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Message from SaLuSa for 13 April 2011

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Message from SaLuSa for 13 April 2011

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Date: Wednesday, 13-Apr-2011 08:30:32

Message from SaLuSa for 13 April 2011

SaLuSa 13-April-2011

We say again what wonderful souls you all are and admire your dedication to see out the challenges that have been presented to you. Having been separated from your Higher Self by the veil of forgetfulness, you have still found the Light within and proceeded to make your way back to full conscious awareness. It has enabled you to make a giant step forward and prepare yourselves for Ascension. With it also comes the ability to be discerning where any information is concerned, and you will be able to determine the truth from the more dubious messages or outright disinformation. Take what resonates with you, and if you pass over genuine information you may be sure it will come your way again. In actual fact, you already have all knowledge within. It sometimes means setting aside what you have been brought up to believe, to allow an opportunity for the truth to be understood. Better still start your quest for the truth by starting with a clean sheet. This way your Guides will be able to reach you and help point you in the right direction. Be assured that for each soul many Higher Beings are working to enlighten them.

Life need not be complicated, but humans have become egotistical and often self-centred. You cannot progress this way without many battles leading to confrontation, and peaceful relationships are hard to reach. The problem is that each one desires to control the other one, and that is a recipe for dissension. When you have reached the stage of treating others as your equal, and can find love in your heart for them, you can handle such situations with patience, calmness and understanding. It takes time to withstand verbal assaults and attempts to control you, but it is possible to let it pass over your heads without any negative emotional response. In time you will find no problem at all in achieving such a calmness, and it goes hand in hand with being able to treat all with Unconditional Love. First however, you must learn to control your emotions, and know that you do not need to be threatening to make your point. Normally humans act first and think afterwards, and that is often too late to avoid the consequences.

Dear Ones, we know it is easy for us to talk about such subjects as self control, but it is a stage you will achieve as your levels of consciousness rise up. The more Light you absorb the calmer you become and your very presence brings peace to those around you. Imagine the beautiful uplifting energy that forms when many souls of a similar disposition get together. Some of you have experienced it and will know how powerful it is. As the many groups grow in numbers all around the world, they become linked together until a gridwork of Light is formed. With the increase in the amount of energy being sent to Earth, it expands exponentially and rapidly lifts the vibration. It means you already have one foot in the fourth dimension, and are leaving the lower dimension behind. If you are intent upon ascending, you will never have had such a golden opportunity to do so.

There is hardly a single message about Ascension that does not mention the Love and Light, and it is because it is essential to your success and ability to return to the higher realms. Each soul is of the Light even if it is subdued, and have the potential to express themselves as a great Being of Love and Light. When you look at another person, see beyond their physical self and know that like every other soul they have the godspark within. You are linked to each other and it is true that what you do to one, you do to all. Collectively you are responsible for where you find yourselves today. Through many lives you have envisioned your future and created the path towards it. It has been up to you as to whether it is was hard or easy, but Man has in recent ages been completely engulfed in the dark energies and almost lost touch with the Light. Fortunately it can never be completely extinguished, and has risen up through the darkness to once again show the way. Now it has become the major force upon this planet, and is rapidly breaking up the lower energies that cannot exist side by side with such power. As you are now seeing very clearly the changes are speeding up and sometimes creating chaos, but it will be short lived.

We of the Galactic Federation are doing what we can to bring a peaceful settlement in the Middle East, but the dark energies have been so embedded in that area it is not an easy task even for us. We cannot impose ourselves upon people, but work to bring peace and stability to a situation. If we were invited to participate that would naturally be different, yet in many ways it is far better if you are seen to overcome your own problems. However, we also answer to the God of this Universe, and carry out God’s commands where you are concerned. God has given you freewill and will not interfere with your decisions, unless the outcome goes beyond your Earth and affects other planets and life forms. The completion of the cycle of duality and Ascension is taking place because God has decreed that it is time for the cycle to be closed, and the next phase of your evolution should commence.

We are therefore like you part of the Great Plan that extends to the whole Universe, in which every planet is involved. All is uplifting into the higher vibrations, and it is a magnificent event and occasion for great celebrations. You too shall enjoy it and your little Earth will be the focus of much attention, as you are well known for your wonderful achievements throughout the time you have been on it. You may have been in quarantine but your development and success in overcoming the dark forces, is generally known. Once we have permission to openly land on Earth, you will eventually see representatives of many types of civilizations. Many will be humanoid but there are also others that are quite different, and all originate from the Source of All That Is.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like my companions are excited that we are so near to meeting you. Yes, it may be some months before we are allowed to make a mass flyover, but contact with you has been going on for many years and will become more open in the immediate future. There are requirements that need to be fulfilled on both sides before it can happen, and there will have to be an agreement as to the right time for disclosure. In making our existence officially recognised, it will allow us to contact you in a more open way. That should lead to our delegations being able to meet with your authorities.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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From the text "Once we have permission to openly land on Earth, you will eventually see representatives of many types of civilizations."

Permission GRANTED