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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/31/12 ‘Choosing a Pickup Location’

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/31/12 ‘Choosing a Pickup Location’
Posted By: MESETA [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 31-Jul-2012 20:26:53

Today we like to begin by discussing with you how to best prepare yourselves for your work with our organization that will begin shortly in the days to come, as the time to begin our many projects together has now arrived. We would like to begin by welcoming you to our teams, and we would like to do this by meeting with you on board our ships and introducing ourselves to you so we can get to know each other just a little better before we begin a working relationship together. We will do this by meeting with you at a pre-designated spot somewhere near or at your home residence. We will contact you in the days ahead beginning next week where we will ask you where it is you feel you would like to rendezvous with us.
To answer this question, we ask you to respond with a very short sentence so as to clarify your response to our question which you will hear either through the dream state, or for those of you who have begun to master telepathic communication, through your awakened state while you are meditating or any time it is that we are successful in getting our question through to you. Do you understand this? Are we making ourselves clear on this? We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will send you, telepathically or through the dream state, a short question asking where you would prefer to rendezvous with us to be teleported onto one of our awaiting ships where you will be escorted to a larger ship where you will then meet with representatives of our team to break the ice, as it were. At that time we will answer all of your questions and, if you don't mind, we will have a few questions for you, which is only natural as we wish to learn a little bit more about you as well before we begin working together, as this will assist us find a suitable position for you and learn your availability scheduling and how often and how long you could make yourself available for, and wish to work.
Please keep in mind that we do have set schedules for those who will begin working with us. We cannot tailor make a schedule for individuals, as this would entail many needless flights to and from our mother ships or whichever ship you will be working on. We feel it is necessary to reduce the number of flights to and from your surface world and to our work sites. Our work sites will be thoroughly protected from any possible dangers or threats of reprisal from any rogue military outfits aligned with the cabal. You have our word that we will do everything we can to protect your safety and well-being, although always keep in mind, no absolute guarantees or solemn oaths are made in this regard, only that we will do all that we can to protect our crewmembers and those working with us on these many projects.
As most of you who will be selected to work with us already fully understand, nothing could truly ever end your life as you are an eternal being, and as such, there is nothing ever to truly fear, as there is nothing that can happen to you out on the job sites or traveling to and from the job sites that could not be reversed in the case of injury, and even in the case of physical death it is certainly not the end, it is only the beginning for something new for you, something that many of you are headed for anyway in the months to come. Do you understand this? Do you understand that even if in the worst possible scenario where you were to experience physical death, that you would merely be getting a head start on all the others that will be ascending behind you very soon enough?
With this understood, we would like to begin this initial phase of this first and extremely important project to solidify and strengthen your shorelines by constructing beautiful, protective sea barriers off the coasts of selected areas around your planet. We will begin this project very soon, think in terms of weeks and not months, think in terms of a rapid deployment to job sites once we are successful in relaying our message to you and receiving your reply of where it is you feel would be an appropriate spot in your neighborhood or surrounding area to rendezvous with us. What we are looking for is an area that is at least semi secluded, although we understand that some of you live near major metropolitan areas and this might be a bit difficult for you to find such a space, but we tell you to use your resolve, be cunning and clever, research area maps and especially satellite imagery available through your Internet which will help you find such an area that at this time you may be unaware of as it is hidden from view even as you may drive or walk by. We are confident each and every one of you will find such an area, and we will leave this assignment up to you as we have much faith and confidence in you.
After this initial conversation, we will then be in touch with you when it is time for you to rendezvous with us. This signal must come as a surprise, with only very short notice being given to you, as we cannot have our plans leaked somehow to the cabal through the methods in which we communicate to you, as we wish for no surprises and wish for no one to gain an advantage by having any suitable time to prepare to intercept our meeting with you in any way. We hope you understand this, and we hope you understand that it is required of you to keep all this that we speak to you about to yourselves. Do not share this information with others on the Internet, on the phone, or even verbally in your own homes as your privacy is not guaranteed even in your own living room. We hope this does not come as startling news for you, but there are very many ways to intercept communications even without the use of electronic listening devices, technology which many of your world fully understand at this time.
