Friday, October 20, 2017

Tom Jones Admits Being Abused

Legendary Singer Tom Jones Admits Being Abused, Says Sexual Harassment Common In Music Industry, Too

The singer says he was propositioned by a man in the music industry early on in his career in the 1960s.  

Sir Tom had been asked about the abuse alleged to have taken place in Hollywood. 

This clip is originally from Afternoon Edition on Thursday 19 October 2017.
Sir Tom Jones 'I felt terrible' after encounter
BBC News

Published on Oct 19, 2017
Sir Tom Jones has said the abuse and harassment alleged to have taken place in Hollywood is also widespread in the music industry.
The singer was discussing the allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein in an interview with the BBC.
"Things have always happened in the music industry as well," he said.
"There's been people complaining about publicists and different things they've been expected to do to get a record contract, just like a film contract."
Asked on BBC Radio 5 live's Afternoon Edition whether it was something he'd experienced, Sir Tom replied: "Yes. At the beginning, yes.

Unexpectedly, Jones acknowledged that he’d faced this problem when he started out
“Yes. At the beginning, yes...

There were a few things like that, but you avoid it. You just walk out...

But what's tried on women is tried on men as well. But then again, it's not much though. It was just once, really."
Jones said that it left him feeling terrible...
“You think 'I’ve got to get away from this person and it can’t be like this'... There’s always been that element there that people with power some times abuse it.”
The question is whether other members of the music industry follow Jones lead but name names.

Jones added:
"Things happen in show business, and some times things are covered up and then they come to light and other people come forward.  It's like taking the cork off of a bottle.

Things come out that maybe should've come out years ago.  Who knows?  But that's the way it is with show business.  You are in the public eye, and that's it. You have to take the good with the bad, but justice will out. If you've done something wrong, you've got to pay for it, or prove that you haven't done anything wrong."
The fact that it’s also been going on in the music industry for many years – Jones began his career in 1963 – is probably not going to surprise anybody.

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With JFK pages being released, and the Hollywood sex scandals.... the misuse and abuses of Marilyn Monroe is connected to both: