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Let's begin with a few historical notes on the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights to indicate that this critic below is likely a federal plant out to trick the naive and gullible of the public who never researches anything for themselves. He does not want you to be able to practice your legal rights under American law. He wrote this as a comment to my report posted last night Sept. 29, 2015 with Nesara News. My report was:
To: ERASMUS .....You Best stick to ALL the rest of the stuff you are the worlds foremost authority on.... Number one a Common law trust is revocable and can be breeched by the Infernal revenue service....and does not offer the security of a Spindrift Irrevocable trust..... You need to study this as our team could tear this BS to shreds....
The spendthrift irrevocable has been called the Rockefeller trust or the Harvard trust and is the only trust that cannot be breached and is good for 200 years.... Besides it is 20times easier to use...

My report was posted at 6:10 PM. His comment back was posted one hour and 18 minutes later. He was waiting to pounce on this report once released and posted. I mention that because two of us went under very savage apparent federal hacking attack for maybe one hour or more trying to block the release of this national report to Nesara News. Some wild hack apparent C.I.A. style hacking tricks were tried trying to block this report by any means possible such as the report instantly became two reports of the same at once, parts of the report disappeared, some copies of the report we sent to ourselves to proofread disappeared and never arrived back at our email address. Both of our computers were instantly attacked at the same moment as we tried to make one good copy of this report, but our apparent C.I.A. hackers assigned by Obama to block us at all costs were coming up with many electronic tricks trying to make it impossible to send this report out. We finally figured out a trick way to get out one good copy of this report and it was posted shortly afterwards by Dan at Nesara News. Various functions of both of our computers were operating in the electronic twilight zone where it was hard to get any functions of both computers to work right. After the report got sent, the electronic hacking attacks stopped.

Separately when talking on a couple of business calls yesterday, I experienced savage hacking attacks of extreme scratching sounds while the business calls went on. When I called and talked to several other sources, there was no interfering sounds to try and block the calls. They meaning the federal Obama Boys were trying to censor my calls on issues of national scandals, etc. I outwitted the Obama Boys where they did not know my true strength built up from some time back, but when I ordered a small foreign currency shipment to me from California, I knew almost instantly something was wrong when constant false tracking information was posted on what was supposed to be the national postal website for America. They invented many different promised deliveries both forward and in reverse of time (already delivered!). When they heard I mentioned on the phone that I would soon be contacting the local postmaster in charge of deliveries to our area and the Postmaster General in Wash., D.C. to investigate this matter, the missing shipment long overdue suddenly showed up.

I had received this package from a company I had ordered from before. Something caught my eye as not right with this package. I pulled out another package I had received the same type shipment from in an earlier month. The new label was a clever mimic of the old, but two mistakes made to cover my package had been opened by C.I.A. or whoever did this criminal act and when they realized a criminal investigation was about to be pushed for, they had to invent a shipping label to look like the old original used on it but they had removed. They made two mistakes showing that this package had been opened by them and then resealed it once they realized this was too hot to try and block this shipment from me. And their fingerprints may still be inside this package! I then deliberately with another company placed one more small order and they did not cover the shipping by a tracking number where the other company did. This second package has never showed yet and is very overdue now. This was a legal trap so I could later swear out an arrest warrant for Obama at the White House and subordinates of his in this criminal conspiracy. Some friends of mine knew that I had set up a legal trap for Obama at the White House but Obama and gang were not smart enough to smell how deadly this situation was in attempted robbery of the U.S. mails. When the legal charges come, this is going to become a big criminal case against Obama at the White House. He can be removed from the White House over this criminal act ordered by him. He is the only federal source with the authority to order federal personnel to commit criminal acts like this, so we know who ordered this attempted robbery of the U.S. mails. I can be a dangerous person to try criminal tactics with as I am no fool at law and at investigations of such criminal tactics if tried against me. Obama is in hot legal water over this now!

