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Dinar Investment --- From Your LOVING LORD

Found posted in the Dinar Intel Room

This post is for all my brothers and sisters in the Lord and also in the dinar. I think that this investment is truly one of a kind. It is by God’s GRACE (un-earned, un-deserved, un-merited, free favour from God) that this opportunity has come to me and my family. This wealth that will soon be made manifested is going to fulfill scripture for the believers in Christ to fund the end time harvest. Did you know that the number two definition to the word ‘recession’ means a return of ownership to a former possessor? Doesn’t our Lord own the cattle on a thousand hills? Everything in the universe belongs to Him.
No one can come against what has been written. Since the beginning of time God always has used dark times or financial crisis (famine) to lift up his people. Remember the story of Joseph when God took care of his people in seven years of famine. God took Joseph from the pit to the palace! His people had more than enough provisions with food to spare.
I think that it’s so amazing that so many believers have opened their ears and their eyes to this investment. One interesting thing that I wanted to share with everyone is in Revelations it talks about the end time currency referring to it being dinar. This reference is in John’s vision when he sees a pair of scales and hears a voice saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius” Rev 6:6 This scripture references the coming famine. Also looking into Revelations some more it talks about Babylon which is Iraq’s original name. Read Revelations chapter 18. I won’t go into great detail about what will happen to Iraq in the future, but I would like to highlight that it calls Iraq “Babylon the great!” Rev. 18:2 and it also states in Rev. 18:3, “…and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality.” That scripture references you and me and the rest of the world. Rev 18:9 says, “...the great city, Babylon, the strong city!” Also in chapter 12 list all the wealth that is found in Iraq which is “cargoes of gold and silver and precious stones and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet, and every kind of citron wood and every article of ivory and every article made from very costly wood and bronze and iron and marble, and cinnamon and spice and incense and perfume and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and sheep, and cargoes of horses and chariots and slaves and human lives.” It’s no wonder all the Kings of the earth want to do business with her. Did you know that the Garden of Eden is to be located somewhere in Iraq? I can only imagine it being a prime location if that is where God placed Adam and Eve.
Did you know that the Tower of Babel mention in Genesis 11 was in Babylon (Iraq)? That storey is when the people tried to use all their human effort to build a great tower to reach the heavens. Because their motives represented works or otherwise known as human effort, God scrambled their language so no one could understand each other. That is why it got its name Babylon in reference to babel. If you look up the word Babel it means a scene of noise and confusion. If you take a look at the past people of Iraq they have had a hard time getting out of confusion. Because of corruption and poor leadership the people have been oppressed for hundreds of years or maybe thousands of years. But Today God is leading the people out of Confusion. And for the first time in a long time the people are empowered to this new found freedom. I also believe just like the people of Iraq that the church has been in confusion too and that God is also leading us out of confusion and into the blessing. Amen
In closing I want to encourage you all to be good stewards of what Christ has entrusted to you, remember that this money belongs to our Lord. But just like we give our kids everything that they want, our Heavenly Father wants to do the same to us. So don’t feel guilty buying that car or that house! Have fun and be blessed.
Command those who are rich ... to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life (1 Timothy 6:17-19).
A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25).
This promise is for all of us who are in Christ
Deuteronomy 6:10-12
10"And when the LORD your God brings you into the land that he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give you—with great and good cities that you did not build,and houses full of all good things that you did not fill, and cisterns that you did not dig, and vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant—and when you eat and are full,then take care lest you forget the LORD, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

Thanks for taking the time to read my intel from God and remember that you are deeply blessed, highly favoured and deeply Loved. GO RV!!

Dinar Intel Update - 4/29/11

Found on website this morning.

* Bank Rumor: Found on Just4Dinar 4/29/11

APRIL 29, 2011 02:53pm

I have been in the background now for about 2 months. I am not
one to post something I heard, or someone I know who said their
third cousin to a second marriage said….you know what I mean.

My wife and I just came back from a small Fifth Third branch office
in SW Florida. We went there to open another business account.
This Branch usually has 3-4 employees at any given time.

Today there was well over 12 of them!

We asked what was up and one said, “Oh there is just a lot of us
to handle your needs.”

While sitting there we overheard another couple talking to a teller
about the Iraqi Dinar. The teller was talking a lot to them.

I then went up to another teller and asked if there was any
movement on the Iraqi Dinar.
She then told me this:

"I am only hearing bits and pieces, but it looks like it is RV’ing
She said this other couple is talking about it too.

So I introduced myself to them and low and behold, they were
getting the same information from the teller they were working with!

Now, I was in B of A on Tuesday of this week and they also had
about 4-5 times the people there. I wire my funds from there to buy
my Dinar.

Upon trying to leave, I was greeted by the assistant manager,
manager and head teller. They REALLY want to work with me and
help me any way they can!

Now, like I said earlier, THIS HAPPENED TO ME TUESDAY AND

This is what happened to ME, this is what I KNOW, and THIS IS

Take it to the bank!

~ ~ ~ ~

Well, we all know that TOMORROW is here ... and so far we have
heard nothing ... so just sit tight and don't despair ...

* Dinar Daddy Chat: DDC 4/29/11

April 29th, 2011 05:54 pm · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info), TIDBITS (Dinar Daddy Info)

DinarDaddy: Thank you all for understanding that I couldn’t make it last night. I flat out have too much on my plate right now, and need a few weeks to sort it all out. I guess 1 1/2 years of running at a very rapid pace has finally caught up to me in other areas, and it’s time to take care of those things as well.

DinarDaddy: so, thank you for joining me on a Friday night

DinarDaddy: I want my mods to know that I am very grateful to them for holding down the fort for me. They are rocks, and I’m humbly indebted to them for their service to this site

DinarDaddy: This is in moderated chat, so anyone wishing to ask questions, or say something, may do but, but your post won’t show up automatically. It will only show up if I approve it to show up.

DinarDaddy: I’ll be opening this up for all of you to ask me any questions you wish, but only after a short announcement session that I feel inclined to share first on my own. After that, I’ll start taking your questions.

DinarDaddy: First off, I will NOT be doing chat for the next couple of weeks. I have some business I need to take care of next week that will ONLY allow me time to post to the site, and take care of the basic info-share of the site. Any extras… i.e. SMS Weekly Update, SMS Daily Dose, Tues and Thurs Chat sessions, Dashboard, and so on will NOT be done next week.

DinarDaddy: I’m sorry for that, but I just can’t do it all, so something had to give.

DinarDaddy: The one extra thing that I WILL do however, is The Weekly Tidbit. I WILL be sending out the weekly newsletter, as that information is mostly provided by others, so it won’t be too taxing on me

DinarDaddy: I posted last night that I also would NOT be doing Tidbits Radio next week or the following.

DinarDaddy: Between life needing my attention, and a move (yes, I finally lost my home to foreclosure), I need to take care of my family and other things for a couple of weeks. So, please give me your understanding and support that way. I can assure you, I will be all over it once these next couple of weeks are over

DinarDaddy: I did have an excellent conversation with Scooter and Rudy in this past week’s Tidbits Radio… some very informative AND funny moments.

DinarDaddy: Tom Hansen of Safe Worlds and Clint Coons of Anderson Advisors were also with me. I was frustrated with the quality of conversation with Clint. He was in Hawaii on his cell phone, and it was just bad. I may have to have him on when he’s on a land line to have a do over.

DinarDaddy: I announced earlier I also have put up the entire show (you can skip over parts that you don’t like.. or are poor sound quality) on YouTube channel…

DinarDaddy: The Rudy and Scooter section was the last 60 minutes, almost to the second

DinarDaddy: To my daily dosers (SMS subscription type), I offer my apology, but I will NOT be sending out many texts for the next week. I will send them when I can, but please understand I’ll do it when I can

DinarDaddy: We’ll get on track soon enough.

DinarDaddy: Rudy and Scooter had FANTASTIC INFO on the show. They stated they feel it will go down between now and May 15th… at least that’s their serious window of opportunity for this investment. I’ll be keeping a close eye out

DinarDaddy: I have no new info… have NOT searched for it to be honest, or asked for new info… intentionally. That may sound strange, but I feel this will happen when we least expect it, and no amount of extra harassing of others that I do will bring it forward faster. I just have needed to breathe easy again, and this investment has really taken a toll on me, and I just need to take it easy for a bit. I keep in touch with everyone and such, but I’m not asking the questions one would think I should be asking. I know I will know when they do, so it’s not a big deal.

DinarDaddy: Breitling will be taking over my chats for the next couple of weeks, so you should get a new burst of info and intel coming your way while I’m taking a break. He’s fantastic, and I know that in many ways, he’ll offer more insight than I will during that time

DinarDaddy: Just so you all know…. I am VERY GRATEFUL to all of you… and for this incredible opportunity to be part of this world-changing event. I believe in it as much as any other out there. I’ve given all I have to this effort (from OUR perspective), and as such, I don’t have much else to say…. using Breitling’s “body language” example, one might say that my “body language” says few are as great a believer as I am in this opportunity. I don’t need to give specifics or details for people to know how I feel.

DinarDaddy: Right now, my “body language” is tired, and I’m needing to create some balance for a bit. I’ll be back strong in a couple of weeks, but I just need this time to recover and deal with other issues in my life. Again, I’m right here, and will be providing you all that I normally do intel/info wise, but need a break from all the other self-assigned duties.

DinarDaddy: OK… enough about me… let’s get into the questions, then I’ll turn it over to BREITLING to give you INFO…

bullheadedjack: i am new to this whole investment thing and i am wondering when i can see some hard evidence of the rv happening in the next week as some people are saying

DinarDaddy: there’s plenty “hard evidence” things are moving in that direction, but no one, and I mean no one, will be given a heads-up with actual physical evidence this is going down in the next week. Sorry, but just won’t happen

Goin2Sizzler: Will you comment on the auctions over the last few days?

DinarDaddy: Let me explain something about “auctions”… they are a mechanism of the CBI to help control inflation… The CBI will either BUY BACK notes or NOT BUY BACK notes based on what economic indicators tell them. Don’t read too much into the auctions, as all they do is tell you the CBI is active keeping inflation where they feel it needs to be. If you see little activity, then you be assured, things are looking good for the CBI, as they indicate they are satisfied with what is happening with inflation. There’s much more detail about that, but that’s the jist.

beautyjones: On May 4 it is something happening in London with the currencies. Do that have something to do with the Iraqi dinar RV?

DinarDaddy: Well, on May 5th, Iraq’s DFI Funds officially are on the “chopping block” and are no longer protected according to some information, so that would be a very nice and coincidental date dont you think?

real_vixen: Good evening DD hope you and your family had a happy easter… my question…my understanding that the hold up on rv is still…. chapter 7, hcl, dfi the ministries. etc….. my hopes are for maybe end of may or end of june… IYO???? still hoping june/july/august…

DinarDaddy: i say back in late Feb / early March, that end of june was my new target date due to DFI extension, but somehow, and I don’t understand it, May 5th became the new date. Maybe Breitling can address it

Breitling: Hi Rog

DinarDaddy: hey my friend… thank you for being here!

Srfr4God: What is your take on the Law on the Protection of the Nation Product? Wouldn’t that be part of the rv definitively affective the import of products?

DinarDaddy: I’ll pass that to Breitling for later

alohamike: Are you gearing up for Utah?

DinarDaddy: I’ll be ready for the cash-in in SLC when it’s time.

bullheadedjack: thoughts and prayers are with you on all you have to do dd God bless you and your family

DinarDaddy: thank you

captkm: DD the most asked question I see is about the “3 zeros”. So many are confused. IN YOUR OPINION if someone has a $25k dinar note and it RVs at $1-1 IQD taking in to consideration the lifting of zeros, how much would they expect to receive?

DinarDaddy: this has been asked to death. I held a Tidbits Radio broadcast with Breitling last week on this subject, and I wrote about it as well within my “Tidbits” section of my site. You should go and listen to the radio show and read what I’ve written. I’m confident you’ll find all the insight you could possibly ask for on the subject

irishoman: iyo do any of the “bank rumors” hold any truth?

DinarDaddy: Many hold truth for the sharer, or the person who experienced what they’ve shared, but the reality is too many people read into things that just aren’t there. I don’t place much weight into rumors coming out of banks..

jenden: Welcome back DD. What is your opinion on the RI/RV this coming week? I read Frank’s conf call post and it sounds positive…

DinarDaddy: I don’t do rates and dates anymore. I just don’t

DinarDaddy: … sorry… I have windows, and nothing more… We’re in my current window.. between now and the end of June

bullheadedjack: is it true that they are done everything and we are all just waiting for the announcement of the rv

DinarDaddy: some say that. IMO, if all was finished, then it would be here. LOL!

real_vixen: Roger sorry about your loss, feel your pain… now maybe some people will stop making accusations about you trying to make money on your sights. and know you are just a regular guy invested in this also… hats off to you and your mods and good luck to you and your family

DinarDaddy: Thank you. People have NO CLUE what they are talking about… most of the time… on these sites

beachsnake98: I’m hearing S has a big meeting scheduled for Saturday am with Parliament, can you shed any light on this subject?

