Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Hi John, (maybe you could post this too?? ) Hi Ben, I am going down my list of friends on skype, and posting this - Not an easy thing to do, asking to raise funds - but far better then not asking. This I just made up for my daughter-in-law who was dx with MS http://funds.gofundme.com/310ns and if you can assist in any way- please do .

I am asking if there is anything at all you can contribute, please click, it takes you to the detail page, with picture and info. copy >>>>>> A message from Betty Brown
I am raising money for my daughter-in-law Robin to have the Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) procedure to stop the assault of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on her body, mind and functions.

She is a loving Christian woman, and my son sure was lucky when he went to church while in the Navy, and found her singing in the choir many years ago. They have six children who are all now helping Mom around the house - now more then ever.

We have $3,500.00 toward this procedure - but need more for the procedure and expenses. If we collect (by the Grace of God and all our friends, family and good willed strangers reading this) more then needed, if any extra, we will pay it forward and help
another with MS to be able to have this very important procedure as well.

Please see http://www.reallynews.com/ for many videos, stats and reports on the CCSVI

Supporters can also help by spreading this page all over - any efforts to donate any amount whatsoever will sure be appreciated. HOWEVER, just to spread this in email and posts all over, so many are informed of this CCSVI. Please even to print this out and hang it at the bb at work, stores in your area or church.
Let people with MS know about this CCSVI, and to add people that might be able to donate something to our cause here, Robin's health.
Please Watch this, just awesome!


W5: The Liberation Treatment, part one
It is a scientific breakthrough, inspired by love. A experimental procedure called 'The Liberation Treatment' may help reduce some of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.
W5: The Liberation Treatment, part two
Dr. Paolo Zamboni found the veins that flush blood from the brain were narrowed or blocked in MS patients. He and his team began experimental treatments, and their preliminary results were encouraging.

it forwards to the next video all by itself, give it a few sec to do so, for the whole series
Please donate what you can, do what you can - and we thank you from the bottom of a
very thankful heart, Betty



Betty said...

I would like to THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. It might also get spread to others that have MS that don't know about the CCSVI option. Thanks to and God Speed to anyone too who can donate to Robin's fund, as she still needs people like you. <<>> Betty

Anonymous said...

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