Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Balls Soaring In The Sky: UFO or NOT?

Flaming Balls Soaring In The Sky: UFO or NOT?

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October 23, 2017

The question as to why aren’t humans blatantly viewing UFOs in all places in the skies across the globe? It would seem like the proper question.  However, it is not. 

The appropriate question is: why is the government not enabling official disclosure to the UFO sensation? Why is this the right question?

Mainly because of countless, probably countless numbers of aliens and extraterrestrials are blatantly staying noticed almost everywhere in our skies throughout the earth.

However, the government does not accept it, and moreover, it suppresses these kinds of studies. They accuse individuals of not being aware of what they are observing, misconstruing what they witness, and that they are most likely intoxicated, drug-induced, mentally unwell, sneaky hoaxers, or only lying.

Any cause or excuse is fantastic enough for governing administration perform if it helps to quell the complete alien trend.

Recently, strange objects fears after the mysterious”flaming balls” were seen soaring through the night sky.

Over the weekend, three white lights appeared, but it was believed that they are likely to be a group of military personnel and not the aliens. The appearance of such strange lights spotted caused a stir over the weekend.

These three white lights were darting and moving at around the same speed and are changing different kinds of direction, persuading people to think they saw an extraterrestrial object.

Despite the different stories, it would seem that the lights were a part of the pre-game show at the Rice-Eccles Stadium.

A University of Utah Spokesperson told the Fox 13 that the parachute team of US Navy dropped into the stadium about the same time.

However, according to a NASA ambassador, the lights looked like a satellite which has broken up in orbit.

The official parachute demonstration team is called the Leap Frogs. They are a part of the US Navy and has been performing from April to December. They are composed of 15, which is made up of US Navy Seals. These people have been working as a team for three years.



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