DinarDaddy: I know nothing of this information. Please ask this question of Breitling when I’m finished

j_dubya: I know Breitling has his own blog now that I have been checking out. Does Scooter have somewhere that he posts regularly?

DinarDaddy: No… Scooter is the resident VAGABOND.. lol! Scooter will LAUGH when he read this! He posts on Dinar Vets, Dinar Daddy’s Chat, The GET Team, Stardogger, Just4Dinar, One Dinar, and probably other sites. He’s an equal opportunity “Guru”.

DinarDaddy: You should definitely all go and check out Breitling’s blog… I trust his information more than just about anyone else in this investment. I know his heart and trust his judgement. LINK

dramamama: Obvious question that I know you are all asking…what do you think we are still waiting for? What has to happen yet?

DinarDaddy: Parliament will still need to pass the law allowing the currency to be raised in value.. that’s thte obvious answer. Beyond that, they have stipulations they were suppose to meet as a nation that they still haven’t… i.e. complete government… for one. So, many say things are done, but I say…. NO THEY AREN’T. Until we see the RV, then at least one final things hasn’t been done… that being PULL THE TRIGGER!

LilMomma87: Hey DD I really Don’t have a question I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. I am so sorry for the trials you are facing right now but keep your chin up it will be all over one day On behalf of myself and my family Id like to let you know that you do need a break. All of us take one from time to time and its something that has to be done or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Have a great time off and Bless you and your family

DinarDaddy: thank you

the_buzz_man: What is your take on the banks stopping the dinar sales…first 5/3 and now possibly Capital One? All positive signs?

DinarDaddy: My take is that people have been harassing banks to death, and finally corporate has come down because they didn’t want to get caught up in the “speculation” game. They are BANKS… leave that stuff to currency dealers and exchange counters.

Dinar-Dough: DD, If we cash in in SLC – Will we meet you personally?

DinarDaddy: Anyone cashing in at the SLC location will meet me personally, as I will be running that office. I intend to shake as many hands as I can.

Jungle_Cat: DD where do you stand on the rate do you feel the same as Breitling at a buck to euro??

DinarDaddy: I’d pass out and slobber all over myself (LOL) if it came in at that rate. It came back to me that many on another site or two were “upset” at the “rumor” that .86 was the rate. Are you kidding me?! That would be HUGE!!! People need to relax about date and rate. If it came out at a dollar, a person who invested barely over $1000 would make close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS on their investment… are you kidding me?! You’d be upset about that?

DinarDaddy: Sorry Jungle… didn’t mean to take it out on you, but the reality is that people need to get a grip and realize what’s before it. Whether, an investment of one thousand dollars, we make $10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000, ANY of those is a MASSIVE RETURN. Please be aware of what this is all about and be grateful

Srfr4God: How come this site has the best Mods ever?

DinarDaddy: Cause they are drawn to class and respect and truth… that starting with Tenmillion here.


DinarDaddy: lol!

dragbikewillie: Greetings ! Is it true that we will only have to pay 16.5 % on what we turn in ?..Thanks !

DinarDaddy: I’m not a tax guy… give that question to your tax attorney post or pre-RV

DinarDaddy: OK everyone.. I have to run, but I want you all to know I’m still all over it for you. I just need to get a few other things done too. Breitling, please take over the question answering. Ten, please move Breitling to moderated chat status. Thank you everyone! God bless and my our Heavenly Father wrap you up in his loving arms and protect you.

Go Dinar! – Dinar Daddy

Dinar Daddy Chat~


Certificate of Live Birth: Birthplace Kenya; Registered in Honolulu?

Certificate of Live Birth: Birthplace Kenya; Registered in Honolulu?

NOTICE: At the bottom of this copy of the COLB it states Birthplace Kenya; Registered Honolulu - Per Grandmother.

Washington Times Report - Newly Released Obama Birtth Certificate Forensic Forgery - 24:47 video

Rumormill News

Washington Times Report - Newly Released Obama Birtth Certificate Forensic Forgery - 24:47 video

Posted By: pax
Date: Saturday, 30-Apr-2011 00:52:19


Source: ExopoliticsTV


In an exclusive April 29, 2011 interview on ExopoliticsTV with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Robert Stanley, weekly correspondent for the Washington Times investigative radio, has stated after a clear on-camera demonstration that purported certificate of live birth released by U.S. President Barack H. Obama on April 27, 2011 is a forensic forgery.

Mr. Stanley had earlier on April 29, 2011 reported this breaking news on Washington Times investigative radio while being interviewed by reporters John McCaslin and Amy Holmes, also a correspondent for CNN.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama Provided The Ammunition To Bring Himself Down

Obama Provided The Ammunition To Bring Himself Down

Exclusive to
By Devvy Kidd

The display put on yesterday by the putative president was one of the greatest displays of unbridled hubris I have ever seen in my decades of being an activist, watching and studying political figures. It simply was breath taking in scope and so vile, you want to vomit. Backed up by an array of sycophants in the media, that cheap gangster from Chicago actually thought he could foist another forgery on the American people and go about his business of destroying this republic.

There are several excellent articles about what happened yesterday and why those who can still think are outraged by this latest horse and pony show.

Many are speculating the usurper suddenly produced a birth certificate because of Donald Trump. Millions have been demanding that birth certificate for almost three years, yet, supposedly, Obama/Soetoro is so afraid of "The Donald" he flies an attorney to Hawaii to pick up the alleged document. As for Trump, I gagged watching him brag that he forced the president of the U.S. to produce a document no one else could. Donald Trump is nothing more than the modern day version of Elmer Gantry.

Have to ask yourself, why the hurry? It costs a lot of money to fly a lawyer to Hawaii to pick up a piece of paper. I mean, why not express mail? Would a couple more days of "The Donald" ranting have made a difference? After all, Trump had already begun moving on to the usurper's college records and the question of just how "smart" is Barry?

I think it more likely Obama's handlers are very worried about Dr. Jerome Corsi's new book, Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President, which comes out May 17, 2011. By trumping Trump, they believe it will take the air out of Corsi's book. It is already a best seller and Barry's bosses should be worried. Dr. Corsi is a meticulous researcher who leaves nothing to chance. His book, Unfit for Command, "swift boated" John Kerry's bid for the White House.

I've pre-ordered my copy and if you're interested, Amazon has it at the lowest price I could find.

Jerome put out another short rebuttal yesterday about the "new" birth certificate where he again points out the discrepancies regarding the issuance of the birth certificates numbers, who issues them and when.

Is there any basis for believing the document shown around the world is authentic? Not in my book. With Obama/Soetoro already being caught in so many lies, why would anyone believe the piece of paper he's now waving around contains the truth? There's no question Barry has used five different aliases. There's no question in my mind any longer that the Manchurian Candidate has been using a fake social security number. His whole life is just one fabrication after another.

How can anyone, after all the research brought to light proving one discrepancy after another about the life of Obama/Soetoro and all his other known aliases he's used - how could anyone simply take that document as truth?

Well, I can tell you right now, a whole lot of people aren't, including me. We are not intimidated by the continued caterwauling about "the birthers" and other name calling. As I have written before, I know nothing about computer technology or some of the programs available to people who use the Internet. Never used Photoshop or any of the other programs discussed in the videos below. I know how to use my computer and word processor, but I am not a technical person like my web master. Below are three videos by individuals who carefully demonstrate and explain why the "new" birth certificate is a poor forgery.

• The LIES of Obama's Birth Certificate! 4:44 in length you must watch
• This video is 10:13 in length and very detailed
• How Obama's Birth Certificate Is 100% Fake - Watch What I Did In Illustrator

Please note what the narrator says about the Hawaii Health Department declaring on April 26, 2011, that it would no longer release any more long form birth certificates including one for a president of the United States. Obama/Soetoro sent his legal representative to Hawaii on April 25, 2011, to acquire the document. Act surprised - the next day it is now the policy of the Hawaii Health Department not to release the same document ever again. Are people so damn gullible they're going to buy this bilge?

Also, please note the "new" birth certificate has "Attendant" and not doctor. The Attendant is someone named Sinclair. When you look at the long form birth certificates for Mrs. Nordyke's twins born the day after Barry at the same hospital -- at the bottom of those two birth certificates is the name and signature of the doctor; see here. At the bottom of the "new" BC released yesterday, that entire section is missing. As you can see, Mrs. Nordyke's copies are black with white ink. The original short form BC released in 2008 was on green paper and so is the "new" one.

