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Neil Keenan Easter Sunday Update by Drake

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Neil Keenan Easter Sunday Update

by Drake
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Obama’s 3 Hour Speech to Reveal Everything on Monday!

Obama’s 3 Hour Speech to Reveal Everything on Monday!

Following up on last night’s Doug McCollum’s posting in the Free At Last Facebook group and my article comes more news this morning that Obama is speaking LIVE on television Monday night for 3 hours, April 1. Some comments hope this is no April Fool’s joke! This is not confirmed at this time, so please keep your eyes and ears open for pending air time. Hopefully, we will be getting a heads up to make sure we don’t miss this. Monday’s date originated here and here. Could these be more false posts like so many others? Those strongly following the Dinar RV re-set believe this to be true. But, for now, we must consider this as only a rumor until more is revealed. And, you can bet I’ll be blogging it when it does! [UPDATE: Doug just replied to my request about date and time of speech: "We know this is now in its final realm. Today is Easter. That's a specific holiday. We are expecting all to go down between now and tomorrow. Announcements will probably start at mid noon or nite. Stay grounded but pray and be expectant."]
However, when the speech does occur, Doug says, this 3 hour speech includes disclosure and announcements “we [have] been waiting for … after that, its 10 days [of] education on all media.” “There’s a lot entailed in these 3 hours including debt forgiveness, taxation, federal reserve and New UST [US Treasury], prosperity packages, new government and more parts of Nesara. The BIGGEST part which will take longest is the original 13th amendment and lawyers being agents. 3 hours will be enough time.”
When I first heard of this 3 hour speech last night that was planned for Monday, I knew something was up. I don’t recall any of his other speeches being this long before. And, in all honesty, I was never an Obama supporter. Even I have much to learn.
I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night in front of my television set. Don’t have a TV anymore? I believe this speech will be aired online and on the radio as well. This is too big for anyone to miss. I will continue to find out more information about the airing of this speech. I hear we want to make sure you catch the first 15 minutes!
Some information that will be highlighted in the speech are the original hidden 13th Amendment:
Posted by Doug McCollum:
“From 1832 to 1878 the TITLES OF NOBILITY AMENDMENT(13TH ORIGINAL AMENDMENT) started to disappear from all textbooks and documents in every library and offices across America. Only one group had the accessibility, the availability, and the ability to do this..THE LAWYERS.” –Daryl Frech, April 2010.
By the time of the war of 1812 we had already seen 12 states ratify the TONA original 13th amendment. In actuality..Virginia commonwealth had been the 13th and required state to ratify this important amendment. Two states including Rhode Island were not proper states at this point in time so the union was not abridged to them. SOUTH CAROLINA had voted against the 13th amendment due to corrupt cotton industry southern lawyers already in their legislatures. So with Virgina passing their state to this TONA we had at that point of April 1810 a new amendment prohibiting lawyers from taking public office and receiving compensations.
Make NO mistake, when the attorneys who accept the BAR, whether federal, state, local, etc…they are all rescinding their American citizenship..every one of them. They know it instantly that they are then citizens of England, when they accept the BAR and receive the title esquire. ALL OF THEM, EVERY ONE, ARE GUILTY OF TREASON AND WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY..IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATEs of America. They have no recourse and will have to face what they have done to our country. They are all the kings agents.
When we won the Revolutionary War in 1776, King George made a documented statement and he says ” I refuse to acknowledge the capitulation of Cornwallis to Washington on the war of the Americas, and I will use my OWN private agents to carry out this warfare forever in that country”. This statement was written in a journal and documented. THOSE PRIVATE AGENTS ARE THE ESQUIRES OR ATTORNEYS THAT RECEIVE THE BAR AND FIGHT YOU AND I ANY ANY FASHION TO ROB US OF WEALTH AND TO ILLEGALLY IMPRISON AND/OR IMPOVERISH US. It doesn’t matter if its a divorce, child custody, tax lien, rental/mortgage payments, whatever, they work to milk all Americans out of their wealth. This money is then sent to the crown of England. Only portions are kept to pay these high price attorneys.
These attorneys and judges love the idea of being rich, but with that BAR position comes…POWER. The power is what fuels this because of the control they can display over normal working citizens. This has been a warfare since the Revolutionary War against you and I. Personally i cant wait til they are infected with OUR republic CONSTITUTION and its penalties for being treasonous snakes in our society. I HOPE ALL OF YOU PASS THIS ON AND SPREAD THE WORD. SEND IT TO ANYONE WHO MAY EVEN HAVE A LAWYER IN THEIR FAMILY OR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. Because this little well known secret is gonna be in the announcements coming soon.” hosts an article about the One People’s Public Trust’s action in the State of California posted October 15, 2011 by Wally Brown called stop foreclosures. The original article broke the day before on Before It’s News.
Most people already know about NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. But if you haven’t, the entire NESARA history is on Nancy B. Detweiler’s website posted August 17, 2011 which started from the Farm Claims back in the 80′s.
On Nancy’s website, she also posted an article of Matthew’s Message dated March 11, 2013 titled Why Are Things Moving So Slowly? I normally don’t post channeling, but this one is quite revealing.
Many don’t realize that our own Deva Peters [Priya] and Chris Rose are and have been actively involved behind the scenes and are Lightworkers involved in this process. This, too, will be revealed by them when the time is right. Even, I don’t know…I’m on a need to know basis.
The fact that you are reading this now makes you a lightworker, spreading the news to others and to enlighten your own path. We are here for a reason. We have been united for a goal. We found our way to each other for a purpose.
Now that some of you have a better understanding of what’s been going on behind the scenes, tomorrows speech and the coming days, weeks and months shall be very interesting….
Here is a precursor to tomorrow’s scheduled speech:
President Obama uses his weekly address to mark a sacred time for the millions of Americans celebrating Easter and Passover, and he calls on everyone to use this time to reflect on the common values we share as a nation. The President says that this is a chance to embrace loved ones, give thanks for our blessings, and help those less fortunate as we celebrate our individual traditions as well as the thread of humanity that connects us all.
Love, Peace and Happiness to ALL

"A large ship containing a self-composed world, Ten miles in diameter and housing of few thousand..."

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Reader BB: "A large ship containing a self-composed world, Ten miles in diameter and housing of few thousand..."
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 31-Mar-2013 19:50:50

Re: Video: *AGE OF DECEIT* (FULL) Fallen Angel....
To: Brother Lion
My greatest thanks to you brother Lion and my honest greetings to all of your group and also to my fellow man.
(I apologize for the wrong grammar)
There are times in our life that we wondered what is out there?
Are those things about flying machines real?
How it looks like from the inside?
Seems like good to know all about it.
The fact is, you know that already! Just your memory was erased by those who trapped your spirit on earth.
So, you may think "how long I been here on earth?"
Knowing that spirits on earth are 800 to 100 million years old then you may say,
"What? I`m stuck here in this place for that long?"
And yes! You are. But cool down for a while.
Let`s make a little review and give our spirits a little favor for our spirits are seeking only for truth and nothing more.
There`s a mothership beside Venus (I called them the guardian of earth solar system) and they are our solar system visitors.
The mothership is at the dark side of Venus so the ship will not be expose much in sunlight.
They don`t Intrude,they don`t interfere, but they are there to observe the condition of the planet earth and its inhabitant, living things, plants and animals and the spiritual growth of mankind. They are the guardians on earth.
The mothership is a shape of a saucer facing together.
A large ship containing a self-composed world, Ten miles in diameter and housing of few thousand immortal human being form.
The ship form is like the solar system. It resembles as Galaxy. They are from Alpha Centauri next to our solar system.
(they are the Alpha Centaurians).
Inside that mothership is a very beautiful city.
A city inside the spaceship.
At the center of the ship,are five miles in each direction and the sky ceiling is five miles straight above.
The city smoothly glows by its own lights every corner and every square inch.
The symmetry of the interior of the ship form a wonderful half-sphere, crown by a uniform cloud overcast all around, yet all is clear as daylight within the city of the mothership.
The Cylindrical shape spacecraft that was seen many times on earth and around Mt. Shasta, are from that mothership and are use only for observation.
The orbs or bright lights that had been seen by many human eyes around the world are from that ship also.
Those orbs are made of high quality crystal with high dimensional cameras in it to record human birth, death, and spiritual growth.
Those lights are all controlled by a monitor spaceship engineers including smaller spacecraft.
All of those craft are fly by a beam and has no engine in it.
The velocity of those craft are 10 million to 20 million miles per hour.
The spherical shape craft that manned by two person, is at that same speed.
Few man visits there, they been given a pellet of nectar before the flight to balanced the functions of their bodies in order to withstand everything to survive, for the mortal body are not designed for that speed.
That is also the reason why those spacecraft can turn in a very quick speed at the angle of 45 degrees and gone away.
Also capable of transparency because those crafts are made of crystal.
Telemeter photos and news events on earth are reproduced there from Mothership and also capable to pass information to all Universal peaceful community in minutes in our earth time.
The spherical form craft in any sizes, are the best product of Alpha Centaurians that they had accomplished.
It is made of 30 layers of plastic crystal material.
The first five layers reflect back all lights and the most thermal heat.
Other layers are positive charge and negative charged and each is insulated from other by nonconducting sheets.
Any radiation is converted into positive or negative energy by the magnetic field that surrounds the spherical craft.
The finest of ships.
In other words, all Universal Peaceful Community have those Motherships and spacecrafts.
All of those are everywhere in many galaxies,planets that are within the community.
The Supreme Commander of that Mothership is a Patriarch.
I guess all of you knew him already.
He was on earth 2 thousand years ago.
May some of you remember your personal past history.
There are many Patriarchs in the Universal Peaceful Community.
One day you will remember them all.
I am sorry also to bother your time.
With all of my respect to my fellow man and a lot of thanks to my brother Lion.
Thanks Kindly, BB for you contribution to our understanding of the peaceful elements within our solar system.
It is good to know they are there.
At this point, I will make the opportunity to take our conversation to the next level.
Namely, my patience is wearing thin with the inactivity of the galactic beings.
Please understand, BB - I am not the least bit interested in becoming a used spaceship salesman.
Frankly, I am not concerned with how beautiful a spaceship is, what it's made of, or how fast it can travel - if those beings on that ship can stand by and watch a planet and her people be destroyed - and not lift a finger to help.
What does it really matter in the long term, what age my Spirit is - when my home planet and my People are being destroyed?
Reptilian bankers are still operating on planet Earth, and making slaves of my People.
The greys are still kidnapping human children and destroying them. This is an evil abomination against all Creation, and will NOT be allowed to contiue.
Reptilian psychopaths in uniforms still have free reign to begin war after war and destroy family after family, and country after country.
The Nazi reptilian factions of evil, far from being destroyed, are stronger than ever, and their reach has been expanded into every facet of the slave life that my Earthy brothers are forced to endure.
Their poisonous chemtrails are making the very air we breath a death trap for humanity.
If I had the ability to stop this madness - or to prevent any of it from even being thought of, let alone implemented - never would I allow this burden to fall on my brothers and sisters of planet Earth - ever.
Yet, these Celestial Beings can stand by and watch it happen?
Is that the way of a peaceful, loving entity?
I think not.
Many have claimed the 'good aliens' are waiting to make their self available for the benefit of humankind:
"They don`t Intrude, they don`t interfere, but they are there to observe the condition of the planet earth and its inhabitant, living things, plants and animals and the spiritual growth of mankind. They are the guardians on earth."
I ask you. What exactly are these "Earth guardians" doing to prevent destruction of planet Earth and her people?
I tell you this - anyone - or anything who can stand by and watch the destruction of life - without taking whatever action they can to prevent such destruction - is no better than, but equal to - the very psychopaths demons whose lot is destruction itself.
As the True Supreme Commander, Jesus Christ stated;
"He who is not for me is against me."
This time travel ping - pong game can go on forever - as long as no one destroys the technology.
Why is that so difficult to figure out?
With all due respect for your continued efforts.

Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?

Subj: We are being "fracked" by these lunatics: MUST WATCH WHAT THIS DRILLING IS DOING
This must be stopped. The hills here are shaking, as tho they are shaking off a chill.. it's ever so slight, but you can feel the shaking, especially at night, when things are still and you're lying in bed. Water lines are breaking.. water is unsafe to drink.. full of mud etc..

Are we certain this is being caused by "human beings", or clones? They are working hard to destroy our water, our air and now destroying our DNA with GMO'S..

Folks! Better start thinking, and thinking hard, about what is going on!

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From: Undisclosed
Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2013 1:38 PM

On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 10:26 AM, V.K.Durham <> wrote:

Sent: 3/31/2013 3:18:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?

Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?

by Richard Hooke (with Jim Fetzer)

This is not the first time and surely will not be the last that George H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA and the 41st President of the United States, has been implicated in the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president. In an earlier study, for example, “Was George H.W. Bush involved in the assassination of JFK?”, John Hankey and I both address this question, where he provides a great deal of evidence supporting a role for GHWB in the Dealey Plaza turkey shoot. In this new study, Richard Hooke substantiates that claim and advances additional proof of his own. I believe that they are right.
That GHWB knew Malcolm “Mac” Wallace from Yale is especially stunning. ”Mac” Wallace was LBJ’s personal hit man and murdered as many as a dozen persons for Lyndon, including one of his own sisters, who was talking too much about his business to allow her to continue to speak. There is substantial proof that LBJ was involved in the assassination, where his life had been dedicated to becoming “the president of all the people”. As Phil Nelson, LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2nd revised edition, 2011) documents, he was relentless in its pursuit. Madeleine Duncan Brown, Texas in the Morning (1997), Barr McClellan, Blood, Money & Power (2003), and Billy Sol Estes, A Texas Legend (2004), have also identified LBJ as the pivotal player, which has been confirmed by E. Howard Hunt, “Last Confessions” (2007), who identified LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, William Harvey and David Sanchez Morales as in “the chain of command”.
Even Jack Ruby, who was in the position to know, asserted that, if someone else had been Vice President, the assassination would never have occurred. McClellan concluded that Texas oil men, such as Clint Murchison and H. L. Hunt, had provided financing for the assassination in order to preserve the oil depletion allowance at 27.5%, which remained unchanged under LBJ. I had over 100 conversations with Madeleine Duncan Brown, who began an affair with Lyndon in 1948 and bore him a son, Steven, in 1950 (who was not his only child out of wedlock but was his only male offspring), who told me about their renderzvous at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX, on New Year’s Eve, only six weeks after the assassination, when she confronted him with rumors that he had been involved, since no one stood to gain more personally, whereupon Lyndon blew up and told her that the CIA and the oil boys had decided that JFK had to be taken out. And that Mac Wallace was involved is not in serious doubt.
Wallace went to work for Harry Lewis and L & G Oil. In 1970 he returned to Dallas and began pressing Edward Clark for more money for his part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to Barr McClellan it was then decided to kill Wallace. “He had to be eliminated. After driving to see his daughter in Troup, Texas, he went by L & G’s offices in Longview, Texas. There his exhaust was rigged for part of it to flow into his car.”On 7th January, 1971, Malcolm Wallace was killed while driving into Pittsburg, Texas. He appeared to have fallen asleep and after leaving the road crashed his car. Wallace died of massive head injuries.
Soon afterwards Clifton C. Carter died aged 53. 1971 was also the year Billie Sol Estes was due to leave prison. According to Clint Peoples, a Texas Ranger based in Lyndon B. Johnson and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of
On 9th August, 1984, Estes’ lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Wallace,
Billie Sol Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Harold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman Wade, Josefa Johnson, John Kinser and John F. Kennedy. Caddy added: “Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders.”
This is consistent with Billy Sol’s interview with French investigative reporter, William Reymond, during which he explained that Lyndon had sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure that all the arrangements for the assassination were in place, which he reaffirms in A Texas Legend (2004). Billy Sol knew both Cliff Carter and “Mac” Wallace personally, inferring their involvement from personal conversations. A copy of email correspondence between John Simkin of The Education Forum and Douglas Caddy may be found on, which substantiates Lyndon’s use of Cliff Carter to convey instructions to “Mac” Wallace to commit those crimes. I am therefore stunned to discover that GHWB and “Mac” Wallace were both members of Skull & Bones at Yale.

Layers of Energetic Clouds are being Removed

√ČirePort posted: "Layers of energetic clouds are being removed from the Inner Gaia at this moment. The process is coordinated with the humanity so to allow as many opportunities for Higher Awareness, prior to the end date. "End date" being flexible as required. Post-laye"

New post on GaiaPortal

Layers of Energetic Clouds are being Removed

gaia_energy1Layers of energetic clouds are being removed from the Inner Gaia at this moment. The process is coordinated with the humanity so to allow as many opportunities for Higher Awareness, prior to the end date. "End date" being flexible as required.
Post-layer-removal brings clarity of Higher Thought, Higher Purpose, Higher Awareness. And will feel to the Higher (and 3D) Senses as a clear, bright sky, and cool breeze.
Gaia Ascension Process is in full movement at this time.
We encourage releasing of all prior concepts regarding the nature of Ascension. "Allowing" and "accepting" and "conscious participating" are key.
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Hillary Clinton snagged in Benghazi cover-up


Hillary Clinton snagged in Benghazi cover-up

New reports prompt questions about perplexing security decisions after attack

Published: 2 hours ago

JERUSALEM – As media reports present evidence the U.S. has played a central role in arming Syrian rebels, new questions now emerge about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the controversial scheme.
The questions prompt a second look at the perplexing security decisions made by Clinton and other top Obama administration officials the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on American facilities in Benghazi.
One of those key decisions reportedly delayed an investigative FBI team from arriving at the Benghazi site for 24 days. The site was widely reported to have contained classified documents.
WND raised the Thursday of whether Clinton was telling the truth when she claimed in a Senate hearing that she had no information about whether the U.S. mission in Libya was procuring or transferring weapons to Turkey and other Arab countries.
Her claim appears to contradict a New York Times report that the CIA has been aiding Arab governments and Turkey in obtaining and shipping weapons to the Syrian rebels.
The goal of the alleged weapons shipments was to arm the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
Any training or arming of the Syrian rebels would be considered highly controversial. A major issue is the inclusion of jihadists, including al-Qaida, among the ranks of the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian opposition groups
Now a closer reading of two separate reports from the New York Times paints a picture of Clinton as the ring leader of the plan to arm Syrian rebels.
Confirming WND’s exclusive reporting for over a year, the New York Times last week reported that since early 2012, the CIA has been aiding the Arab governments and Turkey in shopping for and transporting weapons to the Syrian rebels.
The reported plan to arm the rebels mirrors a plan that, according to the New York Times, was concocted by Clinton herself.
Last month, the New York Times described Clinton as one of the driving forces advocating a plan to arm the Syrian rebels. At the time, the newspaper quoted White House officials stating they rejected the plan, which was also proposed by then-CIA Director David Petraeus.
A comparison of the Clinton plan to arms the rebels, as first reported by the Times, and the new Times report of American-aided shipments to the rebels since last year makes clear the Clinton plan was apparently put into action.
Last month, the Times reported that the idea of the Clinton plan was to “vet the rebel groups and train fighters, who would be supplied with weapons.”
Last week, the Times reported that since at least November 2012, the U.S. has been helping “the Arab governments shop for weapons, including a large procurement from Croatia, and have vetted rebel commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive.”
The earlier Times article described Clinton as having instincts that were “often more activist than those of a White House that has kept a tight grip on foreign policy.”
In an administration often faulted for its timidity abroad, “Clinton wanted to lead from the front, not from behind,” Vali R. Nasr, a former State Department adviser on Afghanistan and Pakistan, told the Times.
Benghazi cover up?
Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND have said U.S.-aided weapons shipments go back more than a year, escalating before the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi.
In fact, the Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND since last year describe the U.S. mission in Benghazi and nearby CIA annex attacked last September as an intelligence and planning center for U.S. aid to the rebels in the Middle East, particularly those fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
The aid, the sources stated, included weapons shipments and was being coordinated with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Earlier this month, WND reported Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. stated in interview with Fox News that murdered U.S Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi to keep weapons caches from falling into the hands of terrorists. Until that point, no official explanation for Stevens deployment to Libya has acknowledged any such activity.
Meanwhile, the New York Times reporting on how the plan for arming the rebels was put into action has prompted major questions about the role Clinton played in the U.S. response to the Benghazi attacks, assaults against the very facilities where the arms-to-rebels scheme was allegedly being coordinated.
National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor confirmed to Fox News in November that Clinton herself worked on the immediate U.S. response to Benghazi.
“The most senior people in government worked on this issue from the minute it happened,” he said.
“That includes the secretary of defense, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, secretary of state, national security adviser, et cetera. Additionally, the Deputies Committee – the second in command at the relevant national security agencies – met at least once and more often twice a day to manage the issue.”
