Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz honors young fan

Carson Wentz honors young fan who was buried in his jersey

This is the story of a REAL man, a football player who loves his God, loves his county and, most importantly, love his fans.

Carson Wentz has been playing at an MVP level this season, leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a 5-1 start. He’s been valuable in the team’s locker room, as well, inspiring players to be baptized before games as the outspoken Christian quarterback has helped transform the team with the Gospel.  But a recent article by ESPN describes the emotional impact Wentz had on Lukas Kusters, a young boy who had been diagnosed with stomach cancer.
Lukas was a football player himself, earning him the nickname of “The Dutch Destroyer” for his ferocity on the field.  “He was born just like a brick house,” his mother, Rebecca Burmeff, said. “I don’t even know where these muscles came on this kid.”

The only thing Lukas loved more than playing football was watching his beloved Eagles.

A radiation technician who treated Lukas during his time in the hospital reached out to the Eagles to tell them about Lukas. Wentz and his teammates responded by sending gear and a video message to the boy from Wentz.  “We are personally praying for you,” Wentz said in the video.  “When he saw what it was [Wentz], and when he saw it was for him — he just got this smile, just the most beautiful smile on his face, just ear to ear,” said Rebecca.

The cancer would eventually spread, and doctors told Rebecca that her son would likely not survive. 

When Make-A-Wish asked Lukas if there was one thing he wanted to do, he immediately said, “I want to thank Carson.” 

Wentz said they wanted to treat Lukas’ visit as “an opportunity for Lukas to take out all the other stuff in his life, the sick, the pain, the exhaustion. Everything that he was physically going through.”  Lukas accomplished his mission during the visit by giving Wentz a hug and a bracelet with his nickname, “The Dutch Destroyer.” The wristband is now something that Wentz says he “never takes off.”

Lukas would pass away just a few weeks later, succumbing to his battle with cancer. The young Eagles fan was buried in Wentz’s jersey.

Months after the boy’s death, talking about Lukas still moves Wentz to tears. “To think that he’s buried wearing my jersey … It’s so much deeper than football is what it comes down to,” said Wentz, fighting through tears. “It’s so much more than just a game.”

Wentz still wears his “Dutch Destroyer” wristband on his left wrist.

Versions of the bracelet are for sale.  You can purchase a similar bracelet  for $5 at Proceeds  from the sale will be donated to various nonprofit  organizations that help families facing childhood cancer.

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