There are disembodied spirits roaming all over your planet, some of you know this and some of you might be very surprised to learn this. One of the goals of our mission is to lift your planet away from these disembodied beings as they do not belong here on the same planet as you. We have discussed this at some length in a previous message, and if there are those of you hearing this news for the first time we ask you to please go back a few weeks and read that message as you may find it very informative. So in light of the fact that can never be too sure who is listening in on your conversation, we urge you to keep the information regarding our meeting with you to yourself and only to yourself, and in this way no one can eavesdrop on your conversation and learn of our plans or our schedule to meet with you. Is this understood, dear one? We hope we have made ourselves clear on this, as regrettably we would have to cancel our rendezvous with you if the details of this meeting were shared openly on your internet or even through private messaging on your Internet, as this type of electronic eavesdropping is quite simple to achieve and occurs each and every day in your world, and the culprits are various sources and not just one.
We feel we are clear on this, and at this time we would like to move on and discuss with you what it is exactly you will be doing when you begin working on this first project with us. We will rendezvous with you and escort you to a ship which is a craft capable of space flight, at which time you will receive training in the methods and technologies we employ to build water barriers used to protect coastlines. You will be instructed on how this technology works and how to properly engage this technology and utilize it. You will receive hands-on training from highly qualified instructors. We have teams of scientists, and each ship will have a representative with a scientific background who can answer any and all of your questions of a scientific and advanced nature.
We will begin slowly, as it will be you that will build these seawalls and it will not be us, as we have explained, this is your planet and it is your responsibility to care for her. We are only here to assist you, and by assisting you we will allow you to utilize our technologies and our spacecraft. We will train you, we will supervise you, we will coach you, we will organize you, we will answer any and all of your questions and we will do everything we can to keep you safe, but this is all we will do. As we have said, it is all up to you.
We do not expect you to move quickly in the beginning, we simply wish to see that you have learned to use this equipment properly and safely before we look for any kind of speed in the production of these see barriers. Once a section of seawall is seated into place we will advance our ship to the next location where you will once again construct and insert a section of seawall sturdily into the seabed, at which time we will move forward once again and repeat the process. This is a very simple process, and once you get comfortable with our technologies and this procedure we can begin to build this seawall at a very fast rate. This technology can build a seawall up miles of coastline in a manner of minutes, that is how fast this technology can be employed and a seawall can be built. This is very important as well, as there are many miles of coastline around your world that we feel necessitate the protection of these seawalls, and as we have said, time is running short.
When we speak with you personally we will speak more in depth of which areas of your world will receive these seawalls and which areas we feel may require the relocations of at least a certain amount of their populations, as we feel even these seawalls may not fully or adequately protect them from the rising sea levels and surges that these particular areas may experience as your planet shakes off her third dimensional layers for her journey into the higher realms of this universe, which is the underlying cause of these Earth tremors that will cause these seas to erupt in certain areas around your world. This is our first project together, to protect your people and your communities from the seas, and we look so forward to beginning this project with you, our brothers and sisters of Earth.
Please keep alert for our messages to you. For those of you who are beginning to master the ability of telepathic communication, we are confident you will receive our question to you as to where it is you would like to rendezvous with us, and we are confident you will successfully send your answer back to us. For those of you who are not yet quite skilled in telepathic abilities, you may look for our question to you through other means, only one of which is through your dream state. After you awaken from a dream where you have received this question, we ask you at that time to formulate your answer to us and telepathically send your response to us by focusing on us and stating in your mind, but not out loud, your response to us before you begin your day. We will be listening for your answers, and once again we look forward to working with you dear ones. It will be an honor and it will be a pleasure, and together we will get the work done that needs to be done.
We are your coworkers on this, our first joint project together. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

IRS hit with audit for mismanagement and fraud

Click on link at end for video:

IRS hit with audit for mismanagement and fraud

Posted: Jul 02, 2012 5:45 PM CDT Updated: Jul 05, 2012 9:35 AM CDT
By Bob Segall - bio
Howard Antelis is a tax examiner for the IRS in Austin, Texas.Howard Antelis is a tax examiner for the IRS in Austin, Texas.
The Inspector General dispatched auditors to Texas to interview Howard and dozens of other tax examiners.The Inspector General dispatched auditors to Texas to interview Howard and dozens of other tax examiners.

13 Investigates has learned the tables are turned on a federal agency feared for its ability to audit taxpayers. The IRS is now the focus of a year-long audit, thanks to federal employees who are blowing the whistle.
Howard Antelis does not look intimidating.
The soft-spoken, gray-haired Midwesterner stands five feet seven inches tall, wears khakis and drives an old SUV. He spends most of his free time on a softball diamond, playing with his dogs and delivering meals to the elderly. But behind the laid-back, guy-next-door image is a longtime federal employee with a dogged personality and a tenacious sense of duty.
And right now, Howard might just be the IRS's worst nightmare.
"I'm horrified and ashamed and embarrassed by what I've seen. It's not supposed to be like this," he told 13 Investigates. "We're supposed to protect taxpayers, so somebody had to say something."
Abuse and fraud
Howard is a tax examiner at the IRS's ITIN processing center in Austin, Texas.
The large, unmarked building in south Austin is where the IRS decides whether to issue an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to the millions of illegal immigrants who apply for them. An ITIN allows undocumented workers to file tax returns and pay taxes, a legal requirement for those who earn income in the United States … even those who come to the country illegally.
But 13 Investigates discovered the ITIN system is plagued by abuse and fraud.
A four-month Eyewitness News investigation documented how many illegal immigrants use ITINs to get tax credits and refunds they're not entitled to. WTHR also exposed how millions of undocumented workers get their ITIN applications approved using phony documents.
The problems identified by 13 Investigates cost American taxpayers billions of dollars every year, according to a 2011 report from the U.S. Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration.
After seeing WTHR's investigations, Howard contacted 13 Investigates to say the problems inside the ITIN processing center are more serious and systemic than originally reported.
"A license to steal"
"We were being told by upper management to ignore fraud, to assign ITIN numbers and ... pay out refunds to people who are lying," Howard explained. "It's a license to steal when you allow that."
Howard and five other tax examiners at the ITIN processing center in Austin all told WTHR the same thing: for years, IRS managers have instructed them to "look the other way" while processing ITIN applications that appear to be filed fraudulently – even when those applications contain clear signs of criminal activity.
For example, Howard received a stack of ITIN applications for dozens of children attending the same school in South Carolina. (Adult tax filers can request an ITIN for a child if they want to claim that child as a dependent in order to get child tax credits and a larger tax refund.) When he researched that school, he discovered it didn't even exist. When Howard reported the apparent scam to his bosses, he claims his managers ordered him to approve the applications anyway.
"C'mon. This is fraud! Those kids weren't even real and I'm supposed to give out [ITIN] numbers?," Howard recalls asking. "We're tax examiners but the truth is we're not supposed to look into anything. We're not supposed to examine anything. It's like an assembly line. It's just ‘Get it out of here. Boom. Boom. Boom. Get it out of here and don't worry about the fraud. Fraud slows us down.'"
After years of reporting that fraud directly to his bosses -- with no success -- Howard decided to take drastic action.
"I've been working for the federal government for 23 years and I signed an ethical standard of conduct when I went to work that says if you see fraud, you need to report it. I tried and tried and tried, couldn't get anywhere so … I went into a quiet room and started making phone calls."
Those phone calls went to the Inspector General's office in Washington, D.C.
IRS negligence
