Friday, March 29, 2013

Fake reports on the Syrian president’s death by Zionist outlets

Fake reports on the Syrian president’s death by Zionist outlets . . . I’m sorry, but I don’t think this false flag is gonna work :)

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By World Mathaba
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Al-Assad robot
CounterPsyOps (edited by WorldMathaba) – On March 24, the news of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad being dead started spreading on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Arab and Jewish news outlets as well as Zionist website JSS News also reported that Al-Assad has been shot by his “Iranian bodyguard named Jacoby”, see herehere and here.
In fact, Zionist bedouins created an Al-Assad articulated robot (see image on the left), and will show him “dead” along with Damascus streets in chaos, to bring about panic and to demoralize the Syrian people and the army, and to enable terrorists to take advantage of the situation – just like they did with the fake Green Square footage in Libya.
See below a tweet posted by a Damascus resident stating that what the Zionist news is saying about hospital roads being closed and Damascus diving into chaos is completely false.

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Anonymous said...

these zionist bastards been using sacrificing americans for their wars while hiding behind the curtains pushing more propaganda's but in reality are sises.