Monday, October 23, 2017

Putin Can’t Contain His Laughter

Minister  Says  Russia  Should  Export  Pork  to  Muslim  Majority  Country,  Putin Can’t                                                      Contain  His  Laughter

Russian President Vladimir Putin couldn’t contain his laughter after his agricultural minister proposed exporting pork meat to Indonesia.

During a meeting last Friday, Alexander Tkachov spoke about ways to increase Russia’s overseas trade, as reported by The U.K. Telegraph.

After explaining that Germany exports large shipments of pork throughout Asia, Tkachov attempted to make the case that Russia could increase its agricultural development by following Germany’s lead and increase pork exports to Asia.

They (Germany) send half their pork to export,” Tkachov said.

“Look at Germany’s numbers: five-and-a-half million tonnes of pork produced a year, of that almost three million is exported to all countries, to China, to Indonesia, to Japan, Korea, and so on,” he added.

Putin can be seen chuckling while Tkachov is making the case for increasing Russia’s pork exports. 

Then, Putin proceeded to explain why Indonesia shouldn’t be on the list.

“Indonesia is a Muslim country. They do not eat pork there,” Putin said, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Tkachov reportedly clarified his statement after the exchange with Putin, saying he meant to say South Korea rather than Indonesia.

The Quran largely forbids Muslims from eating pork because it’s considered an unclean food.

“Pork is not dirty but rather regarded as impure, unhealthy and harmful for humans due to the fats, toxins and bacteria it contains and the way the pig spends its life rolling around in mud and its own excrement,” The National‘s Ali Al Saloom noted.

Saloom explained that pork was largely rejected by the Muslim culture like some Hindis reject cow meat for religious purposes.


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Refined humor. Had a good chuckle. Thanks.

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