I believe one of the most egregious aspects of the big show yesterday is this one thing. Ltc. Terry Lakin, an 18 year decorated member of the U.S. military was tried and convicted because Obama/Soetoro would not release a birth certificate. Lakin is due to be released in three weeks from Fort Leavenworth, a federal prison. Lakin was absolutely shredded by bloggers and "mainstream" media as being a coward and right wing nut. The usurper could have put a stop to all of it last year. Instead, he continued to hold expensive parties at the White House, fly around on Air Force One and take trips around the world while a good, decent American like Terry Lakin was railroaded into a federal prison. I have zero respect for Obama/Soetoro. Do you think a large number of our military and veterans will after they realize Barry could have taken the high road, but instead, continued to play with the American people and sent a fine man to prison?

Think tens of thousands of our active duty soldiers aren't steamed at this point? Think tens of thousands of veterans aren't PO'd when they think the mojo guy in the White House could have stepped forward last year and said, "Wait a minute. This soldier is asking a question that seems to have grown into an unnecessary controversy.

Here is my long form birth certificate." No. Instead, he was on the golf course playing big man.

Obama/Soetoro is suddenly moved to pull a birth certificate out of the hat within a few hours, so how come he has spent so much money fighting lawsuits to keep that document concealed? Have any taxpayer dollars been used in the past three years for him to fight producing a "new" long form birth certificate? Questions not easily answered as covered in this piece about legal fees and lawsuits since the putative president took office. However, we know the cost of concealing his real birth certificate (if one even exists, which I doubt) has cost a ton of money just by virtue of the amount of legal hours billed in fighting all the lawsuits over the past three years.

As a side note, no doubt even more campaign donations will be used to defend against the not talked about enough FEC bombshell dropped a couple of weeks ago: FEC Launches Audit of Obama’s 2008 Campaign

Just a couple of other things people have emailed me that warrant including here. One is the use of the word African for race. There are Caucasians born and living on the continent of Africa. If they immigrate here to the US, you could call them African Americans, but that is not their race nor would be African. I know the 2000 Census, after doing a little research, changed how races were to be listed. Who knows why; perhaps to not be offensive to someone somewhere on this planet. Obama's father was a Negro who lived in a British colony on the continent of Africa. This country has PC'd itself into stupidity. Using the word Negro somehow makes you a racist. I used it once in a column about Obama when discussing race. A man sent me an email saying the use of that word was "incendiary". My jaw dropped. How absurd. I guess the Department of Health, Education and Welfare back in 1961 were also racists for using the word Negro to designate race:

"A 1961 summary of U.S. vital statistics by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now known as Health and Human Services) indicates:

"Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.” The category “white” includes, in addition to persons reported as “white,” those reported as Mexican or Puerto Rican. With one exception, a reported mixture of Negro with any other race is included in the Negro group; other mixed parentage is classified according to the race of the nonwhite parent and mixtures of nonwhite races to the race of the father."

The emailer provided a link which I brought up and that section is found on page 231. The word African was not used.

Lynn Stuter, who writes for, sent this over:

"On April 23, 2011, Mark Niesse, in his AP article, made this comment, "But those documents are state government property that can't be released to anyone, even the president himself, said Joshua Wisch, special assistant to the state attorney general. Obama would be able to inspect his birth records if he visited the Health Department in person, but original records of live birth are never released," he said.

"And this, from the article below, "A White House attorney traveled to Honolulu this week to pick up the copies, which arrived at the White House yesterday afternoon."

"So, who is lying and who is telling the truth? Further, who has lied consistently to the American people, about anything and everything?"

I went and found the AP article she cites (here). That AP article is dated April 23, 2011 (last Saturday). Obama/Soetoro's legal representative flies to Hawaii and obtains a document which allegedly will not be released to anyone only two days later. The date stamped at the bottom of the "new" birth certificate is April 25, 2011.