Okay, back to the Common Law Trust report I offered in my national report last night. It has many features to it that are very useful to the average American who would like to set up a family common law trust for their family and have the family run it. Okay, points of law. The Preamble written by the U.S. Congress to the U.S. Bill of Rights when ratified by the states stated in legal language that the U.S. Bill of Rights is higher in legal authority than the rest of the U.S. Constitution and the statute law authority granted in the original U.S. Constitution can not be as high of law in legal authority as the U.S. Bill of Rights whose legal authority cannot be overthrown, overruled, or ignored by the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Congress, White House, or federal agencies as the ultimate law in authority if it is challenged in authority by anything stated in the original U.S. Constitution before the U.S. Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution by national ratification. Amendment V of the U.S. Bill of Rights says that federal law cannot be applied to the American citizens without due process of law. Due process of law was defined by court ruling as the common law of America which was to continue in America after the U.S. Constitution was set up. If common law rights of Americans were challenged by some form of federal law, the common law rights of the American people prevail in legal authority. That is due process of law by court ruling and basic definition. Amendment VII of the U.S. Bill of Rights, the rules apply from common law to suits at common law and not separate versions of federal law. Amendment IX of the U.S. Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution shall not deny or disparage others retained by the American people. These legal rights were given names such as Natural Law Rights meaning God-given rights no government could take away from the people, Common Law Rights which were according to William Blackstone who was rated the leading authority on English Common Law as retained by the Americans as the practical application of Bible teachings to the formal law of England as reflected and shown in English court rulings over the centuries. This would include the major legal right of common law retained by the American people of the God-given right to contract and the God-given right to own property. Amendment X states that the powers not delegated to the States by the Constitution nor prohibited remain and are reserved the powers of the States, or to the people. Powers here is a reference to the authority retained by the American people such as to their common law rights which included according to standard legal understanding then the legal right to contract including creating common law trusts but basing their legal authority upon Bible teachings upheld by English and American law before and after the American Revolution.

It was upon this legal understanding of law which no government could overturn whether federal government or state government that the Continental Congress while fighting the American Revolution against Great Britain called upon the citizens of America of the Thirteen Colonies to raise the money and start industries for America while the American Revolution was being fought. The Continental Congress that General George Washington fought under stated that no state governments had legal authority (nor federal government understood here!) to deny the American people their God-given right to contract and to property in America. Therefore, state governments could not claim legal authority to license nor regulate the God-given right to contract practiced in the 13 States. So long as they practiced such as common law trusts by the legal principles of common law, no government could prohibit them from raising funds and setting up new industries for America while the American Revolution was being fought. It was understood that only a common law court could rule some act of the people done under claimed common law right might be ruled wrong or could be civilly sued upon or else criminally prosecuted upon in a common law court of America. Under the legal terms America was founded upon during the American Revolution and later ratified as permanent and could not be taken away from the American people by either the federal government or else an American state government formed out of a former colony of Great Britain had no legal authority to outlaw nor alter the legal authority and rights of the American people under understood retained English common law that was retained as American law along with new constitutional law which did not outlaw nor alter the basis of retained English common law for America.

While the American Revolution was being fought, President John Hancock of the Continental Congress and other members of this Congress had experts write publications on how to set up new industries in America and the Continental Congress promoted these publications so Americans would know how to found new industries for America. So long as these new industries did not harm the rights of fellow Americans, they were quite legal to set up and establish for future permanent industries of America. Under the Mercantile Policy of Great Britain, the Thirteen Colonies were forbidden to set up industries which could compete against English industries such as textiles. Now by upholding common law rights in America, America would grow from just being an agricultural nation to also an industrial nation as well! Lecture on American history and common law trusts over!

If the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Congress, White House, State governments, etc. try to outlaw common law trusts such as founded during the American Revolution, they commit formal high treason against their oath of allegiance to uphold the U.S. Constitution as the national law of America.

I looked up the terms as formalities in the search engines for Google mentioned by the critic pretending to be such an authority on common law trusts. One of the legal references brought up by the Google search engine stated that "the spendthrift trust" that he referred to was complex to handle and must have an attorney to handle it. An irrevocable spendthrift trust has been breached by the I.R.S. or state authorities according to some references listed by the Google search engine. An irrevocable spendthrift trust was governed by state law and at times creditors could penetrate its security to try and place liens on the trust assets. An irrevocable spendthrift trust was designed to make beneficiaries unable to have any control in the trust and others would basically have to be hired to run it for the listed beneficiary or beneficiaries normally of the family as they could have no voice in what happened with this type trust. The Rockefellers have lost some of their family value in assets using this type fund over the decades. The search engines did not come out in wild praise for what is called a Rockefeller trust and was apparently expensive to set up and run. The search engines recognized the term Harvard trust in only limited way. There was formally a Harvard Property trust and after that except for direct use by Harvard University they did not list other versions of a Harvard trust for ordinary people to use.

