Thursday, November 30, 2017

Anna in Wonderland

By Anna Von Reitz

Forget about sweet little Alice.  This is Grandma Anna reporting from Wonderland.

This morning I was awakened at 4 a.m. with a feeling of uneasiness.  Why?  Because the polarity we have lived with and in for so long is shifting, and yet, the old paradigm persists with great stubbornness and will not yield to any gentle remedy. 

I have given the world a gentle remedy, one that would not hurt anyone--- a simple bookkeeping adjustment that would bring everything back into balance, create a credit-based world economy, and provide for everything anyone on Earth needs to thrive and be happy. 

The only thing standing in the way are illusions of greed and power related to things that don't exist.  Delusions, in other words.  Falsehoods.  Lies.  But even the liars are deceived. 

In a way, among all the strange things I have observed, that is the strangest of all.  You would think that the liars could keep track of their own lies and therefore know the truth, but in fact, they are just as confused as everyone else. Maybe more so. 

Among the infinite number of truisms and adages my Mother faithfully drilled into me is this one: "It's hard to cheat an honest man."  -- and recent events force me to revisit that little proverb from a new perspective. 

It's hard to cheat an honest man because he flat-out isn't interested in any schemes of unjust enrichment, so his own virtue is his safeguard against being embroiled in any scams.

I have known and benefited from that fact first-hand, so that is no mystery to me, but I never paused before to take in the inverse of that little adage: it is easy to cheat a dishonest man---because they aren't thinking straight in the first place. 

And that is what has happened here and throughout the world.  A vast number of dishonest men have fallen victim to their own lies and delusions and willingness to cheat and oppress others. 

They've come to believe their own bull-crap, so they are utterly undone and confused when---guess what?  Their lies turn out to be lies---and nobody could be more disappointed about it than they are?

What I am seeing this morning rather defies and beggars description. 

Washington, DC, as a whole, is waking up to the fact that quadrillions of dollars have been embezzled out of our country by politicians and military officers and so-called "intelligence agencies". 

This is no news to me.  Is it news to you?  Should it be news to anyone in Washington, DC?  Anyone in Peking?  Anyone in Brussels?  After all, these other countries have been on the receiving end of the pipeline. 

They have been benefiting from all this fraud and the plunder being sent home to London and Rome and then dispersed to all the collaborators as part of the Hague Conventions.

I don't think anyone but the slumbering, trusting American people have any right to be surprised, and yet, the "Ant Hill" is swarming and the media black-out is like pitch and the diplomatic couriers are leaving smoking footprints in the snow from here to Belgravia this morning. 

In the midst of this madness, let me suggest an immediate Executive Order ending all mortgage foreclosures in this country?  That would be a logical response to the "discovery" of massive, automated, patented fraud that has been fully admitted on the public record by the perpetrators themselves---would it not? 

What's the point in throwing another six million American families out into the snow just before Christmas, when you know for a fact that the claims against them are all fraudulent? 

What's the point of protecting guilty banks and bankers and lawyers and public officials who have participated in the pillaging of fraudulently created public trusts? 

In the immortal words of Jay Rivera, "It is what it is."

Putting lipstick on the pig, pretending that it is in fact a chinchilla, doesn't change anything.

Stealing from your employers, attacking your own people--- that's just crazy, criminal nonsense. 

President Trump---start with a mortgage foreclosure moratorium. Failing to do so only increases the liability of everyone responsible, both commercially and morally. 

Step two -- call off the Bar Association attack dogs and shut down the District Courts for any activity other than the administration of actual federal business involving actual federal employees and actual federal dependents. Go after actual "federal citizens" all you like, but leave peace-loving Americans who have been conscripted under fraud, force, and duress alone. 

Step three -- return the Magistrate level courts to their proper venue and return the bulk of law enforcement officials to active duty as peacekeeping officers tasked with upholding the Public Law. 

And all the bankers worldwide?  Reconsider my January 6 Mandate.  There are worse things than being forced to do business in an honest way and giving back a portion of profits for good works as a B Corporation. 

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Bundy Ranch Reminder - Ammon to be released today.