The IG's office confirms it then dispatched auditors to Texas to interview Howard and dozens of other tax examiners. That's when investigators learned IRS employees were actually encouraged to ignore signs of fraud.
The Inspector General's latest investigation has taken more than a year. A final audit will be released this summer, and it's expected to give further proof of what Eyewitness News first exposed this spring – that millions of undocumented workers can get ITINs by filing fraudulent paperwork.
"The IRS is not doing something as simple as requesting sufficient documentation," Inspector General Russell George told WTHR this spring. "It's very troubling."
New details about mismanagement at the IRS's ITIN processing center provide even more cause for concern.
"It's pure negligence by management and they've been trying to keep it quiet," Howard said. "There is a criminal element that is defrauding the U.S. government by filing mountains and mountains of these fraudulent applications. We see them in piles in bulk every day that are obviously not legitimate documents and not legitimate tax returns and not legitimate wages … and [IRS managers] don't want to deal with it. That's where all the fraud is. The fraud is in the fake notary stamps and fake documents which we've been accepting."
In order to obtain an ITIN, applicants must send the IRS documents that show proof of identification and residency. Among the acceptable documents are original or notarized photocopies of birth certificates, driving records, voter ID cards, school records and vaccination records.
Howard and other ITIN tax examiners say those documents are easily forged and notary stamps on the paperwork are meaningless because many of those are fraudulent, too.
"There is a state-by-state list of notaries that shows which are registered and legitimate, but the IRS won't let us check those registries. We're not supposed to Google anything or look anything up," Howard said. "The basic problem is they give [tax examiners] no training and no tools to even know what they're looking for."
That is about to change.
Reforms announced
Just days after WTHR first reported on ITIN mismanagement and fraud, the IRS sent senior officials from Washington to the ITIN processing center in Austin.
Steve Miller, the agency's Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement, met with more than 100 ITIN tax examiners and, according to IRS staff who attended the meeting, Miller promised to address problems identified by workers and WTHR.
Despite repeated requests for an interview, Miller and IRS management will not meet with WTHR to discuss those problems.
But facing growing pressure, the IRS has now announced it will begin cracking down on ITIN fraud.
13 Investigates has learned tax examiners are now getting more training and much-needed tools to help identify bogus paperwork. Their work stations will soon be equipped with ultraviolent lights and magnifying glasses to help them better inspect documents. ITIN managers and trainers are going to Washington this week to learn about fraud prevention.
At the same time, the IRS has tightened its ITIN application process. Effective immediately, undocumented workers must prove their identity through original, certified documents. Notarized photocopies, which are much easier to forge, will no longer be accepted. In a written statement, the IRS announced it will spend the next six months reviewing all areas of the ITIN program. By the end of the year, the agency will issue more comprehensive rules to further reduce fraud.
"That's a huge step in the right direction," Howard said. "Because of the Inspector General and all of the media attention, things are finally starting to change. For the first time in a long time, I feel like this might get fixed."
Whistleblower punished?
Simply by speaking out, the quiet tax examiner could save taxpayers billions -- but at a personal cost.
A few days after Howard met with WTHR, the IRS slashed his job performance rating which will affect his paycheck. The IRS claims every aspect of Howard's job performance dropped during the past six months, shifting his overall rating from "exceeds fully successful" to "minimally successful." Howard believes the poor review is retaliation for blowing the whistle on his managers. He wonders what might happen next.
"I'm a little nervous, but not really. I guess they could try to fire me, but I don't think they will," he said, vowing to continue his fight for ITIN reform. "I just want to see things fixed. We've been allowing the U.S. taxpayer to get robbed for years now and those days appear to be over."