After reading all the legal comments on the spendthrift irrevocable trust as supplied by the Google search engines, I like many features of the common law trust much better than what I saw listed in the type trusts suggested by my critic. It is cheap to set up. It can be turned into a spendthrift trust by adding the sentence stating it is also a spendthrift trust for a member of a family, etc., but that apparently submits you to all sorts of regulations not required by an ordinary common law trust. The ordinary common law trust can be made perpetual by voting renewal of it every 25 years or so by the trustees. It is totally covered by common law legal protections that this spendthrift irrevocable trust is apparently being much more subject to statute law changes than a common law trust which current law cannot change in basic operation according to the U.S. Bill of Rights which legally forbid the federal government or states governments from being able to forbid it from being set up and maintain the type operation it has run by for centuries before under standard common law.

As for the I.R.S., if they violate basic legal rights of the American people with a common law trust for their family, etc., the U.S. Taxpayers Legal Rights as part of I.R.S. law entitles the American people to sue the I.R.S. and personnel and officials of the I.R.S. for legal violations of their legal rights if the I.R.S. tries it. Also, send them to prison if they get too much out of line and engage in what is call criminal acts under law. Also, once my proposed Omni Law is passed, we would hang I.R.S. officials and personnel alive symbolically speaking who tried to violate any legal rights covered by the U.S. Bill of Rights including the common law legal rights of the American people protected by the U.S. Bill of Rights as perpetual law.

After seeing what all was claimed for this spendthrift irrevocable trust as required of it according to the Google search engine reports on it, it sounds far more expensive to have than an ordinary common law trust and contrary to the ordinary common law trust which can be very inexpensive and easy for families to run for their families, this spendthrift irrevocable trust sounds like you have to keep one or more lawyers working for you maybe at all times or you may get into trouble with the law. The family can retain control of a common law trust. As for the spendthrift irrevocable trust, maybe rich families have no problems hiring professional trustees to run it for them, but for ordinary people, this sounds like a bigger legal operation than they might want to bite off in legal responsibility and cost of yearly operation.

From what I read from the reports listed by Google search engines as to websites to read what they reported on spendthrift trusts which they supported, this is the message I came out with after reading them! As such as the Rockefellers are shrinking in size of wealth using one of these spendthrift trusts run by hired professionals for them, I will take instead one of these inexpensive to set up common law trusts. In fact, shortly I plan to set up a Christian trust for a Christian group called "the holy cross-bearers of Jesus Christ" and will use the common law trust of old, not the spendthrift irrevocable trust of new as my recommended choice for them. I used to be a finance consultant and set up big deals, etc. and have some idea what is smart in business or not. Years ago I used to be the President of a financial association and also chairman of an investment fund in America. Again, my link for my report of Sept. 29, 2015 on common law trusts that this critic disliked so strongly, it is

My website is My email is I have won a number of times on issues of constitutional law such as once in federal court asking the federal judge if his court was governed in legal authority by the U.S. Constitution as binding national law on it or not. He got red in the face, but let constitutional law be heard in his court after that. Some judges are at war with constitutional law. When we pass the Omni Law, they get fast yanked out of judicial office if they think they do not need to obey the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights as binding national law over their federal and state courts.

Full name of my proposed Omn Law is listed on my website as "The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America." Once passed, the American people if challenged can call for national referendums to either pass laws and policies or else cancel laws and policies Wash., D.C. is trying to pass against the will of the American people. The authority of the American people by national referendum will decide what laws and policies they are to live under in case Congress is trying hard to ignore the will of the American people in legal issues.

Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (Pen name for that American leader who respects the legal principals America was founded upon 1776! Their concept of God-given rights of the American people was identical to the first political teachings of first official Apostolic Christianity such as Bishop Irenaeus around 170 A.D. that the people are given God-given rights to decide what form of government and laws they wanted to live under in their nation or nations!)

P.S. As I know the training in psychological warfare for some of the military and federal civilian personnel to control the thinking and actions of the American people, I will repeat this part of the report yesterday which is what the other side wanted to erase from your minds if you had read it already.