I am sickened by supporters of the pimp camped out at the White House as well as multi-millionaire anchors like Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and others who have ridiculed and attacked anyone who dare ask constitutional questions regarding a presidential candidate who lied and bluffed his way into power. In 1996, I wrote a booklet titled, Blind Loyalty. While it focused on vote fraud, it was also about Americans who will defend their favorite politician regardless of how corrupt, immoral or weak the individual. Nothing has changed except the level of stupidity and "artful" BS such as spewed by Bill O'Reilly when he repeats nightly, "I want to be fair to the president..." For one thing, between known electronic vote fraud, illegals voting and ACORN's illegal activities involving voter fraud in the 2008 election, we have no idea who actually won the primaries or the general election and that is a fact. Second, O'Reilly's nauseous "let's be fair" to the Red in the White House is so phony, it makes you want to puke, yet close to two million people sit glued to his show five nights a week.

This whole sorry mess is about upholding the law of the land won with rivers of blood. How shameful that the issue of whether or not a candidate is constitutionally qualified has become nothing more than bigger ratings for cable TV, "mainstream" [liberal, progressive] print media and talk radio with the "right" and "left" battling it out or defending the pathological liar in the White House.

Fake journalists, reporters and hosts like Chris Matthews are so morally bankrupt, they make Bill Clinton look like a choir boy. They whore for big paychecks. Those anti-truth media lackeys can continue to crow about Obama/Soetoro being born in Hawaii (based on another forgery) and therefore the issue is closed, but it doesn't change the legal fact that he was born with dual citizenship. Those miscreants are no better than old Barry because truth means nothing to them. Race baiters like Al Sharpton will haul out the worn out race card for those who see through this latest fraud paraded before the world, but we the people will not back down.

How shameful the herds of grazing cattle out there will continue to defend a sorry excuse for a man who would allow Terry Lakin go to prison while he hops on his favorite toy, Air Force One, to put on a demeaning display on the Oprah show. Let me quote one of the best writers on the Internet, Jim Schwiesow, in his recent column, A Man of Perdition:

"The media people are practically dancing in the streets and beside themselves with glee. They are in gala form one could say that they are absolutely giddy and like school children that have been provided the promise of an ice cream treat. Folks this one isn't over, not by a long shot. What it has done is open a can of worms that will spill over into an eventual criminal investigation of immense proportions. Someone somewhere is being prepared by unseen forces to spill the beans on the truth of this deceitfulness and cause a nation-wide uproar.

"Any Investigator or interrogator worth his salt would conclude upon watching the guileful demeanor of Obama as he made his announcement of a new found birth certificate - which he had failed to produce over a two year period of time - that he had simply gone from denying the obvious truth that he was foreign born, and was now merging a lie with a serious purposeful criminal action.

"The real tip-off was his attempt to trivialize the matter and make light of the controversy. When he characterized the assertions as “silly” it was definite indicator that he was now in an even deeper cover-up mode that moved him from a mere denial to a criminal conspiracy. In his own mind the fact that he is not American born and therefore not compliant with the Constitution in regard to the assumption of the Office of President is insignificant and immaterial. He thinks that the Constitution and the law in this regard is stupid, and as he termed it, “silly”.

The alleged birth certificate was blown up into a huge back drop behind the usurper as he grinned and yucked it up with Oprah. It was "Take this and shove it" right in your face. Obama is so dishonorable he's not fit to be in the same room with a truly honorable and courageous man like Terry Lakin. Keep laughing, Barry, but you won't have the last laugh. If you think the issue of your dual citizenship when you try to get on the ballot in many states isn't going to be THE issue of the 2012 election, think again.

Fifty birth certificates cannot erase the legal fact that Obama/Soetoro was born with dual citizenship and is forever ineligible to be president of the U.S. That will be the next phase of ballot and court challenges. Barry thinks he's so clever, but I submit to you that he just provided the rope needed to bring him down and hopefully an indictment for wire fraud, election fraud and a long list of other crimes for which he should go to prison for a long time. Perhaps that's what this whole Trump thing is really all about:

• George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment
- November 2010

• Soros Says Obama ‘Has Lost Control’ of U.S. Economic Agenda

Trump was registered as a member of the Reform Party from 1999 - 2000; allegedly he considered a run for president, but didn't. Frank Luntz conducts mini town hall meetings for FOX News; he also wrote a best seller about elections. He is VERY politically savvy. April 26, 2011, I caught a segment with him and Stu Varney filling in for Neil Cavuto on FOX. Luntz bet $10,000 to a charity that Trump will not run in the end. Luntz has his ear to the ground as they say. Ten grand is a lot of money and Luntz has never struck me as the wild type.

Well, we shall see how those big players decide to yank around the American people, again.

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