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IRS-The Biggest Lie and Scam in World History

My 30 years of research shows this to be TRUE and CORRECT!

IRS Liens and Levys

IRS-The Biggest Lie and Scam in World History

IRS-probably the three most frightening letters in the English language. This deep-seated fear and loathing serves a very specific purpose. It serves to keep the People of America in submission to an illusion, a lie.

The IRS has a horrible reputation and has earned every bit of it, has by their own admissions committed crimes against innocent Citizens, and continues today to be the “Gestapo” of America. They confiscate more homes, destroy more families, take more money, ruin more lives, and commit more crimes than all the street gangs combined. They are indeed vivid proof that the greatest threat we face, as a nation, is our own Federal "Government." [The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope. Author Richard Mack].

Here it is in a nutshell. The IRS is a private, debt collection agency for the private banking system known as the Federal Reserve Bank. The IRS is not a government agency. I repeat, the IRS is not a government agency. Never has been, never will be.

The IRS is formerly the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) situated in and with authority only in the Philippine Islands (Trust Fund # 61), and moved into Puerto Rico (Trust Fund # 62). In the 1950’s, with the stroke of the pen, the BIR was transformed into the current notorious IRS and brought onto the 50 united States. This was done without any Congressional authority whatsoever. There is no Congressional authority for the IRS to exist and operate in the 50 states recorded anywhere in any law-books. Again, keep in mind, that the IRS is the “Private, debt collection agency for the private banking system known as the Federal Reserve Banks”.

Consider this fact. When an IRS agent wants to seize property from a Citizen in a County, they must first contact the Sheriff of the County and request assistance in the seizure. This is simply because the IRS agent has no authority to seize any property at all. So the IRS agent bamboozles the Sheriff into committing the crime for the IRS. When the Sheriff seizes property from a Citizen under the non-authority of the IRS agent, the Sheriff has committed a Second Degree Felony, Conversion of Property.

A second degree felony is incredibly serious. However, both the IRS agent and the Sheriff count on the abysmal ignorance of the Citizen who has no idea what their Lawful Rights are. Bear this point in mind, if the IRS agent has no authority to seize any property at all, then they cannot delegate or confer to the Sheriff what they themselves do not have. In addition, the Sheriff has no idea that he has engaged in a serious crime. Here is where the maxim applies, "Ignorance of the law, is no excuse for violating the law." Both the IRS agent and the Sheriff should be arrested and charged with Conversion of property, a second degree felony.

Tyranny is defined as: Dominance through threat of punishment and violence, oppressive rule, abusive government, cruelty and injustice. What better definition than this fits the abusive IRS.

America is using a private credit system wherein the medium of exchange are the Federal Reserve Notes that we call “Dollars”. Hence, the so-called “Income Tax” is in reality nothing more than a disguised “User Fee” that Americans must pay to the Federal Reserve Bank for using their private credit system. [research Title 12, USC].

The legal definition of "dollar" is "a gold or silver coin of a specific weight and with specific markings". Thus, a Federal Reserve Note, is not and cannot, ever be a dollar. A Note is not "money", see Blacks Law Dictionary. The Federal Reserve Notes in use are mere evidence of a debt.

The Federal Reserve Banking system is not a Federal government agency, there are not “reserves” and there is no real money. The Federal Reserve Banking system is a private cartel that has usurped the authority of the Congress to coin Money. Federal Reserve Notes are just as worthless or just as valuable as Monopoly Money used in the game “Monopoly”. If we go to this Constitution for the united States of America, Article I, section 8, we find that only Congress was given the authority “To coin money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”.

This authority given to Congress by this Constitution for the united States of America was not to be delegated to any private corporation for that corporation’s private gain.

The authority to coin money was usurped by the unlawful enactment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act is a "private law" passed by four Congressmen after the Congressional session closed in December of 1913. Congress can pass both private laws and public laws. Congress does not have to tell the American Citizens which law is private and which law is public. We are simply led to believe that all laws are public. This is propoganda and brainwashing at its best.

This was a silent coup d’ e-tat wherein the American People became the slaves of the Federal Reserve Bank. The “Killing Blow”, the coup de grace[pronounced gra] was delivered upon the American People by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 by removing the Gold Standard from the American economy.

Since then, no American Citizen has actually paid for anything, we have just exchanged worthless Federal Reserved Notes for more worthless Federal Reserve Notes. All we do is lease the property from the “STATE OF NEW MEXICO”, we lease our cars, we lease our houses, WE OWN NOTHING. Since 1933 no American has owned their property in Allodium. That is why the "STATE OF NEW MEXICO" can take our property for just about any reason, i.e Eminent domain, failure to pay so-called "property taxes", etc.

For anyone that has ever dealt with a debt collection agency, you know how nasty, mean and dirty they can be. Now, take that nastiness, that mean-ness and dirtiness and multiply it one hundred fold, there you have the attitude of the IRS.

Let’s continue down the Rabbit Hole. When an American Citizen gets into a dispute with the IRS, the IRS agent will not listen to any of your pleadings, your beggings or your excuses. Everything you do or say amounts to nothing with the IRS. If you dig in your heels and refuse to pay, the IRS starts sending you threatening letters with dire consequences for your non-cooperation.

If you still refuse to pay, the IRS will file a document called a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” in the local County Clerk’s office. This is a very deceptive document. Keep one thing in mind a “Notice” is not the “Lien” itself. The “Lien” is a totally separate and distinct document from the “Notice”. The County Clerk, through abysmal ignorance files the “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” as if it was an actual “Lien”. These are two separate and distinct documents. The County Clerk never requests the actual “Lien” from the IRS agent. If they were to request this document, the IRS agent would get very irate and threaten the County Clerk for their non-cooperation. Of course, the actual “Lien” does not exist anywhere in the known Universe.

There is one more lawful requirement that the County Clerk must comply with before they can file the “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” or the actual “Lien” itself. The Federal Lien Registration Act requires “Certification” of the “Lien” itself. This would require that the IRS agent file an Affidavit wherein they identify themselves, and state under Oath that there is an actual “Lien” filed based on an actual assessment on form 23C against the particular American Citizen. When the County Clerk fails to verify “Certification” they violate the lawful requirements of the Federal Lien Registration Act.

The IRS never files the actual “Lien” because it does not exist. An actual “Lien” must be based on a lawful assessment on form 23C. In the entire history of the IRS, the IRS has never produced a form 23C showing an individual assessment against an American Citizen.

This so-called “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” is an act of “Financial Terrorism” because once this “Notice” is filed, you become a pariah, a financial outcast, you are branded as unfit, you are no longer a “good slave”, you are a rebel beyond the hope of redemption. Your slave “Credit Rating” takes a nosedive. You are practically ruined financially.

Interestingly, Section 803 of the so-called PATRIOT ACT defines terrorism as “any act intended to coerce or threaten a civilian population”. So by the very definition of “Terrorism”, the IRS is the largest, meanest, dirtiest, Terrorist Organization in the entire world.

If you still are not intimidated, the IRS will file a “Notice of Levy” with the County Clerk, and send copies to your bank(s) and employer. The County Clerk, through abysmal ignorance, files the “Notice of Levy” as if it were an actual “Levy”. These are two separate and distinct documents.

Again, keep in mind, a “Notice” is not a “Levy”. On this “Notice” alone, the bank then hands over all of your money to the IRS and you cannot even pay your bills. Your employer garnishes your paycheck, and again, you are the slave of the Federal Reserve Bank. Your Bank treats the “Notice of Levy” as if it were an actual “Levy”. Your employer also treats the “Notice of Levy” as if it were an actual “Levy”. The bank and your employer never request an actual copy of the “Levy” itself. Of course, the actual “Levy” does not exist anywhere in the known Universe.

There are several things wrong with these two scenarios. Both the bank and your employer fail to verify several key pieces of information in dealing with the IRS agent.

First, they fail to ask for a copy of the IRS agent’s drivers license to verify that in fact they are who they say they are. Also, in case, the IRS agent has to be served with legal process, they can be located. All IRS agents have been given instructions to never provide this information to any one asking for it. Thus, the true identity of the IRS agent is never established. Pretty convenient, huh!

Second, the bank and your employer fail to request a copy of the “Pocket Commission” from the IRS agent. Every IRS agent receives what is called a “Pocket Commission”. This “Pocket Commission” identifies the IRS agent’s authority as to his/her actions. The most common “Pocket Commission” is what is called “Administrative”. This is identified with a capital “A” on their identity card. This means that this IRS agent can shuffle paperwork all day, but he/she does not have any “Enforcement” authority whatsoever.

The other “Pocket Commission” is what is called “Enforcement”. The word “Enforcement” might convey the message that this IRS agent actually has unlimited authority to “Enforce” something against American Citizens. That is not the case at all. They have an extremely limited scope of authority. In fact, they cannot enforce anything against American Citizens.

Both the bank and your employer fail to request a copy of the “Pocket Commission” from the IRS agent in order to establish the authority of the IRS agent. I am fairly confident that all agents that send out notices to banks and employers have an “Administrative Pocket Commission”. Thus, both your bank and your employer steal your money and send it to a Terrorist Agency known as the IRS.

Thirdly, the bank and your employer fail to request a copy of the actual assessment on form 23C. Again, never in the history of this country has an American Citizen been assessed an Income Tax on a form 23C. Without this so-called assessment on this specific form, form 23C, there is no debt. So the bank and your employer fail to verify this alleged debt and thus, steal your money.

Fourth, the bank and your employer fail to request of copy of the “Abstract of the Court Judgment”. This document would show that you were actually sued by the IRS and that you had your day in court. The Seventh Amendment of the Bill of Rights of this Constitution for the united States of America guarantees you the Right of Trial by Jury in any controversy where the amount shall exceed twenty dollars. Of course, you were never sued and you never had your day in court. Thus, your Due Process of Law Rights are totally violated and again, you are further enslaved to the Federal Reserve Bank.

So then, we come to the end of the Rabbit Hole. You have never owed any money to the IRS. The IRS is simply the enforcer, the debt collector for the Federal Reserve Banking System. However, because you are using a private credit system, wherein the medium of exchange are fancy pieces of paper called Federal Reserve Notes, you owe the Federal Reserve Bank a “user fee”.

By way of information, the IRS does not have a bank account wherein your tax payments are deposited. All of your tax payments are deposited into the bank account of the Federal Reserve Bank in one region or another.

The Federal Reserve Banks and the IRS constitute the single largest sting operation, the single largest fraud and the single largest swindle in the history of the World.

In order to keep this "Alice in Wonderland" illusion going, the so-called "government" developed an entire industry to support and perpetuate this fraud. The tax preparation industry. Tax preparers, accountants, so-called Certified Public Accountants, self proclaimed financial gurus advising about tax loopholes, etc., etc.

All the current paycheck garnishments in the entire country could be stopped by having your employer request the above mentioned documents, to wit:

  1. A copy of the Driver’s License of the IRS agent
  2. A copy of the “Pocket Commission” showing the authority of the IRS agent
  3. A copy of the assessment shown on form 23C against the American Citizen
  4. A copy of the “Abstract of the Court Judgment” that verifies that you had a trial by jury.

As Sheriff of San Miguel County, I will provide educational classes to the County Clerk and the employers who are currently garnishing wages and paychecks to identify areas where they may have broken the law and unwittingly stolen their employees Federal Reserve Notes and thus committed “Conversion of Property”, a second degree felony.

Furthermore, I will work closely with the County Clerk through education and knowledge so that the Clerk can stop breaking the law and committing financial terrorism against the Citizens of San Miguel County.

When the Citizens of San Miguel County elect me as their new Sheriff in town, I will ban the IRS from San Miguel County, and if I catch an IRS agent within the boundaries of the county, without my permission, I will arrest them for TRESPASSING.

- Rico S. Giron, Future Sheriff of San Miguel County


Anonymous said...

I was interested in this article and decided to check out form 23C on the internet. I was referred to the IRS website which I read that goes against the article. The site states that any taxpayer that tries to use the 23C argument will be referred to the Frivolous Return Program and civil or criminal penalties could be applied. This is the website

Anonymous said...

"Congress can pass both private laws and public laws." Remember the FRN is good for all debts PUBLIC and PRIVATE. So, the public is being held liable for a private debt. The public and the private are not supposed to mix. But here they seem to. The Levy is held by a judge on the private side, and the notice of Levy is sent into the public.. The part about having to get the county sherif into it seems to be correct..

Anonymous said...

Everyone in America should print this out and send it to the IRS. This should also go to every person who pays taxes.
Get the word out to America.

Anonymous said...

This is all "TRUE". When I lived in Detroit I was "AUDITED" by the I.R.S. I showed up with a case like the Pilots carry. I opened it up and took out a Tape Recorder. I set it on the desk and hit the "record" button. They said I could not record the session. I said I could. They then said,"This 'AUDIT' is over. I shut the tape off put it back in the case and left and was never bothered again.

Anonymous said...

An I.R.S agent walked into my office one day, a big burly guy,identified himself and ask me did I owe XYZ company any money, I said no, he said that xyz company went Bankrupt and they owed the I.R.S $175,000 and on XYZ Companies accounts receivable's my Company was shown as owing xyz $3200.00, I said, well they were paid and I don't owe them any money.

The I.R.S. agent said well I've already levied your bank account for the $3200.00, you've got 9 months to prove you don't owe xyz any money, the burden of proof is on you I went%&^$#@(*&^ and he just laughed at me and just walked off.

I went to my see my Banker and ask him how he let the guy get away with that, my banker said the I.R.S. guy came into the bank screaming and making a scene and calling me a crook and he wanted his money right now!!! I learned my first lesson about the power of the world's largest collection agency and about the commission that Agent earned off clipping me for $3200.00, I got my money back 9 months later minus any interest of course