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     I released yesterday my very deadly legal report "Federal Murders Of American Citizens From World War II Through 2013." This was posted on Nesara News which gave it automatic mass exposure in America and across the world. Then I sent copies of this to political and news groups across America. Then next week I will be sending this report to the offices of probably all 50 state attorney generals in America and invite them to investigate with their state grand juries certain portions of this report relating to current federal murders and murder threats issued on behalf of federal sources. This is the preliminary legal maneuver which should end up where I later collect up to $100 billion in actual and punitive damages from the U.S. Justice Dept. and their top officials and involved personnel who will be screaming , "But you can't sue the government unless we permit you." I will then show them the mistake in federal law saying I can sue their agency and officials and personnel for $100 billion in actual and punitive financial damages. And everyone in the government is going to want to crucify DK if they can then for opening the legal door so I would have the legal basis to file such legal financial damages and win by standard law. 
    Since I have won various legal upsets before when no one thought it could be done, my estimate is that we can force this into court as soon as this year or else 2014. And once in court, I expect to win. I needed the criminal acts of DK to give me the legal proof I needed so I could file this fast way to get a first and then final judgment on those involved in the federal government who are going to cost the federal government in Wash., D.C. $100 billion in actual and punitive damages.Anyone ordering between now and Sunday night as of  midnight will get at least one chance at a colossal size bonus reward equal to or better than was offered earlier in a previous national report of mine on an alternative way to become a millionaire. . More details later. Anyone mailing in an order, it has to be postmarked by Monday or too late to be counted in on this offer. 
     First of all I seriously doubt that the higher brass in the Illuminati is going to have me murdered now as they previously threatened in their posting I copied that they wanted me murdered by April 30 by DK or else they would arrange it themselves. We copied the legal admission that the higher brass officials in the Illuminati had ordered DK to murder me or else they would have someone else more professional to do it for them. My associates can show this Illuminati document to state and federal grand juries regardless if I am alive or else murdered by them. With it stating that the higher levels of the Illuminati had ordered me murdered by April 30, 2013, if I am suddenly dead, then all Illuminati officials above DK can be legally charged with murder as they collectively according to their own document we copied from them ordered my murder. This way from 300 to 500 higher Illuminati even the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. can all be arrested by authority of state and federal grand juries. This cleans out the entire nest of reptile Illuminati leaders in America and Europe for starters. And people like Eric Holder go to prison for life for murder done by his legal consent. Also, Obama in the White House was listed as a medium level Illuminati official. If I die, he goes to prison for life regardless if President or not! Suddenly our reptile Illuminati leaders might judge it smarter than I remain alive than dead.
      Since university tests and over 1,300 medical labs across the world predict the entire human race will go extinct like the dinosaurs if my fathers' great Vatican endorsed food discovery is not soon added to the American and world diet, all state grand juries can charge the Illuminati leadership with attempted murder of all citizens in the 50 states if the Illuminati had me murdered. Also, grand juries in all nations of the world can issue international arrest warrants for all the Illuminati officials in the world to try and murder off the population of Russia, China, France, England, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Union of South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, etc. Get the legal picture? And for repeated threats to murder me even if I am not murdered now as the situation gets too hot, state and federal grand juries can legally charge the Illuminati leadership in America and abroad in a conspiracy to kill off potentially all the people in their states, foreign grand juries can legally charge the Illuminati leadership with conspiracy to kill off the entire populations of every nation on earth when they conspired and threatened to murder me if I tried to get my father's Vatican endorsed food process reestablished before too late to save the human race on earth from extinction like the prior dinosaurs now all extinct from the earth.
      By the way, I am the only person alive who my father trained in the engineering secrets how to set up his Vatican endorsed but trade secret industrial process only I on earth know how to set up.
      So I predict no matter how much the Illuminati hates me for standing up to them when they boasted on the forums run by DK that they ran and controlled the U.S. Republic in 2013, not the American people. I figure they are going to have to swallow their pride and pray to God that I don't die. If I die, grand juries from all over America and the world will then want to prosecute them and execute them. Might as well execute those who wanted to kill off the entire human race on earth. I told you that these Illuminati reptile leaders are as crazy as all hell. My examples above show that they are colossally crazy regardless of the money they secretly possess in the world.