Bloomberg Analyst: Global Currency Reset Coming? (VIDEO)

Bloomberg Analyst: Global Currency Reset Coming? (VIDEO)

Posted by  on July 31st 2012 
Bloomberg Currency ResetHere’s a video that’s got the alternative media buzzing.
For years, conspiracy theorists and alternative news outlets have been saying that we’re at the end of the road.  They say that the only way out of the financial mess the world has gotten itself into would be to do a global “currency reset.”
In the process, debt would be eliminated and, assuming you’ve known which currencies to invest in, you could stand to make quite a bit of money.
Of course, that story has been met with more than a few raised eyebrows from those in the mainstream media…until now.
The clip below, which aired on Bloomberg News on July 25, features one analyst who says that a currency reset could actually happen – sooner rather than later – starting with the Euro.
It’s really the only option left.
If you don’t know what this video is all about, then this post isn’t for you.  If you “get it,” though, your new reality could be here sooner than you think.
Check out his comments, particularly around the 0:40-mark, below…


31 July 2012
MESSAGE FROM METATRON ~ through Amuna Ra The Coming of Our Craft

You yourself have realised that our advent is imminent, that it will be at the Olympic Games and that there will not be terrorism as such, except that plotted by the governments and state control forces. There may well be maverick opportunists who utilise the at first chaotic reaction to our coming, the coming of the Star Nations en masse, to terrorise and steal for their own ends. But the Star Councils of Light will ensure that this will not continue, and that order will be restored with the least violence possible.

The Dark Forces are preparing for this event, which is why it has been disseminated on the internet that a fake star landing will be staged, to throw people off the scent that what will happen is in fact real and taking place in the moment. The meditations sending the Love in your Hearts for all humankind with the intent for the best possible outcome are having an effect. Do continue, dear ones, to hold the world events in London in your daily meditations and to call on the assistance of the Star Councils of Light, for it helps greatly to ensure that the events predicted for the 4 August in the Manton Drove crop circle take place in as smooth a way as possible.

We would encourage you to speak with as many people as possible about the coming of the craft of the Star Councils of Light, of the coming of the Star Beings openly to make contact with the peoples of earth and to stabilise the world situation. We will ensure that your ruling bodies are stabilised by the replacement of many of your world leaders with those who work for the light and are dedicated to the wholesome evolution of the earth. These people are already in place behind the scenes or waiting to step into the positions of power. They have necessarily been veiled before the time was come, both for their own safety, and so that the coming of the Star Nations may take place as planned.

We ask you all who are partially aware of these imminent events to stand firm through the apparent chaos which may at first develop and to trust in our good intent and our ability to stabilise the situation in a relatively short time. We need your steadfastness, your love and trust, in order to reassure the people of the planet earth that there are those who understand what is happening and who welcome your star brothers and sisters. For it is true that all earth people are connected at some time in their past to the stars. We are all family, and there has been much interconnection between the star beings and your planet over the ages past. Now the earth has reached a critical stage in its evolution, and it is necessary to work together once more, the people of earth and the star beings who have always supported your development.

For behind the gods of ancient times stood your star families: in all the great early civilisations of your world like Ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian cultures, India and China and the Mayans, and the Greek and Norse gods, and right through till now in the indigenous peoples of your world, who have retained a direct connection to the star people and the spirits of the living world around them. Many, many of you in the so-called civilised parts of your planet have also re-awakened to your star origins and are establishing your own direct connection once more through expanding your conscious mind to encompass these realities and to come into communication with us through channelling.

We call on you all to speak out fearlessly of what you know in your inner beings, to ease the rapid waking up and acceptance of what will shortly take place upon your planet. People will become aware for the first time that UFOs are real space craft, that 'aliens' are your star family, that the star beings come to help the world and offer the priceless gifts of their advanced light technologies. These people will need the help of those who have had longer to come to an understanding of these matters. Your task, dear ones, is to reassure and to help people comprehend what is happening, to tell people that you have been in communication with these star beings for some time, and that their intent is wholly benign, for they wish only to help the peoples of the earth.

AMUNA RA: Why did Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan use the words 'cataclysmic' and 'terrorism' about the Olympic Games in the Polar Clock crop circle channelling about 4 August?

