Thursday, April 21, 2011


John's Comments - I personally know Chuck and will vouch for his credibility. Good Man!

I have just received this email.

Charles Seabert


I've been asked to send out instructions to everyone I know who is involved with the PP programs. These are the instructions as I have been told - they could change.

As of April 15th, 12:01 am, we became sovereign individuals - this is the date of our official emancipation.

Level 4 participants went to the bank last Friday night. Which means we are next. And yes, it's been a long time coming, but seems like we are there. We will soon learn that this has been the biggest battle in Earth's history, and we have won! This is not about us becoming rich and another group of elite; it is about equitable distribution of wealth throughout the world, and a change to constitutional, common law around the world. Once 70% of the Level 4 people have been to the bank, arrests at the highest levels of this country will begin; once those are done, announcements will be made and our deliveries begin. This obviously is for our protection. We must have the arrests in order to accept our gifts - our lives would be in danger otherwise.

No longer are we to include any words prior to our signature, at the door or at the bank. However, make sure you have an indelible blue ink pen to sign your documents with. DO NOT use black as it can be hard to distinguish on copies.

You will be under non-disclosure immediately upon receipt of your bank letter. You cannot talk on the phone about deliveries, names of any programs, prosperity programs, letter at the door, I received, knock at the door, etc. This is serious and they are tapping phones. The non-disclosure may be from 30 to 90 days. We feel this is just training for us to learn to be quiet about having money.

Have two photo IDs ready for at the door, and also for when you go to the bank. If you cannot drive to the bank yourself, ask for a car to be sent for you. When you go to bank, be prepared for about 2 1/2 hours; on your first visit you will receive $3 mil. Do not take out the whole amount - You must leave in more than $1 million dollars in order to keep your account open so that you may continue to receive funds through that account.

DO NOT TELL THE BANKERS THE SOURCE OF YOUR FUNDS. On your first visit, ask for the Black American Express card, at least 20 to 25 CCC letters (clean, clear and non-criminal funds), even if you have to pay for them - you will need them, and ask for the sovereign worldwide passport application. You can have your passport photos with you, and fill out that application there or bring it home with you. You will receive more documentation - take it home and read it carefully, write down questions and ask them upon your next visit to the bank. Get copies of everything you sign. Accompany officers when they make copies. Act like the wealthy person you are. The bankers are there for you, and should be most accommodating. If they are not, ask to work with someone else.

You cannot bring an attorney or financial adviser with you to the bank.

You will receive more money on the second visit, and the big balance available on the third visit. More money will be coming in on a quarterly basis for 10 to 15 years at 6% annual interest (per information, don't know more at this time), as long as you give money away. Give the highest amount suggested. This will impact how much you receive in the future.

Earth changes are coming. Your bank may be in an area that will experience earth changes. Since you will be depositing your gold certificate with the bank, ask who is in charge, and who is in charge of that person and how to contact them should the bank encounter a catastrophe. Also find out what will happen to your funds should you die - can you designate who or where the funds go to.

All mortgage loans will be zeroed out after announcements; all foreclosures for the last 10 years will be returned or reimbursed to the owners; judges have been and are being trained in constitutional law - no more attorneys; all real estate will be held in allodial title; new technology will be revealed; and healing for all disease revealed and made available; peace will be declared and all our troops will be returned home. Give thanks for your blessings!


Anonymous said...

This is what we have all been waiting for. I am not in the pp programs, but I am sick of the lies deceipt and fraud I am fighting in this kangaroo court system,we presently have, run by the crooks in the BAR. We all need the truth and it will set us FREE.
GOD BLESS the dejure united States of America.

Anonymous said...

I think BLACK ink is better for copies not BLUE ink

Bill said...

I hope this is true, we have indeed waited a long time for this. All we can do is hope and pray. Planet Earth needs a major change.

Anonymous said...

red ink is for the living man , not the strawman.

Anonymous said...

i have moved to a new state...same email, but new addy...what can i do?

are we still waiting as of july 6th?


Anonymous said...

Yeah.I have moved several times.How do you update info?