One of the key decisions by Clinton’s State Department that has perplexed many security experts was the determination not to deploy an interagency rapid response unit designed to respond to terrorist attacks known as a Foreign Emergency Support Team, or FEST.
FEST teams previously deployed immediately after al-Qaida bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa in 1998 and the USS Cole in 2000. But they were not used for Benghazi, confounding insiders speaking to the news media
Counterterrorism officials told Fox News in November that the FEST teams could have helped the FBI gain access to the site in Benghazi faster. It ultimately took the FBI 24 days.
The site reportedly contained a large volume of classified documents related to the activities of the Benghazi facilities.
Further, during the night of the attack, top counter terror officials felt out of the loop, according to emails shared with both Fox News and CBS News in November.
Counterterrorism sources and internal emails reviewed by CBS News expressed frustration that key responders were ready to deploy but were not called upon to help in the attack.
Besides strangely not deploying FEST, the Counterterrorism Security Group, or CSG, was never asked to meet the night of the attack or in subsequent days, according to two separate counterterrorism officials, as first reported by CBS News.
The CSG is composed of experts on terrorism from across government agencies and makes recommendations to the deputies who assist the president’s Cabinet in formulating a response to crises involving terrorism.
It is likely that the CSG task force, if contacted, would have recommended FEST aid, according to CBS.
CBS reported the lack of coordination with the Counterterrorism Security Group made the response to the Benghazi crisis still more confused.
One official told CBS News the FBI received a call during the attack representing Clinton and requesting agents be deployed. But he and his colleagues explained the call was just a gesture and could not be implemented.
He said his colleagues at the FBI agreed the agents “would not make any difference without security and other enablers to get them in the country and synch their efforts with military and diplomatic efforts to maximize their success.”
Recruiting jihadists
Days after the Benghazi attack, WND broke the story that Ambassador Stevens himself played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Assad’s regime in Syria, according to Egyptian and other Middle Eastern security officials.
Stevens served as a key contact with the Saudis to coordinate the recruitment by Saudi Arabia of Islamic fighters from North Africa and Libya. The jihadists were sent to Syria via Turkey to attack Assad’s forces, said the security officials.
The officials said Stevens also worked with the Saudis to send names of potential jihadi recruits to U.S. security organizations for review. Names found to be directly involved in previous attacks against the U.S., including in Iraq and Afghanistan, were ultimately not recruited by the Saudis to fight in Syria, said the officials.
The latest New York Times report has bolstered WND’s reporting, citing air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders describing how the CIA has been working with Arab governments and Turkey to sharply increase arms shipments to Syrian rebels in recent months.
The Times reported that the weapons airlifts began on a small scale in early 2012 and continued intermittently through last fall, expanding into a steady and much heavier flow late last year, the data shows.
The Times further revealed that from offices at “secret locations,” American intelligence officers have helped the Arab governments shop for weapons, including a large procurement from Croatia. They have vetted rebel commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive.
The CIA declined to comment to the Times on the shipments or its role in them.
The Times quoted a former American official as saying that David H. Petraeus, the CIA director until November, had been instrumental in helping set up an aviation network to fly in the weapons. The paper said Petraeus had prodded various countries to work together on the plan.
Petraeus did not return multiple emails from the Times asking for comment.
Both WND’s reporting, which first revealed the U.S.-coordinated arms shipments, and the Times reporting starkly contrast with statements from top U.S. officials who have denied aiding the supply of weapons to the rebels.
Rebel training
It’s not the first time WND’s original investigative reporting on U.S. support for the Syrian rebels was later confirmed by reporting in major media outlets. Other WND reporting indicates support for the Syrian rebels that goes beyond supplying arms, painting a larger picture of U.S. involvement in the Middle East revolutions.
A story by the German weekly Der Spiegel earlier this month reporting the U.S. is training Syrian rebels in Jordan was exclusively exposed by WND 13 months ago.
Quoting what it said were training participants and organizers, Der Spiegel reported it was not clear whether the Americans worked for private firms or were with the U.S. Army, but the magazine said some organizers wore uniforms.
The training in Jordan reportedly focused on use of anti-tank weaponry.
The German magazine reported some 200 men received the training over the previous three months amid U.S. plans to train a total of 1,200 members of the Free Syrian Army in two camps in the south and the east of Jordan.
Britain’s Guardian newspaper also reported U.S. trainers were aiding Syrian rebels in Jordan along with British and French instructors.
Reuters reported a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department declined immediate comment on the Der Spiegel report. The French foreign ministry and Britain’s foreign and defense ministries also would not comment to Reuters.
While Der Spiegel quoted sources discussing training of the rebels in Jordan over the last three months, WND was first to report the training as far back as February 2012.
At the time, WND quoted knowledgeable Egyptian and Arab security officials claimed the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.
Additional research by Joshua Klein

