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Job Description for Teachers


After being interviewed by the school administration, the prospective teacher said:  "Let me see if I've got this right.

You want me to go into that room with all those kids, correct their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse, monitor their dress habits, censor their T-shirt messages and instill in them a love for learning.

You want me to check their backpacks for weapons, wage war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and raise their sense of self-esteem and personal pride.

You want me to teach them patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play, and how to register to vote, balance a check book, and apply for a job.

You want me to check their heads for lice, recognize signs of antisocial behavior, and ensure that they all pass their final exams.

You also want me to provide them with an equal education regardless of their handicap, and communicate regularly with their parents in English, Arabic or any other language, by letter, telephone, newsletter and report card.

You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, a bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a starting salary that qualifies me for "New Start."

You want me to do all this, and then you tell me......

I CAN'T wear a necklace with a little cross, mention God, or say "Merry Christmas" because someone might take offense? "

Well, you know what you can do with your job........

This should be posted in every school in America and all countries.

Think about it!

Conference Calls



Tuesday - Marshal Call

 6 PM MST - 712-775-7035 - 68076#
callback# 712.775.7039

515-604-9986 680076#
Tuesday - California Call
7:30 PM MST - 641.715.0700 - 731137# 


Florida "We the people in Assembly"

712-770-4160 Access Code 175794#

7:00 PM EST

We the People Grand Jury: Colorado Call

Call # 712.775.7035

Access Code 782102#

Callback# 712.775.7039

7:15 PM  ~  MST


Thursday - Texian Jural Society 

7 PM MST - 712.432.0900 - 103326#  
Thursday Michigan National Assembly Conference Call
9 PM EST 7 PM MST - 712.770.3140 - 226823#

Friday National Call
7 PM MST -  712-770-4160 - access code 665599#  
Phone call in number corrected 28 July 2017
Callback number: 712.770.4169

Sunday - Veterans Call

New Veterans Call Phone number:

7 PM MST 641-715-0862 Access Code: 811837#
7 PM MST - 712-770-4160 - 203774#



Friends of NESARA Blogspot:  Considering recent reports and warnings concerning the ANTIFA demonstrations scheduled beginning Saturday  November 4th and possibly other outbreaks elsewhere across the nation,  we felt it important to post this information FYI.  Consider the source but still think about the possibilities.  Be prepared.

Many US hospitals do *MKUltra experiments, tune ups. If they're experimenting on "animals" it probably means they're creating hybris and monstrosities.  Sounds like your hospital links into the underground tunnels which connect underground cities and bases.

*(MKUltra program is used primarily on humans - all ages and both sexes - who are 'programmed' to perform various functions, often triggered by a sound or words or event. Much of the 'programming' is, to say the least, an atrocity to be using against any human.  The programming lasts for a certain period of time then begins to 'wear off' at which time the former programmed individual has to receive reprogramming or 'tuneups.' Many 'professionals' are trained in this hideous programming such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, police, military and others, primarily 'government', black ops, shadoe gov, military, etc. Research MKUltra on the web. Be advised that the program has NOT been discontinued but has been improved and is in operation today worldwide. Much of the verbiage inferring the program has been 'discontinued'are pure lies and disinfo to calm down a more aware and concerned public.)

Friend: We have had some strange things we have been doing here the last week with Joint Commission. We are _____ hospital in ____ (some where in the Midwest). We have a lot of BLSII and BLSIII stuff here and have gone on lock down 3 times in the last week... 

What's going on? We are using a lot of our emergency systems like Communication to communicate with other Hospitals and Police Depts and Fire Depts as well our emergency room has had to use their MCD  Mass Cauality Disaster system which we have never done before.

Joint Commission is the controlling system that controls all Hospitals and Medical Colleges...In the lock downs we are going to full code Yellow which is Mass Casualty Disaster status.

Things have really been crazy with this stuff the last week. Then I see about Operation Gothic Shield is next week...Makes me go HMMMMMM

Something else that happened that's not normal...We only test our back up power once a month and only switch a unit or 2 over.... We have tested it 5 times over the last 2 weeks with last week going to full Code Orange where we move the entire hospital over to back up power and go completely off the grid. And they are giving NO reasons for all of this."

Then he messaged me again last month..........

Sept 8th 2017

Friend: Hey lady... Something strange is going on again here. We've had two 'mass casualties' exercises and an 'active shooter' drill this week... We had a full switch over to generator power last night -  went completely off the grid - included communications using joint commission satcom. 

But probably one of the strangest things that I have seen in my 3 yrs as a supervisor here happened Wednesday of this week. We are part of the FOP Fraternal Order of Police and are under that contract. 

On Wednesday they added MC-33.3 in which - in a mass casualty or natural disaster - we can be sworn in as peace officers by the chief of ______ police at any given time for the needs of the safety of the ______ Medical College. That's unprecedented language and
almost CRAZY!

Me: What happens if you get sworn in as peace officers? What does that mean exactly?

Friend: Means we are now officers of the state of _____ and will also become armed.  It would more than double the number of armed officers we currently have."

And then he messaged me again last Wed:

Oct 25th, 2017

Friend: Things are getting trippy at my work again.

Me: What's going on? Sorry meant to share your last story but got really side tracked.

Friend: We are doing things we have never done before - testing communications with short wave radios. Added 3 more vehicles and 4 more guards to our staff.

We have had several active shooter drill and lock down drills over the last 2 weeks.

They made one of our rooms in our dispatch and HQ a secure room with a double locking system that only the Director of Security and University Chief of Police can open. No one including managers or shift supervisors know what's in there. Not even the lieutenants on the University police know but the University Police just got all new radios, tasers and side arms...

Suspicious minds think it's all the old equipment but don't know for sure or why it would be on our campus?

All of our DLAR labs have gone on lock down and are back under badge only access.

DLAR is where we hold all of our radioactive stuff and where all of our bacteria is - like Eboli, measles, mumps, anthrax and so on... It's where we do all of our testing on lab animals.

All of our ER nursing staff just had to go thru skills training for mass casuality effectiveness. I also found out we have underground cold storage to hold up to 350 casualties in our health and science building... That building has limited access.

That building is very strange...the ground level is actually floor *6 and as you go down underground 6 floors down you get to the first floor.... The last four floors are key and badge access only. *(Typical FEMA type.)

Does it fit with anything you know of that might be coming?  ...because it's almost like we are preparing for something.

Me: Yeah...it sounds like there's some wicked stuff that goes on in your hospital. Many hospitals do MKUltra experiments, tune ups.  If they're experimenting on "animals," it probably means they're creating hybrids and monstrosities. 

Sounds like your hospital links into the underground tunnels which connect underground...Theres a high speed rail that is like technology we have never seen which goes across the country through these under- ground bases. There are underground cities all over. Hospitals...especially in big cities are linked up to these.

Friend: This tunnel system you are talking about has me intrigued..all of our buildings connect via tunnels and sometimes when you're in them you feel this shaking like a bus is going over and making the tunnel shake but there are no buses on our campus. It's really strange.

Me: Yeah.  That's the underground rail system they have that you're probably feeling. It's kind of like light rail but faster. They move all sorts of stuff that way beneath the country. All super Wal-Mart's and Home Depots have underground hubs ... connected to the tunnel system...and many hospitals..and colleges.

Friend: We are both a hospital and a college. We are a life sciences facility.

(I sent him this link http://www.arrl.org
which is about the nation wide test the DOD is doing which reads like this):

"Communications Interoperability Training with Amateur Radio Community Set


Elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will conduct a communications inter-operability training exercise
November 4-6, once again simulating a very bad day scenario. Amateur Radio and MAR organizations will take part.

This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone,  cell phone, satellite, and Internet connectivity, Army MARS Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY, explained in an announcement.

During the exercise, a designated DOD Headquarters entity will request county-by-county status reports for the 3,143 US counties and county equivalents in order to gain situational awareness and to determine the extent of impact of the scenario. 

Army and Air Force MARS organizations will work in conjunction with the Amateur Radio community, primarily on the 60-meter inter-operability channels as well as on HF NVIS frequencies and local VHF and UHF, non-internet  linked Amateur Radio repeaters.

Again this year, a military station on the east coast and the Fort Huachuca, Arizona, HF station will conduct a high-power broadcast on 60-meter channel 1 (5330.5 kHz)
on Saturday from 0300 to 0315 UTC. 

New this year will be an informational broadcast on Sunday, on 13,483.5 kHz USB from 1600 to 1615 UTC. Amateur Radio operators should monitor these broadcasts for more information about the exercise and how they can participate in this communications exercise, English said.