I will briefly offer as a free bonus offer with the Omni Law Loan Program my package of legal material which I previously sold for $495.00. This shows you how to set up a common law trust for yourself and how it is run by you once set up. It has the sample common law trust which you substitute your name, etc. for the sample name, etc. in order to set up your own common law trust for yourself if you want to. This is the format that the attorney supplied who wrote up this sample common law trust for you to use. It has all sorts of court rulings on common law trusts covering basically all the states of America listed in material the attorney supplied as supporting legal documents for a Common Law Trust so you can understand how this type law works for you.
Years ago when I once previously offered this to the people, I had this collection of Common Law Trust material offered for $175.00 plus state tax if they ordered it within 10 days. After that, this Common Law Trust package of material would cost $495.00 for it. At this time through Oct. 10, 2015, I will send to you this Omni Law Legal Package for free if you put $100.00 or more in my Omni Law Loan Program shown on my national website. Whether I will offer this after Oct. 10, 2015 I have not committed to yet. If I continue it as an offer, you may even have to pay out $500 to get it then one way or another after Oct. 10., 2015. It is all copyrighted and I allow you to use it for your private use and run extra copies for your own use and your family, but not to be reprinted nor shown to others. This is valuable legal property and I retain legal rights to it. You may for yourself use the information in the legal package any way you see fit including copying any or all of the other reports with the format sample of the Common Law Trust in court filings, legal records for your own Common Law Trust, etc. You may use it for whatever legal purposes you need for yourself. If you want, you may use your own attorney to officially write this Common Law Trust up for you, but as most lawyers are not too familiar with Common Law Trusts, he may learn some new law by reading what is in the legal package!
Our website is Our email is You can put in $100.00 or more in our Omni Law Loan Program and as a note say "For Common Law Info." Or if you can't place an order through our website, our mailing address is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Please allow a little time to send out legal package for you as we need to know how many copies to prepare for filling orders. 

Sabotaged? Grassroots effort to overturn SB277 forced vaccine bill claim hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing

Sabotaged? Grassroots effort to overturn SB277 forced vaccine bill claim hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing
Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 12:54:33

Sabotaged? Grassroots effort to overturn SB277 forced vaccine bill claim hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing
by: Julie Wilson staff writer
Natural News
Sep 29, 2015
(NaturalNews) UPDATE: All the petitions from San Diego County were in fact turned and accounted for. Text has been added to clarify that the actual number of signatures can not currently be verified.
A major grassroots effort to overturn California's recently passed SB277 forced vaccination bill came to an end yesterday as volunteers reached the Monday deadline to submit signatures they have worked tirelessly to collect over a three-month period.
To immediately halt the mandatory vaccine bill and qualify it for the November 2016 ballot, volunteers needed to gather 366,000 signatures.
As the September 28 deadline neared, @SB277Referendum leaders appeared excited and optimistic about reaching their goal, with the initiative's leader Libertarian Tim Donnelly posting photos of boxes stacked high and loaded with signed petitions.
On September 16, referendum leaders estimated that they had received at least 300,000 signatures, and two weeks later there was buzz that they had reached close to half a million signatures.
Leaders also announced that they received an extremely generous donation of $150,000 from an in-state donor, bringing their total funds raised to over $300,000 – a remarkable undertaking for a grassroots effort that was given so little time to prepare.
SB277 Referendum volunteers suspect sabotage from within as panic ensues
Despite the positive social media posts leading up to the deadline, things started to go awry once volunteers began submitting their signatures, with petitioners citing huge discrepancies in various counties and some claiming that they only received credit for a third of what was turned in to referendum managers Donnelly and Lauren Stephens, who were responsible for submitting the petitions to validation companies.
While signature numbers are still unknown, what is clear is that the number of signatures validated thus far is much lower than previously estimated. Below are some estimates of the discrepancies:
• San Diego County submitted eight boxes of signatures but only received one in return
• Orange County is missing 6,000 signatures
• San Bernardino County is missing 8,000
Sacramento County is missing 15,000 – 20,000 signatures
While signature totals are still unknown, only an estimated 100,000 of the potential half a million signatures have been accounted for – meaning somehow, hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing

Implement N.E.S.A.R.A. Now To Bring In The Republic

Implement N.E.S.A.R.A. Now To Bring In The Republic

Go to: NESARA What Really Happened....and how NESARA GOT SIGNED INTO LAW!! yet this was posted on another site years ago, so now it is 15 years ago, and NESARA - What has been deliberately hidden from Americans to get more details of N.E.S.A.R.A.!

If you don't take action now for your Constitutional Government then you will end up like those during Stalin's time in Russia and died as you opposed their way of thinking.

If you want more details of all the Acts and Resolutions of Congress that got us here from the way it should be in 1861 then go to look at all the documents posted on: Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents and see for yourself.