     I expect that I will end up collecting the $100 billion at least. How dumb the Illuminati leaders are. If they had told Wash., D.,C. to pay back the $525,000 they had stolen from me in early 2004, I would not have the moral force behind me that I can now collect $100 billion from Wash., D.C. and make it stick! National and world opinion will back me totally when the chips are down! And don't forget the worldwide Genocide Treaty of which the American version is called The Proxmire Act says these murder threats by the Illuminati leaders are legally worldwide defined as a "Genocide Conspiracy" to kill off the entire human race on earth. In America if tried here, the guilty can be federally imprisoned for up to life. If tried abroad, they can be executed. If anything happens to me, then 130 nations and more can all issue their own national arrest warrants and arrest all the Illuminati leaders on earth and in each nation put them on trial for their lives. If found guilty, then they can be executed by Russia, China, Japan, Union of South Africa, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, etc. Get the legal picture Illuminati leaders? Time to cool it and forget all the dreams of murdering me by April 30. I bet it won't happen after you boys read this. I am all that stands between you getting arrested worldwide, getting executed, and all your family fortunes confiscated by the nations putting you on trial and then executing you after finding you guilty as they will!
      Now that we have settled the legal issues. Down to more ordinary business now.
      I am going to collect the $100 billion or more in legal damages from Wash., D.C. between their officials, personnel, and the government paying the difference owed me after courts give me the legal judgments as I predict they will! So people, if you order one of the following items before this Easter weekend is over, I will set up $1 billion of the final settlement money and split it up as 1,000 units of $1 million each to be paid to the first 1,000 customers who buy any of the offers below. When I get the settlement money, you each get $1 million each. If not enough claimants, then the surplus money will be split equally and added to the $1 million already being paid to my Easter weekend customers. This offer does not affect my previous offer in the report on another angle on how to become a millionaire which I posted earlier this week on Nesara News. 
     Buy my book "The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" by Erasmus of America (my pen name) from my national website or else by mail. The price is $26.50 by ordering from the paypal button on my national website. The book is $25.00. The extra $1..50 making it a total of $26.50 is the 6% SC sales tax. Shipping is free. Order my DVD full-length movie "Mad About Alternatives" by Dr. Garst which Wash., D.C. murdered him and stole the warehouse full of DVD copies of this movie from his house the day the feds murdered him in order to prevent it from reaching the American people. I got one copy of this DVD before he was murdered but the feds did not know one copy survived their effort to suppress it nationally. It exposed the federal policies and laws designed to strip the American people of all their legal rights under law and make them the helpless subjects of a tyrannical national government caring nothing about ruining America as a nation by making it a total national tyranny under Wash., D.C. The other part of the movie was documentation how Wash., D.C. constantly murdered millions of Americans without their knowledge by how Wash. laws and policies were set up to kill off millions of Americans and cripple the lifetime health of millions of other Americans by deliberate policy and intention of Wash., D.C. Again, the DVD movie will be sent free of shopping costs. DVD movie is $25.00 plus 6% SC sales tax which is $1.50. Total for DVD movie is $26.50. We have a bag of organic silica which can last up to 30 days if used according to recommended daily dosage. People have reported it turning around and heading off or curing for them pending blindness or bad vision. And as one person told me today on the phone just before this report was started, she was nearly blind and this organic silica by 30 days had returned her to good eyesight. She is a prominent artist. Also, can't be too modest. It has also been reported to restore firmness to some women's breasts and they didn't mind the whistles or else flirting from some men after this happened! Bag of our high grade organic silica is $19.95 plus $1.20 SC sales tax. or $21.15 total. Shipping free for now! And what we call Romanian facial cream. Tested for many years in Romania in major testing by a Romanian doctor. Startling but many women reported this even as shortly as not long after application eliminated their wrinkles from their faces, their skin looked younger, and they were startled how much better and younger they looked often after one small application of this facial cream. One woman put this facial cream on her face on one side of her face and not the other. In the morning, she was terrified and called the person who had supplied her this facial cream and asked what she should do. Half her face looked much younger and the untouched part still looked much older. He told her to put the facial cream on the untouched side and in a short time both sides of her face looked great with the wrinkles gone, skin looking years younger, and she was trickled that several young men tried to flirt with her after she did this! The Romanian facial cream is $49.95 plus 6% SC sales tax which is $3.00 for a total of $53.95 total for the jar. Jar is small but only a little touch is needed for the face as it is very powerful. It is made from very expensive, rare natural ingredients. Even though a small jar, it can last a long time according to testimony we have heard back from some who have used this. 
      These above items can be ordered from our national website or else by sending a check, etc. made out to NIFI and mailed to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. If ordering by mail, just say "Send book," Send DVD, Send Organic Silica Bag, Send Facial Jaw, and we will know what to send back to you.
     If you order more than one item before Easter weekend is over or by Monday daytime if sending in by mail, you get a credit in our pool for these $1 million rewards for each of the products you order now. If you are one of the first to order, you could potentially even make $1 million for each product ordered this Easter weekend or even $4 million if you ordered 4 products this weekend. We allow only 4 chances maximum for you to have your name entered for a pending $1 million bonus reward for each product ordered. Past that, you are ordering for the product as no additional reward bonuses come with it.
      And after ordering this weekend, if you will send us a pre-stamped return envelope with 20 cents included to pay for copying and mention which product you ordered or products you ordered, we will send back to you what we rate as a very exclusive and unique free energy system which was based upon the experiments of four well-known inventors. I did see a more advanced version of the same basic system on the internet and the source building it boasted how it worked as claimed. Along with this 2 page report on a very unique technology which the source which shared this with me I had always known as of high integrity, I will give you the option if you want to exercise it but I suggest swiftly in case I shortly afterwards withdraw this offer, I will agree for $25.00 to copy one copy for you of a 20 page report showing several free energy systems which were reported work and is the best explanation I know of in America the scientific principles how these free energy systems worked. They operate through one or more loopholes in the laws of physics. They are not perpetual energy, they do not create energy, but harness what I analyze is gravity and turn it into usable energy. A brilliant Swiss mathematician analyzed what gravity was and it is a manifestation of free energy in nature but is manifested through the force we witness exerted by gravity. I did 44 experiments on what was gravity when I was in military school, but never shared my findings with others. I know the secret these brilliant inventors are tapping into. One of them had an auto engine that ran for one week without fuel added to it and on a test block at Crosby Institute in Hollywood, CA as it was reported to me. An aide to this brilliant engineer once secretly told me what the engineer once secretly told him was the actual way he harnessed the energy to run this car engine without physical fuel being supplied to him. I will share with you the secret this aide to this brilliant inventor shared with me. I knew what the inventor had talked about. I will help you with a key clue and tell you what source sells reports on free energy systems that have apparently worked successfully. And before any federal plants claim this is "scientifically impossible" as they want such information suppressed in America, one village in Switzerland has been producing their own electrical energy for decades non-stop and without need of any visible fuel. Whether they know it or not, their energy comes from gravity. I know the missing answer.
      So even if you don't win $1 million or more by buying one or more of these products offered above, if you can use one or more of these free energy systems for yourself, you may be able to power your home with free electricity, your car with free electricity, your store with free energy, your factory with free energy, your city or state with free energy, and I assume you get the idea I am suggesting. I reserve the right to withdraw this offer of free energy technology at any moment after this original offer is given to you. Through this Easter weekend, I will honor my commitment to supply this information to you so long as you follow through on my terms. After that, I may not decide to offer this free energy technology ever again. 
      Why am I doing all this? I want to get reestablished my father's Vatican endorsed food process as fast as possible. If I produce enough money at this stage, I may start setting up my father's Vatican endorsed food process in America shortly afterwards. The Illuminati don't want America to get this powerful world food industry. I want America to get it.
      I used a trick angle to get legal information out that Wash., D.C. doesn't want you to see or know about. I released the report on March 19, 2013 on Nesara News "Is Pope Francis 1 The Angelic Pope Of Many Christian Prophecies?" From Erasmus Of America (my pen name). I devoted one paragraph to Pope Francis 1 and most of several pages following that all to the legal history of the U.S. Constitution as explained by James Madison "The Father of the U.S. Constitution." I used his explanation in Federalist 44 that the U.S. Constitution expressly outlawed the federal government and all state governments from ever be legally authorized to license or regulate the sale of stocks and bonds in America. America briefly tried it during the American Revolution and found it mass slammed the brakes on the growth of the American economy as it still does today! The common law courts were used to later take care of any stock or bond fraud or else legal terms of contracts called stocks and bonds to obey their legal agreements or else court order would force them to obey the legal agreement they made with investors in them. 