We want to continue building on the outstanding cooperative working relationship with the ARRL and the Amateur Radio community, English said.

We want to expand the use of the 60-meter interop channels between the military and amateur community for emergency communications, and we hope the Amateur Radio community will give us some good feedback on the use of both the 5-MHz interop and the new 13-MHz broadcast channels as a means  of information dissemination during a very bad day scenario."

After my friend read it, he said "Wow... that fits right in with what we have been preparing for."



Could THIS be the WHY America's currency holders have been misled over and over by 'gurus' and currency websites about when the exchanges will begin? Always to happen 'tonight', or by Thursday, or Tues thru Thursday next week, or by mid November, yada yada yada. If the 'gov is so diligently planning and/or expecting 'something' to happen in our nation SOON and NOT informing the population about it, then what better way to get the population looking in the wrong direction away from 'gov' plans and preparations than to continue to mislead the currency holders to continue to look for the '800' numbers and checking to be sure the car they want to buy is still available on the car lot???  Think about it.  Have we been being bamboozled all these days, weeks, months and years? Only to hear again today that the RV is being postponed until sometime in 2018 since something has to be done in 3 hours and it isn't possible to achieve that time frame. This is besides being told continually that the 'cabal' is no longer; it is out of business; and all those lies. People, wake up.  WHO are you listening to?  WHAT are you believing?  AND WHY?

How Did D-Y-I-N-G Folks Make it This Far in V.e.G.a-$ ?!?

This leaves a lot of unanswered questions. The Cabal needs rampant fear in the population in order to keep their control power over the people.

North Korea nuclear tunnel COLLAPSES


North Korea nuclear tunnel COLLAPSES ‘killing at least 200 people’ amid fears of a massive radioactive leak

The collapse happened at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the country's north-east on October 10, according to reports

Tom Michael
October 31 2017 

A TUNNEL at an underground North Korea nuclear site has collapsed with up to 200 people killed, according to reports. The collapse happened at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the north-east of the country on October 10, according to Japan’s TV Asahi.

The Punggye-ri test site in North Korea is carved deep into Mount Mantap, as these file images show

The disaster has prompted fears of a massive radioactive leak which could spark a Chernobyl- or Fukushima-style disaster.

A North Korean official said the collapse happened during the construction of an underground tunnel, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reports.

Some 100 people are said to have been trapped by the initial tunnel collapse, with a further 100 lost in a second collapse during a rescue operation, Asahi reported Tuesday.

Lee Eugene, a spokeswoman at South Korea's unification ministry, said: "We are aware of the report but do not know anything about it."

The accident is believed to have been caused by Kim Joing-un’s sixth nuclear test which weakened the mountain, according to the report.

 The mountain where the test site is hidden is seen before the last nuclear test

 Satellite images show Mount Mantap pock-marked with craters from landslides after the last nuclear test

 A close-up of a subsidence crater show scarring from landslides after the tests

Another image shows where the nuclear tests are believed to have taken place

 NATO Demands World Implement Sanctions
Against North Korea

   UN Sanctions Key Exports of No Korea

It was reported earlier this year that the mountain under which the base is believed to be hidden was at risk of collapsing and leaking radiation into the region.
Experts said if the peak crumbles, clouds of radioactive dust and gas would blanket the region, the South China Morning Post reported.

The Punggye-ri test site is carved deep into the side of Mount Mantap.

Geophysicist Wen Lianxing and his team at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui province, said they were “confident” underground detonations were occurring underneath the mountain.

A satellite image taken on April 12, 2017 of a North Korean Punggye-ri test site

 North Korea state media celebrates its missile capability

 Satellite images show the area around North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test site

Punggye-ri is seen in commercial satellite imagery taken April 12, 2017

They posted an analysis of data collected from more than 100 seismic monitoring sites across China.

This has narrowed down the location of Pyongyang’s nuclear tests with a margin of error of just 100m. They’ve all been under the same mountain.

Seismic data showed the underground test triggered an earthquake of magnitude 6.3, around ten times more powerful than the fifth test a year ago.