Mayor Against Guns Arrested by Drake

New post on

Mayor Against Guns Arrested

by Drake
Drake | March 31, 2013 at 8:14 am | Categories: News | URL:

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POOF for MAR 31: Now the Phoenix Rises

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

POOF for MAR 31: Now the Phoenix Rises
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 31-Mar-2013 16:08:00
In Response To: POOF for MAR 17: Finito (hobie)

Hi, Folks -
Received via e-mail:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Now the Phoenix Rises
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2013 15:53:53 -0400
Steve Winwood
See you on the avenue
And I know you’re gonna be
Hearing secret harmonies, yeah, yeah
It’s a very fine line, a trembling leaf
‘Tween the heaven here on earth
And mystery you’ve witnessed in your own dreams

As the stars shine with magic illusion
And the sirens sing up from the streets

Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising
Hear the beat, feel the heat
Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising

Blue is what you make it, babe
No one else can make you cry
While seasons mark your proud beliefs, yeah
And the passion fills your eyes with sodium light
And the secrets that you hold within you
Should be mine and mine alone now, yeah

Well, it’s love not illusion, that’s what I want
And the music that flows from the streets at night

Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising
Hear the beat, feel the heat
Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising

Take the rhythm now
For it rolls on all through the town
Close your eyes, take your prize

Just as I stumble through the heat and I remember
As I wander through the streets, I remember ancient beats
Though the sidewalk burns my feet, I surrender

As the stars shine with magic illusion
And the sirens sing up from the street

Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising
Hear the beat, feel the heat
Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising

Take the rhythm now
For it rolls on all through the town
Close your eyes, take your prize
Find your space, take your place, yeah

Greetings and Salutations;

