Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama - Possible Treason?

Found posted on GLP

A Martian could have gotten a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii back then and probably still could.

Still hidden by Barry Soetoro and using millions of dollars to do so:

A. Long Form Birth Certificate

B. School Records & Papers / Elementary, High School, Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard University, Harvard Law Review.

B1. Scholar Papers.

C. Adoption Papers.

D. Official Name Change Paperwork.

E. Arrest Records.

F. C.I.A. Employment Records.

G. Passport Records.

H. Multiple Illegal Social Security Numbers.

And where are the ex-girlfriends? There are none, he is homosexual.

He is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN in any regard.

We can finally get him in prison and making big rocks into little rocks with a sledgehammer.

Barry Soetoro holds dual citizenship, or maybe no citizenship, and is therefore completely and forever ineligible to be President of the United States, due to his birth father being a foreign national Kenyan and subject of the British Crown at the time. But wait, it gets even better. Later, Lil' Barry was adopted by another foreign citizen while living in Indonesia.
And being adopted by a foreign citizen while in Indonesia and his mother dropping him as a dependent removed ANY claim of American Citizenship and made him ineligible.

This is why Barry, as he usurped the Presidency, nearly set a pen on fire by signing so fast and furiously an Executive Order that always and forever makes secret his personal records.

It will make for a barren Presidential Library. In the future, if Barry manages to keep himself from impeachment and conviction, you will enter his Presidential Library and see a posterboard with a single picture of baby Barry glued onto it, then a few steps further you will enter a gallery that says "Now here is President Obama", you will just have to use your willing suspension of disbelief and ignore that 40 plus year gap. LOL!

Barry Soetoro has knowingly and willingly usurped the Office of the President of the United States.

This is absolutely TREASON.

Knowingly and willingly complicit in this TREASON committed by Barry in FAILING to qualify the Prsident is the DNC, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Dick Cheney as President of the Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the 50 States Attorney Generals, and the Electoral College (with the exception of one lady member who was rightly suspicious of Barry Soetoro and withheld her vote).

ALL are guilty of TREASON.


Anonymous said...

If he revealed his birth certificate ,it would reveal who his father was. "They killed his father" Who was very close to Martin Luther.

Obama play's two hat's(he has no choice) right now and that will soon be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Here is his real Birth Certificate. His Father went by the name "Malcom X"

Anonymous said...

Of course he is a fraud and nothing is being done about it. Blame the democrats for selecting him. Blame John McCain for not exposing him. The man is going to destroy our country if something is not done. The muslim countries funded his campaign and in return he is trying to destroy America with a muslim takeover. Have all of you noticed that he does not place his hand on his heart when the national anthem is played

We thank Donald Trump for having the nerve to pursue the birth issue.

Anonymous said...

He looks EXCACTLY like Malcom X! I still think that he was born in Kenya, in an effort to hide who his father really is. He is not a natural born citizen in any regard, and since he was adopted, he is not even a citizen. He is a complete fraud. Barry Soetoro is the worst thing to ever happen to our beloved country. I completely agree with everything in this article.

Anonymous said...

Where is everybody's head. Anyone can be President of the UNITED STATES, because it is a corporation, not a government. This can easily be documented. The UNITED STATES corporation only involves the 6.8 square miles called Washington, D.C. It is not a government, therefore, we have not had a government for many, many years and have been deceived. All this controversy over Obama's eligibility is a smoke screen simply to keep our attention off what is actually going on in our government.