Pyongyang released pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with what state media said was a new type of hydrogen bomb

North Korea
Nuclear War May Break out at any Moment

Satellite images showed the blast caused numerous landslides around the Punggye-ri test site, according to the Washington-based 38 North monitoring project.
But Chinese nuclear weapons researcher and chair of the China Nuclear Society Wang Naiyan told the Morning Post a collapse could spark a major environmental disaster.

He said: “We call it ‘taking the roof off’. If the mountain collapses and the hole is exposed, it will let out many bad things.

“A 100 kiloton bomb is a relatively large bomb. The North Korean government should stop the tests as they pose a huge threat not only to North Korea but to other countries, especially China.”

 North Korea's Kim Jong ​Un ​​hosts celebration 
for his nuclear scientists​

Satellite photos taken just a day after the blast reveal new gravel and scree fields shaken loose by the blasts at an elevation of about 2205m.

Analysts said these appeared more numerous and widespread than those caused by previous detonations — which would be in keeping with the increased size of the bomb.

Wang said there are limited mountains in North Korea that are “suitable” to conduct a nuclear test.

He said if the North had simply drilled into the side of the mountain, this increased the risk of “blowing the top off”.

News of the tunnel collapse comes after it emerged Russia and the US have both flown nuclear bombers near the country as tensions grow over Kim’s nuke threats.

Why did North Korea test its H-bomb underground?
Nuclear devices are often tested underground to prevent radioactive material released in the explosion reaching the surface and contaminating the environment.

This method also ensures a degree of secrecy.

The release of radiation from an underground nuclear explosion – an effect known as "venting" – would give away clues to the technical composition and size of a country's device.

How exactly does the underground test work?

A test site is carefully geologically surveyed to ensure suitability - usually in a place well away from population centres.

The nuclear device is placed into a drilled hole or tunnel usually between 200-800m (650-2,600ft) below the surface, and several metres wide.

A lead-lined canister containing monitoring equipment is lowered into the shaft above the chamber.

The hole is then plugged with gravel, sand, gypsum and other fine materials to contain the explosion and fallout underground.


LaVoy Finicum's Daughter: “One Cannot Give That Which They Do Not Have"

My father was the cowboy in Eastern Oregon who was shot three times in the back by government agents while his hands were up in surrender on January of 2016. He was on his way, with others, to a meeting with a county sheriff.  As a man of high integrity, he was seriously concerned about the abuse and irresponsible actions of government prior to this tragedy.

In his concern, he took on the heavy responsibility of media spokesman at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the State of Oregon.

This task fell upon him due to his keen ability to calmly and competently communicate in stressful situations.

I deeply respect my father for his moral courage to stand firm against tyranny and for the proper role of our constitutional republican form of government.
Several others in the convoy were arrested and put on trial.

The court first tried those whom they considered were the “leaders” of, what the prosecution called, “a conspiracy to impede federal officers from discharging their duties and other federal weapons charges.”

I must emphasize the importance of the Oregon Federal District Court’s outcome.

The jury found ALL the defendants in the first trial NOT GUILTY of all charges.
As the media spokesman, my father’s right to life, due process, and a fair trial would not have been taken from him, had he been tried in the first group of “leaders”. He would have been acquitted by the jury, and would have returned home to his family a free man—a living free man.

But killing this innocent man was not enough.
The media and the “powers that be” maliciously showcased his death with edited footage strategically intended to deceive and sway public sentiment.

This continued for as long as the story served their purpose.

Fools mocked. Countless uninformed people passed judgment. The media spewed deceptive rhetoric based on lies and laced with slander.

Their goal to destroy the lives of innocent Americans was accomplished. Out-of-control employees of government, who were acting on false political rhetoric from appointed and elected state and federal governors, abused their authority, arbitrarily satisfying their personal agenda of greed and pride.

It shames our country that a peaceful American’s right to life, liberty, and property was vindictively taken as a result.

My dad’s inalienable right to life, to peacefully assemble, and to petition his government for a redress of grievances was also robbed from him.

His own government was used to kill him for merely doing the very thing government was created to be used for – secure the natural rights of its citizens.
After my father’s murder, my mind was filled with questions.

How, in America, could a God-fearing, peaceful, family man with no criminal record (or even a parking ticket) be shot in the back by authorities while his hands were in the air in surrender?

I had been rudely awakened to the horrific state of our nation, to say the least.
If this could happen to my father, it could happen to any of us.

After a few months of traveling the nation with my mother, telling the true story of LaVoy Finicum, I became angry at the world. I lost an unhealthy 30 pounds and my hair was literally falling out. I was sick of and disgusted with people profiting from our trauma so they could increase their subscribers, listeners, and ‘Likes’. I grew wary and suspicious.

I wanted to share with others and teach them the lessons learned, but it was not working out.

I felt like my efforts were having little effect.

It was me against the whole evil world.

Through it all, the good Lord kept gently reminding me of the truth, “One cannot give that which they do not have.”

I wanted and needed to learn. I yearned for real, meaningful relationships of trust. I needed mentors.

While I could confidently testify of Jesus Christ to all those following our story across the nation, I could not confidently provide wise counsel to those seeking answers concerning effective interaction with my government.

In response to my personal, prayerful pleadings, my journey with the Center for Self Governance began the summer of 2016, just a few months after my father’s murder.

At my lowest point, I enrolled in a Level 1 class. I really enjoyed the content of the class and was excited to progress and learn.

While in times past I had found satisfaction in my life’s ecclesiastical studies, I quickly found myself humbled by the CSG training, because of my ignorance regarding civics and government.

I quickly pleaded for forgiveness and began adding knowledge to my virtue.
I have since gained an undeniable understanding that in my mind, the church of God promotes spiritual liberty and the kingdom of God promotes civil liberty.

I discovered that the kingdom of God and “the laws of nature and nature’s God” are one in the same. Applied to our form of government, the result is freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Quite honestly, at the end of the Level 1 class, I was stuck on what my issue should be when instructed to write the position paper for the training exercise.

Ideas such as property rights and agent intimidation crossed my mind, but I was frustrated that these subjects did not ring true.

Because of my ignorance of our system of government, I could not connect the principles to the system.

I had no idea how to go about addressing my issue on paper. I wrestled with this for weeks.

During another level 1 class I hosted, the instructor made the point that the position paper training exercise is to impress upon the mind of the student how they lack understanding of their system of government.

This made complete sense and I determined that the focus of my issue paper should be about my lack of understanding.

So, what is my issue? It is I.

Again, “I cannot give that which I do not have.”

I intend to continue to study and understand constitutional republican principles that produce the fruit of freedom and liberty.

I also intend to learn my current state and federal systems of government so that I might use the political power, coupled with other citizens, to maintain and restore our constitutional republican systems.

Since I still deeply fear being deceived, I will call upon God and my trusted mentors to assist me in my journey as I study and practice seeking to be a “Keeper of the Republic.”

I am now fully aware and understand my duty to myself, my children and my God, to stand for truth and what is right in all things and in all places, both temporal and spiritual.

Thara Lynn Tenney, Daughter of LaVoy Finicum
The Language of Liberty series is a collaborative effort of the Center for Self Governance (CSG) Administrative Team. CSG is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization, dedicated to training citizens in applied civics. The authors include administrative staff, selected students, and guest columnists. The views expressed by the authors are their own and may not reflect the views of CSG. Contact them at CenterForSelfGovernance.com.


Monday, October 30, 2017

America: You are NOT going to believe this! TIME TO MAKE TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

CAUTION:  IF the following IS true, this is extremely disappointing for every American. President Donald Trump would need to be held responsible and accountable to the fullest extent of the law along with the rest of the criminals.  Use maximum discernment on the following. 



Is President Trump colluding with the ENEMY in the swamp in Wash DC ??  Has Trump turned TRAITOR against all Americans?

Look, I feel bad for /pol/. You guys have been thrown off so much by intentionally misleading breadcrumbs that no one has any idea what’s been happening for the past 10 months. So I’m gonna throw you guys a bone. Forget the dossier. The real story is Uranium One.

1. We’ve known that Holder was covering up Russian bribes for Uranium One for a long time now. Hell, even Clinton Cash tells everyone about the bribes that were taking place. The reason Mueller left the FBI was because he was fed up with the corruption of Holder/ Clinton/Obama. Holder kept telling Mueller to kill investigations and bury evidence. I don’t know what you think about Mueller, but I can tell you, he’s an honorable man. The corruption of Holder/Obama/Clinton was eating him up alive. He resigned in 2013 when he just couldn’t keep doing this. Then they got Comey who was coerced in to continuing the coverup. 

