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Dinar Intel Update - 4/29/11

Found on website this morning.

* Bank Rumor: Found on Just4Dinar 4/29/11

APRIL 29, 2011 02:53pm

I have been in the background now for about 2 months. I am not
one to post something I heard, or someone I know who said their
third cousin to a second marriage said….you know what I mean.

My wife and I just came back from a small Fifth Third branch office
in SW Florida. We went there to open another business account.
This Branch usually has 3-4 employees at any given time.

Today there was well over 12 of them!

We asked what was up and one said, “Oh there is just a lot of us
to handle your needs.”

While sitting there we overheard another couple talking to a teller
about the Iraqi Dinar. The teller was talking a lot to them.

I then went up to another teller and asked if there was any
movement on the Iraqi Dinar.
She then told me this:

"I am only hearing bits and pieces, but it looks like it is RV’ing
She said this other couple is talking about it too.

So I introduced myself to them and low and behold, they were
getting the same information from the teller they were working with!

Now, I was in B of A on Tuesday of this week and they also had
about 4-5 times the people there. I wire my funds from there to buy
my Dinar.

Upon trying to leave, I was greeted by the assistant manager,
manager and head teller. They REALLY want to work with me and
help me any way they can!

Now, like I said earlier, THIS HAPPENED TO ME TUESDAY AND

This is what happened to ME, this is what I KNOW, and THIS IS

Take it to the bank!

~ ~ ~ ~

Well, we all know that TOMORROW is here ... and so far we have
heard nothing ... so just sit tight and don't despair ...

* Dinar Daddy Chat: DDC 4/29/11

April 29th, 2011 05:54 pm · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info), TIDBITS (Dinar Daddy Info)

DinarDaddy: Thank you all for understanding that I couldn’t make it last night. I flat out have too much on my plate right now, and need a few weeks to sort it all out. I guess 1 1/2 years of running at a very rapid pace has finally caught up to me in other areas, and it’s time to take care of those things as well.

DinarDaddy: so, thank you for joining me on a Friday night

DinarDaddy: I want my mods to know that I am very grateful to them for holding down the fort for me. They are rocks, and I’m humbly indebted to them for their service to this site

DinarDaddy: This is in moderated chat, so anyone wishing to ask questions, or say something, may do but, but your post won’t show up automatically. It will only show up if I approve it to show up.

DinarDaddy: I’ll be opening this up for all of you to ask me any questions you wish, but only after a short announcement session that I feel inclined to share first on my own. After that, I’ll start taking your questions.

DinarDaddy: First off, I will NOT be doing chat for the next couple of weeks. I have some business I need to take care of next week that will ONLY allow me time to post to the site, and take care of the basic info-share of the site. Any extras… i.e. SMS Weekly Update, SMS Daily Dose, Tues and Thurs Chat sessions, Dashboard, and so on will NOT be done next week.

DinarDaddy: I’m sorry for that, but I just can’t do it all, so something had to give.

DinarDaddy: The one extra thing that I WILL do however, is The Weekly Tidbit. I WILL be sending out the weekly newsletter, as that information is mostly provided by others, so it won’t be too taxing on me

DinarDaddy: I posted last night that I also would NOT be doing Tidbits Radio next week or the following.

DinarDaddy: Between life needing my attention, and a move (yes, I finally lost my home to foreclosure), I need to take care of my family and other things for a couple of weeks. So, please give me your understanding and support that way. I can assure you, I will be all over it once these next couple of weeks are over

DinarDaddy: I did have an excellent conversation with Scooter and Rudy in this past week’s Tidbits Radio… some very informative AND funny moments.

DinarDaddy: Tom Hansen of Safe Worlds and Clint Coons of Anderson Advisors were also with me. I was frustrated with the quality of conversation with Clint. He was in Hawaii on his cell phone, and it was just bad. I may have to have him on when he’s on a land line to have a do over.

DinarDaddy: I announced earlier I also have put up the entire show (you can skip over parts that you don’t like.. or are poor sound quality) on YouTube channel…

DinarDaddy: The Rudy and Scooter section was the last 60 minutes, almost to the second

DinarDaddy: To my daily dosers (SMS subscription type), I offer my apology, but I will NOT be sending out many texts for the next week. I will send them when I can, but please understand I’ll do it when I can

DinarDaddy: We’ll get on track soon enough.