METATRON: Oh dear one, it was to rouse you to action. You needed to be stirred sufficiently to give disseminate it widely along with the meditation calling on the Star Councils of Light to assist, which has helped prepare for our coming. There will be some maverick 'terrorism' as I mentioned above, but the major event (which we could not reveal at that early stage for it would have prejudiced the outcome), will be the coming en masse of the Star Nations to the earth. They will come in such numbers that your governments will immediately recognise that resistance by force would be useless. There will be great confusion and initial chaos which some will view as 'cataclysmic', but this will be calmed relatively quickly as the realisation spreads that this meeting with your star brothers and sisters is a most joyous occasion.`
Commentary from The Galactic Free Press` We Found this On Facebook, there is no link to refer too. As a Tea we read this Information and Agreed On the Validity whch is why we have Posted. Thank You for Focusing In on All Possiblities. WE Love You, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Ben Fulford: Why the West is Now under Nazi Rule and Why the Elite are in Denial

Update from Benjamin Fulford July 30

Ben Fulford: Why the West is Now under Nazi Rule and Why the Elite are in Denial
A visit to Canada and long conversations with bankers, newspaper editors and others still living inside the “mainstream” story about world events has exposed a deliberate state of factual denial about what is really happening in the Western terrorist states. The editor of a major North American newspaper, for example, made it clear to this writer that he needed to believe the official story about 911 and everything else the Western terrorist governments were saying because the alternative would be to radically restructure a world view he created over a lifetime. The bankers and other “elite” also fervently pushed the truth about things like “global warming based on CO2″ but immediately stopped the discussion and changed the subject when evidence was presented showing it was a fraud. The head of a major medical research laboratory, for his part, made it clear that openly researching subjects like bio-weapons (HIV, SARS, “bird flu” etc.) being spread by the cabalists would mean and end to his research institute’s grants and unemployment for him and his colleagues.
What these highly intelligent and thoroughly indoctrinated Westerners all share in common is a financial interest (jobs, salaries and high social status), a family to support and a fear that openly discussing the fascist coup d’etat that took place in the West would lead to unemployment, poverty and ostracism. However, when certain key words and phrases are avoided (for example by discussing “oligarchs” instead of “cabalists”) it is clear their world view is beginning to fall apart despite their deep personal need to cling to the “official” Western story. They are like loyal lifetime card bearing communists speaking in wavering voices of their loyalty to communism just before the fall of the Soviet Union.
The coming autumn chaos will force people like this to finally confront reality.
The newspaper editor, for example, was, after much discussion, willing to agree that 911 might have been an inside job but that he had trouble conceiving such a massive conspiracy as being possible. However, when he was given the detailed financial historical background (Green Hilton Memorial, the BIS, the lawsuits against the Federal Reserve Board, the fact the Patriot act is nearly identical to the Nazi constitution etc.), he expressed a willingness to start exposing this stuff in his newspaper. This writer has agreed to provide the paper with fact-checkable articles that will expose the cabal. If all goes well, systematic exposure of the financial fraud behind the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank etc. will begin being published by this paper starting in September. At that time, the paper will be named and links to the articles will be sent to readers. However, the editor of the paper may find that “pressure from above” may force him to back-pedal on his offer to help expose what is really happening.
The head of the medical research team, for his part, promised to discreetly check from a scientific standpoint, if it was really true that SARS and other recent diseases were man made bio weapons. However, he may find that too much diligent research will lead to a visit from alphabet agency heavies or from the people controlling his grants. We shall see. This award winning researcher and his team were one of many who had their funding cut off in recent years until they agreed to stop further research into life extension. Instead he is now being forced (by fear of losing financing) to do research into diseases that will require expensive drug therapy to “treat.” If his team can find alternative funding he says they will go back to life extension research.
The bankers were a harder case to deal with but they did admit that rampant greed and incompetence has thoroughly imperialized the entire banking system. They also expressed surprise that mass arrests of prominent bankers had not begun. Until that happens, they said they will continue to “follow the money.”
One thing that all these highly educated and intelligent “elitists” showed is that as soon as the ultimate source of money in the West changes, people with a strong financial interest in the status quo will change their stripes overnight. In other words, they will change their worldview or at least their public worldview to suit whoever controls their paychecks.
That is why the current ruling cabal is doing absolutely everything in their power to prevent the control of the creation and distribution of Euros and dollars to be taken away from them. They know that as soon as that happens, the entire house of cards they have built up will collapse. They will continue to fight, kicking and screaming, to preserve the status quo until the very last.
Nonetheless, as the saying goes, denial is not a river in Africa and the unavoidable fact remains that the historical rights to most of the world’s gold (the ultimate basis of the BIS and central banking in the West) do not belong to the cabalists who have been using them. Even if the Western central banks say they are no longer on a gold standard, they still do not have money because the Western countries as a whole have been borrowing from the rest of the world for the past 30 years. The line of credit that made this possible is now drying up and many Western countries have come to the realization they no longer make very much actual “stuff,” they can use to trade with the rest of the world.
In other words, the vast majority of the world’s money that is backed by physical reality (real estate, factories, commodities, manufactured goods) is no longer under their control and that their fraudulent derivative money is being shunned. The 150 nation BRICS alliance is holding almost all the cards now.
The best available intelligence at this point still indicates that this autumn will be a time of major change. The entire Western financial system may be held together with duct tape and rubber bands until the regime changes expected in China and the US in November. However, there is a big September financial deadline that may force changes sooner than then.
Next week this writer will be back in Asia and will be meeting with Chinese and North Korean officials and will report on these meetings. The Chinese have already said that new North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was “getting too big for his boots.”
There will also be detailed discussion on the nature and history of the Japanese secret society known as “yatagarasu” or the three legged crow based on information obtained during discussions with members of this group in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Financial control exerted by G5 Western Nazi-continuum comes under terminal stress

TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

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Picture: Gurning Nazi-continuum face with $, € and £ signs.

Financial control exerted by G5 Western Nazi-continuum comes under terminal stress. Major media, banking and political leaders prepare to flip-flop when √©lite corruption exposures are published.It is now only money which is keeping the Pandora's Suitcaseexposures suppressed. It is now only money which is keeping the private security armies of the geopolitical criminal √©lite in place. As soon as the West's money runs out, the whole corrupt bangshoot of Western governance, banking, markets and militarism will crumble into dust.

At that point, possibly early in the autumn of 2012, the professional classes in every influential walk of life will simply change financial loyalty from the five-nation G5 cartel in the West, to the 150-nation BRICS grouping in the East.

The G5 (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy) is multiply bankrupt; the BRICS alliance is in possession of vast precious metals and commodity-backed wealth.

The last hope for the G5 terrorist cartel is to use the Western corporate media to set the stage for a diversionary thermonuclear Third World War involving Syria, Iran and Israel. Russia, China and Turkey will prevent this.

Harry Reid: Bain Investor Told Me That Mitt Romney 'Didn't Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years'

Harry Reid: Bain Investor Told Me That Mitt Romney 'Didn't Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years'

Posted:  Updated: 07/31/2012 4:47 pm
Mitt Romney Harry Reid
Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, ratcheted up the speculation about Mitt Romney's unreleased tax returns.
WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has what he says is an informed explanation for why Mitt Romney refuses to release additional tax returns. According a Bain investor, Reid charged, Romney didn't pay any taxes for 10 years.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Huffington Post from his office on Capitol Hill, Reid saved some of his toughest words for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Romney couldn't make it through a Senate confirmation process as a mere Cabinet nominee, the majority leader insisted, owing to the opaqueness of his personal finances.

"His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son," Reid said, in reference to George Romney's standard-setting decision to turn over 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in the late 1960s.
Saying he had "no problem with somebody being really, really wealthy," Reid sat up in his chair a bit before stirring the pot further. A month or so ago, he said, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office. 

"Harry, he didn't pay any taxes for 10 years," Reid recounted the person as saying.

"He didn't pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that's true? Well, I'm not certain," said Reid. "But obviously he can't release those tax returns. How would it look?

"You guys have said his wealth is $250 million," Reid went on. "Not a chance in the world. It's a lot more than that. I mean, you do pretty well if you don't pay taxes for 10 years when you're making millions and millions of dollars."

The highest ranked Democrat in Congress, Reid is known more as a back room brawler than a public flamethrower. So his willingness to throw this private conversation into the media frenzy over Romney's taxes underscores the low opinion he has of the Republican candidate.
Tellingly, neither Reid nor his office would reveal who the investor was, making it impossible to verify if the accusation is true. And as his quote makes clear, he's uncertain if the information is accurate. The Romney campaign's press secretary, Andrea Saul, has previously denied rumors that Romney didn't pay "any taxes at all."
But there is limited political downside to the type of open speculation that Reid is making, so long as Romney refuses to budge on the issue of his tax returns. Increasingly, other Democrats are growing more assertive in their goading. In an appearance at the Center for American Progress on Tuesday, former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland argued that he could openly speculate as to whether Romney "is a tax avoider" or "cheat" because "his behavior invites such speculation."
Romney recently told ABC News that he couldn't recall if there were years when he paid below the 13.9 percent tax rate that he paid in 2010. Although he said he was "happy to go back and look," his campaign declined to do just that.
Asked for a response to Reid's latest comments, Romney campaign adviser Kevin Madden said his candidate had "gone above and beyond the disclosure requirements by releasing two years of personal tax returns in addition to the hundreds of pages of personal financial disclosure documents he has provided to the FEC and made public."
Madden added that it was "troubling and disappointing that Senator Reid would cite Governor Romney's father, George, as part of a personal attack against the governor. We have many substantive disagreements with the senator and his policies, but using insults about a father-son relationship is a step too far."
Reid has jabbed at Romney before. Indeed, during the HuffPost interview, he seemed to revel in the headlines and fallout his attacks have caused.
"It's interesting, my guy from Vegas wrote this. He's a snarky guy, [Las Vegas Sun political reporter] Jon Ralston. He's a center guy. I like Jon just fine, but he's cynical, and I guess that's what serves him well. So he criticizes me for saying that Romney couldn't be elected dogcatcher," Reid recalled.
"My wife said to me -- we don't talk politics very often -- she said, like, 'You shouldn't have said that.' So Stephanie Cutter [President Barack Obama's deputy campaign manager] comes down to talk about politics and outsourcing at my caucus. She said, 'I'm so grateful for Senator Reid, the best remark during the last week, was saying that he couldn't qualify to be dogcatcher.' I could hardly wait to get home to tell my wife."
Reid's assessment about the state of the political landscape didn't end at the borders of the presidential campaign. He spoke optimistically about the prospects of maintaining his role as Senate majority leader, offering up private polling data that he said showed four Democratic senatorial candidates ahead -- Rep. Mazie Hirono up 19 points in Hawaii, Sen. Jon Tester ahead by 5 points in Montana, Rep. Tammy Baldwin up 3 points in Wisconsin, and Elizabeth Warren leading by 4 points in Massachusetts.
"We feel comfortable in the Senate," he said. "Where the problem is, is this: Because of the Citizens United decision, Karl Rove and the Republicans are looking forward to a breakfast the day after the election. They are going to assemble 17 angry old white men for breakfast, some of them will slobber in their food, some will have scrambled eggs, some will have oatmeal, their teeth are gone. But these 17 angry old white men will say, 'Hey, we just bought America. Wasn't so bad. We still have a whole lot of money left.'"
"So that's the only problem we have with our candidates," Reid concluded, suggesting that virtually everything, his leadership position included, could be swept away by outside cash.