2. Manafort, Comey, Rosenstein, Podesta, Clintons, Holders, and Lynch are all on one team. We affectionately call them “The Clinton Cabal”. To take this cabal down, we needed someone who was close to career FBI agents because they were holding all the evidence. When the DNC and Clinton campaign spun the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy back in Dec., we couldn’t believe it. They gave us the perfect way to expose them. We would use the Russian investigation to expose the bribery/extortion racket that took place back in 2009 and continued through 2015.

3. We got Mueller to sign on to investigate the connection. We needed him because he had been at the FBI for almost as long as Hoover and knew all the agents that were sitting on the Russian/Clinton connection. More importantly, hehates Holder/Obama/Clinton. The plan was, to get the special investigative council headed by Mueller and have the FBI agents handover all the evidence. Unfortunately, we didn’t count on Comey being such an obstacle. In the short time he was the Director of the FBI, he had made many allies who were proving to be loyal to him. He had to go. We knew it would be messy, but we had Pres Trump fire him. It caused a lot of headache for us, but in the end, it was worth it. Mueller’s been gathering evidence from his former agents for months now. Along with the raid to Manafort and Podesta, we now have enough evidence to connect all the dots. Mueller also convinced the FBI informant to speak up. Getting the gag order removed was trivial.

4. We gave The Hill a heads up. We knew the switch in the narrative from Trump/Russia to Clinton/Russia would take a little time. We had them drop the Uranium One article exactly one week before we would make the first arrests. Couple of days later, we dropped the dossier info. We needed to hammer the train The first arrests will be Manafort and Tony Podesta. These guys are not the real target, they are just soldiers. The real targets are Hillary, Holder, Rosenstein, and John Podesta. We would love to expose Obama as well but Pres Trump is adamant about protecting former Presidents. Even if they are corrupt pieces of shit, he believes in the dignity of the office. He feels that ruining the legacy of a President will do nothing but hurt our country. This is why both Bush’s, Bill Clinton, Obama, and even LBJ will be spared. The rest of the JFK files released will not include the essential information implicating LBJ and Bush Sr.

Missouri's College of the Ozarks - a SPECIAL college!

Whoa: College Creates Mandatory Patriotism Class for Freshmen


Oct 27 2017

On your average college campus these days, students are busy learning that America was forged in a cauldron of racist genocide, was built on the back of slavery, and continues to this day to be a beacon of evil at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the students go even further when left to their own devices, protesting madly against anyone who might come to campus with a different point of view – even if that point of view is decidedly liberal!  

You’ve got NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, Democrats calling on historical monuments to be torn down, and half the country calling for the illegal removal of the rightfully-elected President of the United States.
In an environment like that, it’s refreshing to see at least one institution of higher learning take a stand.

That’s what the College of the Ozarks is doing. The
Missouri-based Christian college has introduced a new military science class called Patriotic Education and Fitness, and they are making it a required course for all incoming freshmen. Students will be taught the basics of military customs and traditions, learn about U.S. politics, and even get a crash course in rifle marksmanship, all in an effort to invoke in them a spirit of patriotism and respect for the U.S. armed forces.

From Bloomberg:
“I really think that if you give a person the tools of an education, the patriotic yearnings inside of themselves and the leadership tools that can be taught — they will be leaders,” said Terrence Dake, a board of trustees member for the college and retired general with the U.S. Marine Corps.

(THANK YOU General Dake!)

College President Jerry Davis said he believes “understanding the military now is more important than ever because we have 99 percent of the population being defended by 1 percent, who are in uniform. We should be more intentional about patriotic education, and from our point of view that needs to occur from kindergarten all the way through college.”

The required class builds camaraderie among students, according to Talan Saylor, a freshman at the college.  “We all go through kind of the same thing, so going through a patriotic class where we are learning about our country and fostering a love for that country together is really special,” he said.

We’re sure liberals will see this as a ghastly bit of “indoctrination,” but we find it unbelievably courageous and wise. At least we know there will be at least one crop of leaders graduating college who have been taught to respect the inter-generational gift they’ve been given. Perhaps they’ll be more inclined than most to pass it on, undamaged, to their children.



Neil Keenan Update Oct 30 2017

We Can Still Smile – Can They?
+ Nov. ‘Healing Computer’
Treatment Bookings In The U.S.