DinarDaddy: Rudy and Scooter had FANTASTIC INFO on the show. They stated they feel it will go down between now and May 15th… at least that’s their serious window of opportunity for this investment. I’ll be keeping a close eye out

DinarDaddy: I have no new info… have NOT searched for it to be honest, or asked for new info… intentionally. That may sound strange, but I feel this will happen when we least expect it, and no amount of extra harassing of others that I do will bring it forward faster. I just have needed to breathe easy again, and this investment has really taken a toll on me, and I just need to take it easy for a bit. I keep in touch with everyone and such, but I’m not asking the questions one would think I should be asking. I know I will know when they do, so it’s not a big deal.

DinarDaddy: Breitling will be taking over my chats for the next couple of weeks, so you should get a new burst of info and intel coming your way while I’m taking a break. He’s fantastic, and I know that in many ways, he’ll offer more insight than I will during that time

DinarDaddy: Just so you all know…. I am VERY GRATEFUL to all of you… and for this incredible opportunity to be part of this world-changing event. I believe in it as much as any other out there. I’ve given all I have to this effort (from OUR perspective), and as such, I don’t have much else to say…. using Breitling’s “body language” example, one might say that my “body language” says few are as great a believer as I am in this opportunity. I don’t need to give specifics or details for people to know how I feel.

DinarDaddy: Right now, my “body language” is tired, and I’m needing to create some balance for a bit. I’ll be back strong in a couple of weeks, but I just need this time to recover and deal with other issues in my life. Again, I’m right here, and will be providing you all that I normally do intel/info wise, but need a break from all the other self-assigned duties.

DinarDaddy: OK… enough about me… let’s get into the questions, then I’ll turn it over to BREITLING to give you INFO…

bullheadedjack: i am new to this whole investment thing and i am wondering when i can see some hard evidence of the rv happening in the next week as some people are saying

DinarDaddy: there’s plenty “hard evidence” things are moving in that direction, but no one, and I mean no one, will be given a heads-up with actual physical evidence this is going down in the next week. Sorry, but just won’t happen

Goin2Sizzler: Will you comment on the auctions over the last few days?

DinarDaddy: Let me explain something about “auctions”… they are a mechanism of the CBI to help control inflation… The CBI will either BUY BACK notes or NOT BUY BACK notes based on what economic indicators tell them. Don’t read too much into the auctions, as all they do is tell you the CBI is active keeping inflation where they feel it needs to be. If you see little activity, then you be assured, things are looking good for the CBI, as they indicate they are satisfied with what is happening with inflation. There’s much more detail about that, but that’s the jist.

beautyjones: On May 4 it is something happening in London with the currencies. Do that have something to do with the Iraqi dinar RV?

DinarDaddy: Well, on May 5th, Iraq’s DFI Funds officially are on the “chopping block” and are no longer protected according to some information, so that would be a very nice and coincidental date dont you think?

real_vixen: Good evening DD hope you and your family had a happy easter… my question…my understanding that the hold up on rv is still…. chapter 7, hcl, dfi the ministries. etc….. my hopes are for maybe end of may or end of june… IYO???? still hoping june/july/august…

DinarDaddy: i say back in late Feb / early March, that end of june was my new target date due to DFI extension, but somehow, and I don’t understand it, May 5th became the new date. Maybe Breitling can address it

Breitling: Hi Rog

DinarDaddy: hey my friend… thank you for being here!

Srfr4God: What is your take on the Law on the Protection of the Nation Product? Wouldn’t that be part of the rv definitively affective the import of products?

DinarDaddy: I’ll pass that to Breitling for later

alohamike: Are you gearing up for Utah?

DinarDaddy: I’ll be ready for the cash-in in SLC when it’s time.

bullheadedjack: thoughts and prayers are with you on all you have to do dd God bless you and your family

DinarDaddy: thank you

captkm: DD the most asked question I see is about the “3 zeros”. So many are confused. IN YOUR OPINION if someone has a $25k dinar note and it RVs at $1-1 IQD taking in to consideration the lifting of zeros, how much would they expect to receive?

DinarDaddy: this has been asked to death. I held a Tidbits Radio broadcast with Breitling last week on this subject, and I wrote about it as well within my “Tidbits” section of my site. You should go and listen to the radio show and read what I’ve written. I’m confident you’ll find all the insight you could possibly ask for on the subject

irishoman: iyo do any of the “bank rumors” hold any truth?