Later today Ammon Bundy will be released pending the Bundy trial set to continue December 11th.

Here is one news article about the release scheduled for today.

Cliven Bundy refused to be released while other co-defendants remain in jail.

BUNDY: The TRUE Story the courts will NOT let you hear

The TRUE Story 
the courts will NOT let you hear

Published on Dec 10, 2016

This is the real story the courts will not let you hear, narrated entirely from inside a jail. All 3 parts HD. Narrated by Ammon Bundy. Produced by Gavin Seim. 

This was produced at my own expense; to support costs please donate: You can support the Bundy family at: or

Clips were provided by Seim and the Bundy Family, goverment records, donated by makers or used under the fair use act, 17 U.S. Code § 107. Please share and tell the world this true story.


Judge orders release of Cliven Bundy, son Ammon Bundy and co-defendant Ryan Payne during NV trial

A federal judge Wednesday ordered Nevada cattleman Cliven Bundy, his son Ammon Bundy and co-defendant Ryan Payne be released to house arrest as their 'federal conspiracy trial' (??) is underway in Las Vegas.

But the senior Bundy said he wouldn't accept the release conditions and objected to being let out of custody while other co-defendants in the 'Bunkerville standoff' case still remain behind bars, according to his (DOUCHEBAG) lawyer Bret Whipple.

"Cliven Bundy is a man of principle and the conditions of his release violated his principles,'' Whipple said. "His position is he never did anything wrong so he felt accepting the conditions of his release would be acknowledging wrongdoing.''

The sudden reversal by U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro came at the end of the day, following a sealed court hearing Wednesday morning in which the judge and lawyers from both sides addressed multiple pending defense motions seeking dismissal of the case due to alleged delays or alleged withholding of discovery evidence by the federal government of information that could help in the defendants' case.

"Judge Navarro reevaluated the weight of the evidence and found her concerns were mitigated,'' said Daniel Hill, one of Ammon Bundy's lawyers.
Ammon Bundy is expected to be released between 8 and 9 a.m. Thursday, said attorney J. Morgan Philpot, Ammon Bundy's Utah lawyer. He will stay at a friend's or relative's home in the north Las Vegas area, and won't be allowed to leave Clark County without approval from a pretrial services officer, Philpot said.

Navarro told lawyers she planned to send to Oregon's U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown her proposed conditions for Payne's release before Payne could be released from custody, according to defense lawyers. That's because Payne has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the 2016 armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and awaits sentencing in the Oregon case.

On Wednesday, Navarro ordered Cliven Bundy, son Ammon Bundy and Payne to be released to a third-party custodian, who pretrial service officers have to vet before releasing the defendants. They're expected to be placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring. If Cliven Bundy, 71, doesn't sign a form that he accepts the release conditions, he likely will remain in custody, Whipple said.

Whipple said he's never had a client before object to a judge's release order. "He said I'd prefer to be detained,'' Whipple said. "He's the boss, and I accept his position.''
Ammon Bundy didn't expect a release decision Wednesday, "but we were pleasantly surprised,'' Philpot said.

Cliven Bundy, his two sons and Payne face federal conspiracy, assault and extortion charges, accused of amassing armed supporters to thwart federal rangers and contractors from carrying out court orders to round up Bundy cattle illegally grazing on public land near Bunkerville. A jury trial began Nov. 14 and is expected to last four months.

In the days leading up to the trial, defense lawyers learned for the first time of federal officers on surveillance outside the Bundy Ranch, a camera overlooking the ranch providing live-feed footage to the cattle impound command center and federal threat assessments made of the Bundys prior to the April 2014 standoff.

The defendants have been in custody for almost two years since their arrests in Oregon.

Authorities arrested Cliven Bundy on Feb. 10, 2016, as he got off a plane in Portland to visit his sons. Two weeks earlier, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and Payne had been arrested in the 2016 armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon. Even though Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy were acquitted at trial in federal court in Portland last year, they were then transferred to custody in Nevada to face the federal charges in the 2014 Bunkerville standoff. Payne pleaded guilty in the Oregon conspiracy case and was then transferred to Nevada to face the federal indictment there.