To see the details of N.E.S.A.R.A. on video then go to: One World Trust! and watch Part 3 as that gives a more recent of THE UNITED STATES, INC. corruption, but if you think this is all lies then you must support that it is necessary for the government to be a corporation.

Maybe something would result if Thousands of you go to West Virginia and support Thomas Deegan's case and cause: For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear... and ‘Sovereign citizen’ arrested after threats to take over state Capitol.

Are Americans And Britons Being Prepped For A Military Coup?

Are Americans And Britons Being Prepped For A Military Coup?
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 12:45:30

A recent poll conducted by YouGov revealed that a sizable portion of the American public is open to the idea of a military coup in the United States. The poll was conducted amid the continual polling that takes place during the U.S. Presidential election yet it did not focus on the elections per se, but the potential lack of elections in the future.
The YouGov poll surveyed 1,000 people online and determined that 29% of Americans, over a quarter of the population, could imagine supporting a military coup against the civilian government. Only 41% could not imagine supporting a coup.
The numbers supporting a potential coup were highest among Republicans with 43% of them saying they could envision supporting a coup, 29% of independents followed, with Democrats trailing at 20%.
The numbers apparently increased in support when the question asked “whether they would hypothetically support the military stepping in to take control from a civilian government which is beginning to violate the constitution.”
Critics of the polls have suggested that the method used to conduct the survey was largely unscientific and not a reasonable representation of an accurate sampling of the general American public.
Regardless of how it was conducted, the real question here is “Why was this poll conducted in the first place?” Why are Americans being asked if they would support a military coup? After all, in the past, whenever a critic of the government would suggest such a possibility, that individual was laughed off the stage as being paranoid and hyperbolic. We are told military coups are not an option in the United States and, being the exceptional nation, we are outside of history. We are told that the very idea that a military coup could ever take place is laughable. So, why the poll?
Indeed, as the TWSP has asked, “Who commissioned it? Was it ordered up by a clique of ambitious and disgruntled military men eager to redeem their defeats on the battlefield with some kind of seizure of power here in the United States? Up to now, we do not know these answers.”
The question is thus: Are the American people being prepped to accept a military coup in the United States and the subsequent martial law that will almost inevitably follow such a seizure of power?
Was this poll conducted for the benefit of the oligarchs who would perpetuate this coup? Not likely, since the Pentagon and the Military-Government-Intelligence apparatus already has extravagant ways of knowing whether or not the American people are receptive to coups. Was it merely an exercise in predictive programming and trend setting polling data – the same method that is used in color revolutions – to create a sense of social consensus and promote the idea that the majority supports a specific idea?
But the United States is not the only country that has had talk of military coups as of late. Upon the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK Labor Party, a “senior serving general” opined that, if Corbyn was ever elected as Prime Minister, the military might simply remove him from power.
According to a report by the London Daily Mail,
“A senior serving general, speaking anonymously to the Sunday Times, said Mr. Corbyn’s victory has been greeted with ‘wholesale dismay’ in the army.”
He added:
“There would be mass resignations at all levels and you would face the very real prospect of an event which would effectively be a mutiny.
‘Feelings are running very high within the armed forces. You would see a major break in convention with senior generals directly and publicly challenging Corbyn over vital important policy decisions such as Trident, pulling out of NATO and any plans to emasculate and shrink the size of the armed forces…
The Army just wouldn’t stand for it. The general staff would not allow a prime minister to jeopardize the security of this country and I think people would use whatever means possible, fair or foul to prevent that. You can’t put a maverick in charge of a country’s security.’”
Corbyn’s plans and “reforms” are relatively mild on many accounts. However, that is apparently enough to justify the seizure of total power by the military in the minds of some. It also echoes the past claims by retired Army Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a friend of accused pedophile and avowed Satanist Michael Aquino, that he had answered a call asking if he would lead a coup against the civilian government if he were provided with 250,000 marines. Vallely responded that, yes, he would indeed lead a coup if the conditions were right.
While it remains to be seen what plans are being set in motion for the future of civilian governments in the United States and the UK, it is greatly concerning that convenient polls regarding military coups are being conducted and disseminated amongst the public while serving and retired military officials talk openly of the same act of treason. As discontent grows with higher unemployment, increased immigration, more foreign wars, higher food prices, and lower living standards, it is apparent that the ruling elite in both the United States and the UK – actually one and the same – are preparing to ensure that such discontent will be crushed and that no reforms, however modest, will ever be allowed to move forward.