DinarDaddy: Many hold truth for the sharer, or the person who experienced what they’ve shared, but the reality is too many people read into things that just aren’t there. I don’t place much weight into rumors coming out of banks..

jenden: Welcome back DD. What is your opinion on the RI/RV this coming week? I read Frank’s conf call post and it sounds positive…

DinarDaddy: I don’t do rates and dates anymore. I just don’t

DinarDaddy: … sorry… I have windows, and nothing more… We’re in my current window.. between now and the end of June

bullheadedjack: is it true that they are done everything and we are all just waiting for the announcement of the rv

DinarDaddy: some say that. IMO, if all was finished, then it would be here. LOL!

real_vixen: Roger sorry about your loss, feel your pain… now maybe some people will stop making accusations about you trying to make money on your sights. and know you are just a regular guy invested in this also… hats off to you and your mods and good luck to you and your family

DinarDaddy: Thank you. People have NO CLUE what they are talking about… most of the time… on these sites

beachsnake98: I’m hearing S has a big meeting scheduled for Saturday am with Parliament, can you shed any light on this subject?

DinarDaddy: I know nothing of this information. Please ask this question of Breitling when I’m finished

j_dubya: I know Breitling has his own blog now that I have been checking out. Does Scooter have somewhere that he posts regularly?

DinarDaddy: No… Scooter is the resident VAGABOND.. lol! Scooter will LAUGH when he read this! He posts on Dinar Vets, Dinar Daddy’s Chat, The GET Team, Stardogger, Just4Dinar, One Dinar, and probably other sites. He’s an equal opportunity “Guru”.

DinarDaddy: You should definitely all go and check out Breitling’s blog… I trust his information more than just about anyone else in this investment. I know his heart and trust his judgement. LINK

dramamama: Obvious question that I know you are all asking…what do you think we are still waiting for? What has to happen yet?

DinarDaddy: Parliament will still need to pass the law allowing the currency to be raised in value.. that’s thte obvious answer. Beyond that, they have stipulations they were suppose to meet as a nation that they still haven’t… i.e. complete government… for one. So, many say things are done, but I say…. NO THEY AREN’T. Until we see the RV, then at least one final things hasn’t been done… that being PULL THE TRIGGER!

LilMomma87: Hey DD I really Don’t have a question I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. I am so sorry for the trials you are facing right now but keep your chin up it will be all over one day On behalf of myself and my family Id like to let you know that you do need a break. All of us take one from time to time and its something that has to be done or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Have a great time off and Bless you and your family

DinarDaddy: thank you

the_buzz_man: What is your take on the banks stopping the dinar sales…first 5/3 and now possibly Capital One? All positive signs?

DinarDaddy: My take is that people have been harassing banks to death, and finally corporate has come down because they didn’t want to get caught up in the “speculation” game. They are BANKS… leave that stuff to currency dealers and exchange counters.

Dinar-Dough: DD, If we cash in in SLC – Will we meet you personally?

DinarDaddy: Anyone cashing in at the SLC location will meet me personally, as I will be running that office. I intend to shake as many hands as I can.

Jungle_Cat: DD where do you stand on the rate do you feel the same as Breitling at a buck to euro??

DinarDaddy: I’d pass out and slobber all over myself (LOL) if it came in at that rate. It came back to me that many on another site or two were “upset” at the “rumor” that .86 was the rate. Are you kidding me?! That would be HUGE!!! People need to relax about date and rate. If it came out at a dollar, a person who invested barely over $1000 would make close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS on their investment… are you kidding me?! You’d be upset about that?

DinarDaddy: Sorry Jungle… didn’t mean to take it out on you, but the reality is that people need to get a grip and realize what’s before it. Whether, an investment of one thousand dollars, we make $10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000, ANY of those is a MASSIVE RETURN. Please be aware of what this is all about and be grateful

Srfr4God: How come this site has the best Mods ever?

DinarDaddy: Cause they are drawn to class and respect and truth… that starting with Tenmillion here.


DinarDaddy: lol!

dragbikewillie: Greetings ! Is it true that we will only have to pay 16.5 % on what we turn in ?..Thanks !

DinarDaddy: I’m not a tax guy… give that question to your tax attorney post or pre-RV

DinarDaddy: OK everyone.. I have to run, but I want you all to know I’m still all over it for you. I just need to get a few other things done too. Breitling, please take over the question answering. Ten, please move Breitling to moderated chat status. Thank you everyone! God bless and my our Heavenly Father wrap you up in his loving arms and protect you.

Go Dinar! – Dinar Daddy

Dinar Daddy Chat~


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