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Dire Discovery by Drake

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Dire Discovery

by Drake
Hello everyone,
Day before yesterday I sent out a letter I had written to Senator Chambliss. It has since gone viral as I intended it to. As important as the issues I addressed in that letter are, the most important issue raised in the letter was at the end in regard to the recent discovery here in Georgia that we have been fully taken over by the Communist Party.
Yesterday one of our wonderful gentlemen here spent the day researching at a county probate court and discovered that the take over (by bastardizing a simple document) began in the late 70's... continued somewhat randomly during the 80's and was completed by the end of 1994. Since that time we have not had a single elected official, sitting judge, court clerk,county commissioner, Governor, AG, school board member or any other public employee required to take the Georgia Loyalty Oath legally performing their jobs. That means boys and girls that not one legislation, judicial decision, trial, policy or regulation from the local level to the Governors office since 1994 is legitimate and is in fact null and void and we currently have no sitting judges holding lawful authority.
Naturally we did not base our findings on one corrupt judges illegal actions and have since found that the same scenario has played out in all 50 states. Imagine what will happen when the good people of Alameda County California find out that not only do they not have to pay that outlandish $470,000.00 per year pension to the retiring commissioner but said commissioner was receiving an illegal salary during the duration of her job?
How about trial lawyers who find out their clients were jailed or fined by judges with no more authority than the garbage man? How about so many of our own Georgians who have lost their homes through fraudulent foreclosures presided over by nothing more than impostors in black robes? One particularly heinous criminal action comes to mind and my fellow Georgians know of which one I speak.
I typed up the facts and delivered it to the newspaper yesterday, will forward to many newspapers today and have sent it to everyinfluential internet site I can think of. The facts of what we have uncovered ext-family: Arial, sans-serif;">As much as I hate the thought even Turner's recent conviction in Alabama is null and v, a true account is so very relevant.
In case any of you did not get to read the letter to the Senator I have attached it as it was published on a Canadian blog yesterday (the pic is not me but I rather like it anyway). I have attached the information given to the media and newspaper and  I ask that itgo viral. I would urge the people in every state to go to their local probate court and obtain a copy of at least one judge, county commissioner or sheriff's oath of office, loyalty oath and surety bond immediately. Then research your states statutes on the language that must by law be included in the oaths!
More evidence, very damning, was discovered by one of our researchers here in Georgia yesterday and I will send it out as soon as it is sent to me.
As much as I hate the thought even Turner's recent conviction in Alabama is null and void, yep even the guilty are entitled to due process under our Constitution and without a legally sworn judge presiding the trial is nothing more than a dog and pony show with no more relevance than Howdy Doody!
A side note to all this is very important. Right now we have no LEGALLY SWORN ACTING SHERIFF'S and don't think for a minute the Commie Feds don't know that already. So what about all those Constitutional Sheriff's out there who have oathed to protect the citizens of their respective counties from federal tyranny and intrusion? THEY HAVE NO LEGAL AUTHORITY TO PROTECT YOU! So in every state wherever there is an honorable Constitutional Sheriff the people MUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE IMMEDIATELY GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE SWORN IN LEGALLY! They are  our firste: 9.5pt; mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";">Georgia Grandma
"A nation...cannot survive treason from within...the traitor ...wears the face of his victims,...and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared......." Cicero, 42 B.C.E.
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Dan said...

I've sent out emails to the Constitutional Sheriff's Organization about what they should be doing, but have had no response.
As long as they pay their income tax and take NO actions against their unconstitutional Congressional representatives, then I say they are NOT Constitutional Sheriffs.
Members of Congress this past January Swore to Uphold the Constitution or go to Jail, yet they have ignored their Oath again, and NO actions have taken place on them.
Maybe it's time for We The People, US Slaves, to make citizens arrests on those Sheriffs and Congressional representatives, or even start with the Federal Judges that are EXEMPT from any prosecution for committing Constitutional illegalities!!!
But maybe by Corporation Law we cannot do anything as we agreed to be SLAVES or else be denied access to work and and funding, or maybe the freedom to exist!!!
Maybe a Sheriff in each state, preferably with at least 50 of them in a class action, should take action against their governor as the states are NOT complying with the US Constitutional either, and are letting things go for the Cabal!

marylee said...

You are all correct, take the action and then continue with all you find out, and keep going til you get a clear response, and take action....again,,and again...til they get it right..til we get it right from them...we all are doing and standing by to see, hear, and meet with all that we each can, to contribute to the listening...moving...doing...loving...yey...hell-le-lou-yaaa!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it appears in Florida (and possibly othet states) the SC found the communist clauses to be unconstitutional. Pkease keep us updated on your findings for all states regarding this recent discovery