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Date: Friday, 15-Apr-2011 09:10:45

Thank you once again, Gnostic.


The Grand Illusion is about to be Unmasked!

To all of my readers, friends, associates, Greetings all, I have
received many emails for quite some time that I return to where I started and go back to sharing more of the Gnostic Mysteries. I got away from it for quite some time because I wanted to delve into so many different areas of thought. Yet I know I have many long time readers from all across the planet, that really enjoy these messages, and I have kind of been ignoring them and their needs, because of traveling down so many different roads. My talent has always weighed in on the fact that I am able to see the mysteries, especially from within the Bible.

So much was hidden, changed or twisted along with being obfuscated via nefarious means, and what was left was a hodgepodge of good and evil or truth mixed with error, leaving many stuck trying to understand the deeper meaning. I have decided to go back to my beginnings and release the mysteries again, this time in more detail. They are going to be shocking, unbelievable, and some will be angry by what they read, but you need not be, for the vision within will calm you and give you Peace, and remove doubt and fear. The only ones that will be filled with wrath are the shadow lords who have tried to hide this truth for a very long time!

I have decided to lay it all out on the table from a deeper Gnostic perspective, and I don't mean the Gnostic way that so many are being confused about, I mean the secret mysteries that were hidden. Some have asked, why were these things hidden, why would the Divine operate in such fashion to have secrets and use mysteries in stead of being open and in the light? Well my friends the divine did not hide them, the shadow lords did, with our consent. And it takes the Divine Mind to uncover them. That mind is in all children of the Creator, but it has been so dormant for so very long it is going to take some heavy bartering with the soul to release the mask that has been covering this Inner truth that will set you free for ever.

It is time that you recognize the Bible in a different light, a way that will pop out from the pages due to unveiling of the mask within, the 'cover'. In stead of it being an infallible word, you will realize it was a jigsaw puzzle that can only be put together if you can divide the error from the truth. The reason any of the truth still remains, is because the shadow lords either did not understand it to remove it, or they left it in there to become a duality, which they know only creates confusion and error, so the truth many times works according to their scheme.

It is time you read and hear about the real Christ Jesus, not the one that the Shadow lords Forged into their schemes. It is time that you finally hear about the mysteries that Jesus spoke of all the time and yet nary a word of those mysteries are embedded into scripture unless you break the code. In fact every instance the term mystery was spoken the scriptures break off from there and go on to another topic.

What this means is, is "YOU" must become the code key, you must use the divine source of awareness within to break the code and understand the mysteries.

What I will be sharing with you is the code that is already within you, that will unlock the veil that has been holding you back from seeing the intent rather than the modified illusory version. I will not have to reveal anything, it will spark the light within, for you to recognize exactly what you need. And then you will know it has been within you all of this time, although you had forgotten it.
Be prepared to be shocked,stunned and amazed. Most of all, be prepared to remove ages of cobwebs out of your consciousness awareness that has kept you befuddled and dorment. I will be revealing everything in stages so that you can build it together in your mind, heart and soul. So look at it as a building that begins with the foundation and then moves skyward. There may be some twists and turns in the road, but that will be what it takes to help you see the message from within you instead of you taking it all in externally.

What you are about to do is release the power of the divine parentage, your glorious ancestry from before the foundations of the lower 3rd and 4th dimensional worlds.
And from there you will recognize within yourself that same GLORY, whereas no external man, no external god, no external angel or external master will be able to remove it, distort it, confiscate it or change it ever again for all will be revealed leaving them with their pants down, showing the nakedness of the King! For the true spirit will be within you not somewhere outside of you!


John the Gnostic


Anonymous said...

Just another of the misguided decieved persons to try to discredit the Bible and Jesus in the endtime. many will believe a lit and be decieved.

Anonymous said...

So....You are suggesting that YOU become our final authority on what is true, and what is not true. That's what it comes down to, doesn't it?

Sorry. The Divine Author of the Holy Bible is quite capable of preserving His Word, even under the falsehoods and fabrications of those who attack it, by a thousand different ways.

The Holy Spirit is available to those who study God's Word as it's Interpreter. No man or angel is given any mission by God to interpose themselves between us and our Creator, Jesus Christ.

The very First Gnostic spoke, on earth, through a serpent's mouth from the branches of a fruit tree. Behold and see all the wonderful things that have resulted so far...

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Reclaim one's birthright. Part of the solution (to what has now become "mysterious" to many) lies in our DNA.

Anonymous said...

When one considers the thousands of willful mistranslations in the Bible, perhaps this quote might have more meaning... "What you are about to do is release the power of the divine parentage". When you truly study what the scholars of the languages in which the Bible was written agree to be the meanings of the original words written, it is obvious that the Bible, in modern languages, is mistranslated in many key portions. Example: "thou shall not kill"- original words written: "thou shall not murder"

Unknown said...

Many will deny what has been hidden for so long. And similar to those Jesus taught, many will not understand the message and then condemn it or the people bringing it forth. Then, mostly modern Christians will likely not recognize the real second coming Christ, as they will have not used the rightness of their mind to find the truth amongst all the pieces that don't fit together within the so called word. I am sad for you people.

Free will... Can change what is scripted or interpreted. So find out for yourself how truth and freedom is defined, don't rely on a Bible so small, minuscule. It's a limitation that has not advanced humanity but caused more war and arguments over issues the very Christ himself was trying to teach us to stray away from.