Gates Foundation claims 'foul' and files lawsuit over its investment losses in Brazilian oil giant Petrobras

Gates Foundation claims 'foul' and files lawsuit over its investment losses in Brazilian oil giant Petrobras
Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 12:43:17

Are these investment losses a form of karmic payback for Gates' endorsement and support of Common Core, Monsanto/GMOs, and vaccines?
Gates Foundation sues Petrobras, PwC over scandal
Sep 26, 2015
Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ charity foundation has filed a legal complaint against Brazilian oil giant Petrobras over investment losses linked to alleged fraud at the company.
"The depth and breadth of the fraud within Petrobras is astounding. By Petrobras's own admission, the kickback scheme infected over $80 billion of its contracts, representing one-third of its total assets," according to the suit filed late Thursday in New York City.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, together with WGI Emerging Markets Fund, alleged in the suit that the Brazilian oil firm repeatedly misrepresented its financial statements in order to trick investors into giving money.
According to the suit, accounting giant PwC played an important role in misleading investors by attesting to Petrobras' financial statements.
"Equally breathtaking is that the fraud went on for years under PwC's watch, who repeatedly endorsed the integrity of Petrobras' internal controls and financial reports. This is a case of institutional corruption, criminal conspiracy and a massive fraud on the investing public," the suit read.

Hurricane Joaquin intensifies near Bahamas, East Coast possibly in the path

Hurricane Joaquin intensifies near Bahamas, East Coast possibly in the path

By Brian McNoldy and Angela Fritz September 30 at 1:47 PM

Hurricane Joaquin rapidly intensified overnight and is now a Category 1 tracking west toward the Bahamas. Though there continues to be a high amount of uncertainty in the forecast, Hurricane Joaquin could track toward the East Coast this weekend, which is now in the cone of the National Hurricane Center forecast.
At 2 p.m. Wednesday, Hurricane Joaquin had sustained winds of 85 mph and a central pressure of 968 millibars. Further intensification is expected over the next three days; the National Hurricane Center is forecasting Joaquin strengthen into a Category 3 with winds of 115 mph on Saturday as it tracks north toward the East Coast, eventually weakening before any potential landfall.

Watch Video:

[What Hurricane Joaquin might mean for the D.C. region]

Hurricane warnings are in effect for the central Bahamas, with hurricane watches extending to the western Bahamas.

Regardless of an exact track, moisture associated with Joaquin will get pulled into an advancing low pressure and almost certainly deliver dangerous amounts of rain over the eastern U.S., from the Carolinas to Maine.

Joaquin has the potential to be a very significant storm for the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states. Heavy rain will be the first threat to the region on Thursday and Friday. The latest guidance from the National Weather Service includes an enormous swath of rainfall totals in excess of 6 inches over the coming week, with as much as 10 inches falling on the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware coasts.
By Saturday, coastal erosion and storm surge flooding could become a huge problem starting in the Carolinas and working its way up to New England by Sunday.

[Possible impacts from Hurricane Joaquin on the D.C. region]

The most recent wave forecast from NOAA shows significant heights higher than 30 or 40 feet on Sunday — a very ominous scenario.  Even if the storm center remains offshore, or it begins to transition to a non-tropical cyclone, strong onshore winds will generate a substantial storm surge flooding along the coast, particularly during the regular astronomical high tides.

Over the past 24 hours, the vertical wind shear that was keeping Joaquin at bay has gradually decreased, and the storm was quick to respond. The peak winds increased from 40 mph on Tuesday morning to 80 mph on Wednesday morning. The very warm ocean water under it is also undoubtedly fueling the hurricane. Environmental conditions are expected to remain favorable for Joaquin to intensify until Saturday, with a window for rapid intensification now through Friday.
Joaquin has been moving slowly and is forecast to drift to the southwest for another two days before getting picked up by the trough moving over the East Coast. At that point Hurricane Joaquin will head north, but there is great uncertainty in the details of how that will happen.

[Interactive infographic: Billion-dollar weather disasters since 1980]

Some models suggest Joaquin will turn quickly to the north and then curve toward the East Coast, while others push the hurricane out into the Atlantic and away from land.The uncertainty in track forecast right now cannot be understated, and it is not even represented well by the official track forecast by the National Hurricane Center. Unfortunately in this situation, the spread in the forecast models is far greater in size than the cone of uncertainty in the official forecast.

Brian McNoldy works in cyclone research at the University of Miami’s world-renowned Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS). His website hosted at RSMAS is also quite popular during hurricane season.

Angela Fritz is an atmospheric scientist and The Post's deputy weather editor.

NWO With Pope Shutting Down US Government Corporation

NWO With Pope Shutting Down US Government Corporation

People are now seeing that Pope Francis is going to shut down the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and all the other corporations, however he will be implementing the Vatican as the Sole Authority for the World, and he is claiming himself as the ONLY person that can communicate between the people and god.

We The People should follow thru and let the Pope take most of the actions, however when the time comes then we just step in before he takes total control.


Pope disarms America (people consent unwittingly) 



Pope acting as U.S. Military Commander in Chief (Court of Ages acts to counter) 

199 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

199 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

Treasury Secretary says Treasury could continue in a “debt issuance suspension period” through at least the end of October

199 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000
by Terence P. Jeffrey | CNS News | September 30, 2015

The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed Monday, Sept. 28, at $18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury Statement, which was published at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
That, according to the Treasury’s statements, makes 199 straight days the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.
$18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.
Read more

Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order

Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order

Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order
by Bernie Suarez | The Sleuth Journal | September 30, 2015

Government corruption by lobbyist to silence the voices of the people, staged war on terror, endless illegal wars of aggression, ongoing false flag operations with crisis actors, out of control police state, creation and arming proxy terrorist armies like ISIS, geoengineering ongoing crimes against humanity and the planet, ongoing GMO poisoning of the human race’s DNA, the list goes on and on of all the issues ‘Pope Francis’ did NOT address in his “historic” visit to the U.S. this week. The rote ceremonies, staged political speeches and propaganda have been ongoing particularly after the Pope’s visit and speech to Congress where he officially endorsed the coming “sustainable” new world order.
That’s right. Instead of addressing the problems humanity faces mentioned above, Pope Francis conveniently echoed almost all the key talking points consistent with the desires of the controlling Oligarchs who want to rule the world. The most important message that being to endorse the anthropogenic global warming turned climate change issue by talking about the “environment”. The environment issue as it relates to the original global warming CO2 lie, is the most important issue as without it the global elitists will never be able to force Agenda 21 and thus “sustainability” on humanity. Without it, they will never get their global carbon taxes to fund the global government for which the Pope seems to be speaking on behalf of. And thus they will never get their new world order. This IS the most important issue, and I would argue is possibly the primary reason for this whole Pope staged visit to the U.S. with corresponding national, global 24/7 mainstream media coverage. Summarizing some of the topics covered by the Pope MSN writers stated:
“Taking a rostrum never before occupied by the bishop of Rome, the pontiff issued a vigorous call to action on issues largely favored by liberals, including a powerful defense of immigration, a critique of the excesses of capitalism, an endorsement of environmental legislation, a blistering condemnation of the arms trade and a plea to abolish the death penalty.”
As you can see the other (secondary) agendas on the Pope’s list include issues to promote the ideas of globalization and the Malthusian Eugenics ideology of scarcity. Most people familiar with the global elitists long term plan for global domination know that the plan links back to the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 among other entities. And listening to Pope Francis one cannot help but to notice that almost every issue he raised just happened to coincide perfectly with the agenda of the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300.
Walking a fine line trying not to make it too obvious that his main goal is political, Pope Francis lightly touches some issues related to religion, spirituality and individuality, but more heavily emphasizes other collectivist issues aside from the environment such as immigration, and poverty. As MSN themselves puts it:
“While he checked boxes in calling for religious liberty and defending the family, the heart of his address, and the most time, was dedicated to aspects of Catholic teaching embraced by progressives, especially the overriding need to help the poor and destitute. He was at his most passionate in embracing immigration, alluding to his own family’s history of moving from Italy to Argentina, where he was born.”
Even segments of liberal mainstream media were not impressed by the Pope’s attempt to sound “progressive”. Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman charged the Pope with wanting to be “president of the world“:
“As devout as he is, and as focused on the faith and practice of the Catholic Church, Francis is also campaigning to lead public, secular, political discourse worldwide. He is arguing that the two realms of faith and politics are one, and that the moral and spiritual teachings of faith should inform and guide political decisions for “our common home.”
What we have seen the last few days during this Pope visit media frenzy is a horrific attempt by the globalist to reinforce the collectivist “greater good” ideas in all our consciousness in preparation for what they hope will be a “sustainable” prison planet where they (the global Oligarchs) will rule the world by controlling every aspect of it. All of this will be perceived to be for the sake of the collective and of course the planet whose health is apparently in the hands of the controlling politically-divinely appointed rulers.
They need this new world order now and they’ve chosen the Pope as the messenger of their plans. He was chosen probably because they hope the Pope will appeal to Catholics (and perhaps non-Catholics) around the world. There’s no question in my mind he’s being used as a mouthpiece for the roll-out of the new world order in every sense of the way.
And just in case you are not convinced this is about pushing the new world order based on Malthusian Eugenics principles? Then it may interest you that the mainstream media made sure to put out several other stories just to keep the Agenda 21-style new world order theme brewing strongly in our heads. In another story mainstream media is talking about how “Investors are mining for water” and how this is the “next hot commodity“. We again see how the Malthusian principle of scarcity is being pushed in perfect timing with the Pope’s visit.
“Investing in the water industry is one of the great opportunities for the coming decades,” said Matthew J. Diserio of Water Asset Management, a New York firm that is a major backer of Cadiz. “Water is the scarce resource that will define the 21st century, much like plentiful oil defined the last century.”  
We should not be surprised seeing that all of these issues have been clearly defined and stated as the go-to issues for creating the coming global order.
In another story recently posted to coincide with the Pope’s visit we’re told that China is scheduled to “launch national cap-and-trade” plan by 2017 again reminding people of the need for reducing carbon output. Again, all part of the original Al Gore false “anthropogenic global warming” claims.
Also in yet another not-so-coincidental move another story was posted that reminds readers that this coming Sunday September 27 2015 Paris will go “car-free” as a gesture to help with the environment.
Again, we all knew this was coming. Many of us have been covering the planning of these new world order/Agenda 21 ceremonial-like events and the events are now here. These are truly historic times we live in and unlike previous global government events of the past, today we have the internet and worldwide alternative-new media to expose all of these lies and deceit.
We know what the globalist are up to. It doesn’t matter who they choose as their mouthpiece, we will see through their lies and deception. Let’s not be fooled by these recent Pope ceremonies which is just the latest propaganda the global elite have rolled out on humanity to sell their long term plans for permanent global enslavement.
Stay informed. If you are still not sure why over 30,000 scientists and researchers sued Al Gore for fraud then ask and do your own research. Also do your research and find out about groups like the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 and confirm their documented goals of controlling all of humanity by introducing an environmental-relate crisis which humans would have to be responsible for cooperating in.
Read about the concept and the history of Malthusianism and try to see if the message sounds familiar with today’s “sustainable” message. Try to connect the dots and see the truth for yourself. That’s the knowledge part of the solution. Then share this knowledge and takes steps in your personal life to focus on strengthening and expanding your own sovereignty and your freedoms. Focus on your own family network and friend and realize the value of it. Focus on taking action at the local level to protect your town and city from the top-down control of government. We must find ways to promote government from the bottom-up. Every must realize as soon as possible that every form of top-down governance leads to tyranny. There is no other way. For this reason bottom-up governance is the only form of government that can be considered if we’re going to have a government.
For some people removing your consent all together may be the best option. We’re all in this mess by consent after all and each and every one of us has an option of acquiring the knowledge we need to start taking steps toward detaching ourselves from our legal fictional characters created for us since birth. If enough people truly wrap their heads around this reality we may be able to nullify the new world order on the spot. Are we ready for this? That is the bigger question. Hopefully we are because its here now.

US judge dismisses September 11 victims’ case against Saudi Arabia

US judge dismisses September 11 victims’ case against Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims

US judge dismisses September 11 victims' case against Saudi Arabia
by The Guardian | September 30, 2015

A US judge on Tuesday dismissed claims against Saudi Arabia by families of victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks, who accused the country of providing material support to al Qaeda.
US district judge George Daniels in Manhattan said Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims by families of nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks, and from insurers that covered losses suffered by building owners and businesses.
“The allegations in the complaint alone do not provide this court with a basis to assert jurisdiction over defendants,” Daniels wrote.
The victims had sought to supplement their case with new allegations to avoid that result, including based on testimony they secured from Zacarias Moussaoui, a former al Qaeda operative imprisoned for his role in the attacks.
Daniels said even if he allowed the plaintiffs to assert those new claims, doing so would be “futile, however, because the additional allegations do not strip defendants of sovereign immunity.”
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