even tired of the killshot hoopla