So, I see some of you had your heads blown about some mis/dis...put out by a couple of the talking heads, one is certain to be a talking head for the cheney group. Therefore, we're still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I bet when he passes and get's his karmic payment for deeds done, he'll be arguing for his rights to tell those lies. What happened to 'debt doesn't matter?' Common sense says it matters to they you owe. Mr wanta has backup to getting that 27T spread out. The other signatory is setting on ice right now, ready to initiate the reagan/mitterrand protocols. Because they've tried to kill the man on a few occasions, he thought it best to remain where he is until the all clear is sounded. As the phoenix rises, the eggs will start cracking open and you'll notice, the world will thing that will be noticed is folks exchanging their dinars and dongs. RVs Have to happen, new banking system based on precious metals, the rvs happen accordingly.
Something this huge can't be laid on the head of the president or a prime minister. All have signed off as the docs have been presented. They all need the money...duh! Old banking is over, the robber barons of banking are looking at their waterloo. Go with the flow or be jobless and black balled from ever being in banking again. BTW, the one person not screaming about anything out here is Lee Wanta, think the man knows something? If you can, catch 'wanta be free', published interviews with him. Butts are puckering in Wisconsin.
This is the end of the long march to true freedom and every fate ego will be dumping crap on the net so you lose your mind or confuse you. I'm really Not the roses and feel good messenger I have been portrayed, I have know the truth for years now, I was put in this position because 'my hand was too heavy' as I was told, liars and thieves are simply that and I'm not in the game of redemption. Take that up with your maker. I'm about removal and freedom, real freedom not that 'patriotic' garbage. The meaningless prattle coming out of DC. Everybody gets their own vine and fig tree, remember, unless the dragons, etc, did what they did with the less than nice guys. You'd have got your money and the bad guys would have just stole it back. Some things you Have to use explosives on! Nothing like somebody in a $5000 suit sitting in prison, eating gov cheese and drinking powdered milk. That's justice. How's that working out for ya fellas?
Consultations until the door bell rings.

Have fun. Be a baby phoenix and rise, baby, rise
Love and Kisses;

Terminally-ill vet stranded in Germany while Obama flies in style

Terminally-ill vet stranded in Germany while Obama flies in style
Pentagon suspends MedEvac service due to sequester budget cuts


We all know Barack Obama is a narcissist. He is a petty wannabe tyrant who cares for nothing other than himself.
Now the Obama Regime has done something that should appall everyone. If the drive by media were not so partisan and nothing more than the Obama Propaganda Media, this is a story that would lead every newscast.
This is an outrageous story that every American would hear about.
This is one story you will want to know about and will want to share with your friends.
What is it?

Barack Obama has been using the Sequester to inflict as much pain on the American people as he can. The Sequester is simply a reduction in the increase in spending. It is not even a real reduction in spending.
While the White House is being closed to public tours and the National Parks are being forced to cut back, Obama’s travel schedule is not being cut back at all. This week, his daughters went on not one vacation but two. They went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas first and then to the ski slopes in Idaho.
Joe Biden is off on his third vacation of the year. Obama has managed three vacations so far this year and we have not even finished out the third month of the year.
While Obama was busy jetting off at the taxpayers’ expense, a tragedy was unfolding.
You’ve probably never heard of Michael Dishon. Master Sergeant Dishon served this nation quietly and honorably for 20 years. Like countless real Americans he served this nation and never asked for distinction or rewards.
Dishon has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a very aggressive form of cancer. His diseases are 100% service related. Sergeant Dishon was being treated at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. He was medevaced to Walter Reed in Washington. His condition deteriorated to the point where he is going to hospice care to die.
Under ordinary circumstances, Dishon would have qualified for military transport so he could return home to die. Dishon was informed that because of the budget sequester no transport was available.
Fortunately some real Americans stepped in and a hero flight was arranged. An American hero named Mike Summey flew his own plane, at his own expense to get Dishon home.
Barack Obama can spend a million dollars to fly down to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods but he cuts flights that bring American heroes home. This week, Obama’s children are partying at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while an American volunteer at his own expense brought an American hero home.
Thanks to the efforts of Mike Summey, Master Sergeant Michael Dishon will get to spend his final days here in America with his two daughters.
Meanwhile, America’s narcissist in chief makes sure that the royal lifestyle he and his family have become accustomed to is not interrupted.
What is wrong with this?