      I see a man trying to use illegal state securities agencies to try and ruin a which has faithfully paid its members since I understand 2009. It had closed its membership to new members which ponzi schemes definitely do not do as that would collapse them like lightning if they did so! This fund did not want new members or their money in it. Securities laws today act on the legal premise that you are guilty until proven innocent whereas the American Revolution was founded on the legal principle that you are innocent until proven guilty. Securities agencies punish and destroy countless paying funds by smashing their operations, stealing their money, and then say, "See, I told you that it was not a good fund." In my report of March 19, 2013, I said from that date on, I would treat current securities agencies as guilty of "high treason" if they tried to apply their unconstitutional version of securities laws to  funds not yet proven guilty of defrauding their supporters, etc. I plan to shortly file legal lawsuits of $100 billion in damages at any state attorney general continuing to apply fraudulent securities regulations and licensing requirements to any fund or company not yet proven fraudulent by common law court as required by the U.S. Bill of Rights requiring contract issues to be decided in common law courts, not other versions of courts unless consented to by all parties to the legal dispute.  I had some money put into this fund which was doing fine as long as I and my friends were watching it and had invested some funds in it. This gives me the legal status of someone who can civilly sue and criminally prosecute those who apply claimed securities authority which the U.S. Constitution expressly forbids them to have or claim. When you claim unconstitutional law for your statute law claims, even U.S. Supreme Court decisions say that I and others with me can sue any state official or federal official trying to use "acts of pretended legislation" as the American Declaration of Independence called this type attempt at usurpation of legal authority not authorized under the real national law in authority in America. We can push for your arrest and for the man raising all this legal fuss to try and destroy when they were doing fine with their membership for 5 calendar years now, a $100 billion lawsuit will soon be heading his way and served on him, any attorneys with him, any judge playing ball with him to disobey the U.S. Constitution, etc. Law can be used to free the people or else enslave them. I use valid law correctly and soon the people have freedom in America once more. This securities issue is so very important for the economic prosperity of the American people is why I deliberately picked a legal fight over it. If you will notice, no inventors in America have stock offers you the people have ever seen from them. This is because Wash., D.C. and state governments have through legal double-talk outlawed the American inventors from being able to start new industries for America and create many millions of jobs for you who are not working in America, only working part-time or else work at poorly paying jobs instead of good paying jobs because the lunatics are running law in Wash., D.C. and state governments.
      Hate to play my ace but I care too much about the American people to let your future be destroyed by the nutcases running law in Wash., D.C. and too many state governments right now. My mother was once rated by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history and entered a state university without prior formal education after self-educating herself once she learned to read and write from her grandmother. She was a child actress and had no time for formal schooling. I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including one German economist personally endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century. And a very prestigious international organization once wrote me up as "The Einstein of American Economics." Stop this securities crap law and let America have the national industries that will make her once more the industrial giant and leader of the world! Obey the U.S. Constitution and the national economy of America will boom!
      Okay folks, my website to order from for this Easter Promotion is . My email address if . My business mailing address which can also receive orders is write out a check, etc. to NIFI and then mail to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. On the website, look at the Products listing at the top of the website and click it for these current offers. Book offer is separately offered on the front page of the website. 
      Even if our jackasses in Wash., D.C. don't want the American economy to ever boom again, I intend to revive the American economy to where it should be and not where the idiot or else traitor politicians want it to be!
      Pass this report all over America and rapidly for this weekend of Easter. Even as Jesus resurrected from the grave, I want the American economy to revive from the grave the politicians put it in and make America once more the great, powerful, and noble nation all nations on earth can respect and deal with.
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (my pen name. I am tired of the million and one excuses of the politicians why the American economy cannot be good and now. I am rising up to undo the economic mess created by the idiots in Wash., D.C. and boom the American economy as I know the American people want for themselves and America as a nation.)

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