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Message from SaLuSa for 15 April 2011

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Message from SaLuSa for 15 April 2011

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Date: Friday, 15-Apr-2011 06:44:11

Message from SaLuSa for 15 April 2011

SaLuSa 15-April-2011

It would be quite in order to call this year the “Becoming Year” because with all of the work you have put in to get here, you are ready to translate it into results. You have gained so much experience over many lives that your consciousness levels have risen. Now you can reach towards the next opportunity to rise even higher as you prepare for Ascension. The next key time will be 11.11.11 that can be looked upon as a high point, when some of you will become more psychic and sensitive to the energies around you. For some of you your telepathic abilities will become active, and you will find that you can communicate with both humans and animals. Going into 2012 that will be the year of completion and your personal abilities will grow, and by the time of Ascension you will be ready to take your place as a Galactic Being. That represents a great leap forward from where you are now, and comes with the change in your carbon based physical bodies, to ones that are crystalline.

As you will understand so much is taking place, to ensure that you are ready in time for Ascension. You are looked upon as very special Beings, who were prepared to leave the beauty and splendor of the higher dimensions. It was to become “lost” and then find yourselves again, and also your immutable link with God. In doing so your experiences have enabled you to evolve so much more quickly, and at the same time the knowledge used for any soul desiring to enter the lower dimensions. You took up the challenge out of your love for God, and desire to be of service to others. This is quite normal and in our case service is given through the activities of the Galactic Federation. Depending on how far you have evolved and which qualities you have developed, there are also many other groups and numerous councils you can join. Life will be extremely enjoyable, and there are never ending opportunities to follow your own pursuits. For example if you are artistic you will still be able to follow your interests. However, you will find it so much more fulfilling, as you will be able to incorporate your creative powers. Everything is literally alive and will respond to you.

When you feel that matters are overpowering you and your troubles mount up, take strength from knowing how much is waiting for you in the very near future. Time ever speeds up and there is little left before you start to see it materializing before you. Already the old ways and the things you have got used to are changing, but you are yet to see what is going to take its place. You have of course been informed of what is in store for you, but even so it is difficult to convey exactly how it will be. The biggest changes will occur within you, as life becomes an absolute joy without the drudgery and lack of fulfillment you experience now. Eventually all those worries about surviving, having sufficient means to live comfortably, and have a stress free life will be yours. You are to reclaim your rights that have been denied you for so long, and life will become exactly as it was intended.

Coming back to your present day, you are experiencing the last attempts of the dark Ones to stall progress and cause as much chaos as possible. Fortunately we are aware of their plans, and whilst we cannot necessarily stop what they are doing we can prevent it from escalating. The exception will come when we are authorized to impose the deadline that will put a complete stop to their activities. As you might expect that time approaches quite quickly and will be a momentous occasion. We do however hope to have convinced the dark Ones they should withdraw before that time arrives, as we will always first seek a peaceful solution, Even so, we use our authority in a non-aggressive way and have very persuasive powers. This is why we have strict rules in respect of our intent to make a mass landing, as we do not wish to cause confrontation. The conditions must be right and the timing such that you are aware of our coming, and that it is welcomed. Some people object to the idea, but that is more out of fear than reasoned thinking. We expect that by then many contacts will already have been made, and our presence and reasons for joining you will have been clearly explained.

Slowly but surely people are waking up to the futility of war, and the move towards putting a permanent stop to them is gaining pace. Clearly it cannot be achieved overnight, but when sufficient of you raise your consciousness to that level there will be a response. We have told you many times of the power you have when you come together in thought and words. So direct your focus onto positive changes and visualize a successful outcome. With so much promised to you there is no reason to entertain fear, and we shall always oversee whatever is happening. We are there to stop matters getting out of hand, and quite often do our work unseen and unheard. One day you will learn a lot about our activities, and how we have followed your progress for thousands of years. There is nothing new in what we do for you, and as Galactic policeman we have many responsibilities within your Universe.

Dear Ones, you have been through a lot of hardships over many lives, but you always subconsciously knew that they would come to an end. That time has arrived and you will soon experience better days, and enjoy a life that leaves you happy and contented. It will be a taste of things to come, never to return to the days of old. It is all well planned and we cannot fail to complete our mission, and have behind us representatives of many great civilizations that support us when needed. Amongst them are the most illustrious Beings of Light that guide us and also ensure your destiny is assured. We believe that you are just beginning to understand your godliness, and true spiritual nature. That awareness will continue to grow and with it come a more balanced outlook, as hitherto the physical side of life has been too dominant.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and with all of the events taking place on Earth; we are quite busy keeping matters in check. We do course wish to commence with the major changes we are involved in, and we are still able to complete them in time for your benefit. We are never left wanting as there is so much back up within our Federation. The task we have is formidable yet well within our capabilities, and of course we have the advanced technology to go with it. There is also advanced technology already being secretly used on Earth, and some of it will surface and reach you before ours does.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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