Friday, October 27, 2017

Civilian Property Emblem - In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

From Anna Von Reitz

Instruction to Safely Identify Your Home and Property in the Case of Martial Law Intensifying.
Take a rigid piece of material-- wood, metal, foam core, etc. and make a sign --- a rectangle 5 inches tall by ten inches wide.
Draw a diagonal line from the top right to the left bottom corner so that there now appear to be two triangles inscribed, one above the other.
Color the top triangle black and the bottom triangle white.
Firmly attach this emblem to your house, your gates, and display in the front and rear windows of your car, boat, etc., to warn the military that you are a civilian "vessel" and that they will be trespassing on civilian property if they enter in upon your land, auto, home, etc. and will be acting against international law.
Field Manual 27-10/1956
Section 4, 45 and 46


Freewill said...

Makes perfect sense to me... I knew about the courts being military run and that a Brigadier General could go in and remove judges. Knowing about the British occupying army occupying America under Article 55 at the Hague treaty and DC being a foreign country, it all fist together.

Anonymous said...

People , and Anna You need to read this for the truth .

Freewill said...

Our Michigan Assembly has over 50 people doing research and several are retired high rank military. We know more about that flag than you ever will. I have personally read that page you are linking to.

Now what you do not realize is it doesn't matter what it may have stood for in the past. Do you know the 10th Amendment? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we simply choose that flag? Or maybe this flag is just like the original 13th Amendment. You will not find that in any official corporate UNITED STATES archive! Also explain why JFK was buried with that flag!

Freewill said...

And take a look at this postcard: