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Ben Fulford's - Video 4-20-11

Ben Fullford!

Transcript from 4/20 Video
Thanks to dandomina for the original translation and video:)
Benjamin’s words:
“I have obtained some insider information from international organizations such as FSD(successor of KGB) MI6, Japanese security police, and the Vatican. I came to the conclusion that Japan’s earthquake has been caused by an atomic bomb placed 10km under the sea by the drilling ship called Chiku-Maru. This nuclear soap opera was invented in order to hide actual radiation from the atomic explosion and to blackmail the Japanese government for money.
Essentially, this is part of our battle for control of the financial system. Our international group has attempted to take over from this inbred Mafia group. This earthquake was counterattack and Japan has become the victim. They know the US is close to bankruptcy.
Now the US Embassy, some faction of gangsters, and some high ranking prosecuters are sell “grey” US dollars as well as Iraqi dinars now in Japan, the currencies of which are owned by Clinton and Bush. I can confirm this. Hey Hilary Clinton, if you disagree, bring me to court. This is true. In short, they have the rights to create money, but who gave this to them? Nobody. This is simply a scam and I really want you to understand this point clearly. A small number of private individuals control the authority to print money. Then they use most of the money for wars and other trouble. We have requested this, and that’s why they attacked Japan.
We have investigated this matter for a long time with some “nice People” from Interpol, CIA, etc. We have confirmed their headquarters is located at the Vatican Bank. The head of this organization is the former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Peter Hans Kolvenbach. They stay inside the Vatican but they are not Christian. They believe in a Sun God, Lucifer (Satan)
Since the assasination of JFKennedy, they have obtained the authority for printing money.
I have a friend who is a physics professor who shows me his Geiger counter and I confirmed the value of radiation is very normal here in Tokyo, only 240km distance from the Fukushima Nuclear plants. This is far from the Chernobyl disaster. Everything is propaganda to promote fear and panic. It is so obvious if you see China and Russian media coverage. They have confirmed no danger. By contrast, some US and European media has pressured Japanese foreign offices not to hide the “fact” in order to spread fear and panic all over the world. As a matter of fact, some Americans are more scared than the Japanese. Japan is OK without fear and panic at the moment. Increasing level 7 is completely propaganda for the purpose of fear and panic. I drink tap water from Tokyo as you can see. The water is completely fine. Actually, I used to drink bottled water before the earthquake, but know I love to drink tap water to prove it.
By the way, Hilary Clinton came to Japan today (4/17) I got a call from a gangster informant saying Clinton, Bush, and some high ranking prosecutors who bellied? Ichiro Ozawam a faction of the gangsters are selling Iraqi dinars in Japan now. In terms of the exchange rate, before the invention…1 dinar was 3.8 USD. During the Iraq invasion the dinar went down to 2 cents(0.02 USD) Then Bush and Clinton bought most of the dinars!! Now, they are selling Iraqi dinars not only in Japan, but all over the world. US embassies around the world are now selling local and US currencies from their contigency funds. They have saved up a lot of money for emergency. They have to do this as they are on the verge of bankruptcy.”
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