Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NEEDS 1 UPGRADE - last day April 30th

April 30th WILL be the last day for Needs Group placement upgrade to Needs 1 per the below posting. This option will end April 30.

DIRE STRAITS Relocation can be done anytime based on changed circumstances. Please advise an OPC angel per your immediate needs. This will always remain as an open option for those who really need it.

There are several levels whereas funds will be distributed in the following order:

NEEDS 4 -- approx 4000 board numbers from the top

May GOD Bless You and Yours,

John MacHaffie - HIS humble servant



Robert Schallmo said...


I truly appreciate the effort you have put into this OP Compassion operation to help donors to connect with people. I would love to donate but my situation is HOT DIRE STRAITS at the moment. I am currently 3 months behind in my mortgage, the IRS has liens on me for $133k ,I owe credit cards $30k and they put liens on my property, I am embarrassed to say I depend on food stamps , fuel assistance and anything else they will help me with. I am at my wits end and my family is suffering due to the slow economy. I have a wife and 6 kids ( one out on her own). At this time I am only asking to be bumped up to hot dire straits due to my circumstances. I've never experienced the burden that I'm going through now in my life. I've always worked and was a good provider but this is what our Government is doing to us, bringing us to slavery. Please help, Thank you.

John MacHaffie said...

To those requesting an upgrade to Dire Straits, Contact your OPC contact person (the one that requested updated contact info).