Friday, April 15, 2011

RADSTCKERS for Radiation

An email friend of ours just sent us 2 of these rad stickers. They are about the size of a postage stamp and are extremely valuable to
detect high doses of radiation. Can last for years. They cost $5 ea, you can search and find them easily. Place them in your wallet or purse
for quick detection. Go the the link provided to see how it actually works.....very interesting.

RADSticker™ in Japan on Fox News recently here.


(Restricted to U.S. customers only!)

RADSticker™ peel & stick, postage stamp sized, instant color developing dosimeter, is always ready and with you 24/7, stuck onto the back of your drivers license or anything you keep close, for any future radiation emergency.

Non-electrical, reliable, rugged and useful for determining radiation exposure and if medical treatment required in a major radiological incident, such as a nuclear or dirty bomb explosion, nuclear power plant accident or mishandled radiation sources. "Based on information available to the NRC, an average of approximately 375 sources or devices of all kinds are reported lost or stolen each year in the U.S. -- that is, roughly one per day."NRC

RADSticker™ can help you to minimize additional radiation exposure to As Low As Reasonably Achievable, ideally <100 rads, as that's 100% survivable for healthy adults, if not exceeded. "Very few of those receiving acute doses (received within 24 hours) of less than 100 R would become sick, even briefly."NWSS However, govt agencies advise to try to limit your normal exposure to 5 rad per year and 25 rad for lifetime and emergency workers to 50 rad. 10 11 (Limits lower for children & fetuses.)

Wider public adoption of RADStickers™ will empower First-Responders then to quickly triage those actually exposed in need of medical attention, from the sea of people who will naturally feel sick just from worry and fear of radiation exposure during a crisis without a RADSticker™ to tell them otherwise. "It is an essential and urgent step in the protection of our public from a nuclear or radiological event that every person have this inexpensive and appropriate RADSticker™ to both ensure them they need not panic about radiation exposure, or to alert the very few who might be approaching a serious dose to take shielding. It is the most important step to filling the current gap in radiological civil defense and education of the public."

Allen Brodsky, Sc.D., CHP, CIH, Diplomate, American Board of Radiology, Adjunct Professor of Radiation Science, Georgetown University

- Senior Scientist at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), McLean, VA.
- Senior Health Physicist at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Washington, DC
- Radiation Hazards Physicist at U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Washington, D.C.
- Physicist, Radiological Defense Officer at Federal Civil Defense Administration, Region 2, Olney, MD.
- Head, Health Physics Unit at Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C

RADSticker™ is made under U.S. Patents #7,227,158; 7,476,874 and others. The technology was developed with multimillion dollar funding from several U.S. agencies, such as DHS, DOD, DOJ, DOS, DHHS and TSWG and was field tested by the DHS with 800 first responders in the states of NJ, NY and IL. Technical info here. YouTube Video Presentation and Live Radiation Test of RADSticker here.

For Orders < 1,000 RADStickers™ - See Dealers Linked Below To Buy!

For Govt, NPO, and Dealer Inquiries > 1,000 - Contact Shane Connor

- Exclusively manufactured for, and available at, KI4U, Inc., for USA market.
- Restricted to U.S. customers only!
- Slide show and video of RADSticker™ here.
- RADSticker™ manual here.
- RADSticker™ manufacturer tech details here.
- Note: 5 RADStickers™ incl in 'The Package' below.
- In-Stock at dealers listed below!

They will try to sell you a big package of books on radiation, other stuff.......just tell them you are only interested in the RADStickers.
This is the site address I got the information from, but I understand you can get it from site, too. This one does not charge shipping, but I do not know about this site:

KI4U, Inc.
212 Oil Patch Lane, Gonzales, TX 78629
(830) 672-8734 8:00 AM-5:00 PM CST
(but try us anytime)

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