Cliven Bundy's son Ryan Bundy, who is representing himself, was released on the eve of trial, Nov. 13. Trial testimony is scheduled to resume Dec. 11.

Maxine Bernstein


You are your best hope. You hold the key to a different life. Your character and dignity are on the line. 


Bundy Ranch Reminder - Ammon to be released today.

What Scientists Just Found Deep In The Ocean


Probably not a smart move to bring these objects up from the ocean for two reasons:

1)  God detested the worship of these so-called gods/goddesses.  When Jesus passed through Egypt as an infant, history records their statues fell over. 

2)  Because ISIS will destroy such historical objects when possible.  The Bible says the antichrist will be in control of all the treasures of Egypt during the Great Tribulation and ISIS, per Nostradamus, are his troops.  If it's not muslim, it has to be destroyed - in their opinion.


Off the coast of Egypt divers have discovered something that was thought to be lost a long time ago.  It was said that the ancient city of Heracleion was lost under the sea for good.  Well, 1,200 years later, off the bay of Aboukir, this ancient city has finally been discovered.  The city dates back to the 6th century B.C. and holds some of the most beautiful artifacts you could imagine.  Things like grand statues of gods and goddesses standing well over 15 feet tall and carved out of red granite, treasures of gold and rare stones, elaborate temples and enormous tablets.  This find is enormous in the historical preservation community and has been commissioned by museums around the world.  Take a look at this incredible city found underwater.

This is diver Franck Goddio examining the enormous hand carved statue of a pharaoh.  This statue stands roughly 16 feet tall and was found near a large temple under the sea.

Here is the head of a statue carved out of red granite depicting the god Hapi.  Hapi is known as the god of the flooding of the Nile.  Hapi is a symbol of abundance and fertility and has never been discovered at such a large-scale before.

The divers and their team of researchers carefully lift the statue to the surface in order to preserve and protect this piece of history.  It will reside safely in a museum. 

Here the pharaoh, the queen and the god Hapi are laid on the barge next to a temple stele.  The stele dates back to the 2nd century B.C.  It was found broken into 17 pieces.  However, all were found and placed back together.

This gold plaque was found in the southern sector of the city.  The text is written in Greek and acts as a signature for foundation deposits in the name of the king responsible for building this area.  King Ptolemy III (246-222 B.C.) 

In the reflection of this divers mask we see a bronze statue of the god Osiris.  The crown is the typical insignia of power and this statue has eyes adorned with gold sheets. 

Every single detail of this site in Aboukir Bay has been meticulously documented.  Here a diver measures a red granite statue feet below the surface of the ocean. 

A bronze oil lamp in excellent condition.  This dates back to the 2nd century B.C.

Diver Franck Goddio showing off the size of this inscribed stele.  This was ordered to be built by Nectanebo I some time between 378 and 362 B.C. 

The drivers carefully lift the enormous stele out of the water where it has been for well over 1,200 years.

Here the divers carefully inspect a stone full of gold fragments that date back to the 6th century B.C.  I’m amazed that these are still intact. 

This is a shallow gold saucer that was used for drinking and serving. 

This is an absolutely stunning statue
of a Ptolemiac queen found under the bay, most likely Cleopatra II or Cleopatra III dressed as the goddess Isis. 

This red granite statue was also found near the big temple of Heracleion and weighs a massive 4 tons. 

Here is a beautiful artifact, a Graeco-Egyptian statue of a queen carved out of dark stone.

This is the head of a pharaoh statue being raised to the surface.  The statue measures over 5 meters and was carved out of red granite.

A bronze small figure of the pharaoh of the 26th dynasty found at a smaller temple in the underwater city of Heracleion. 

This is an absolutely epic underwater find that has researchers scrambling to this part of the globe to learn about this incredibly beautiful Egyptian cit\;y.  The fact that this city found underwater has been left untouched underwater for so many years is an amazing factor on its own let alone being a find as big as it truly is.  These statues and artifacts are massive and nearly perfectly preserved. The attention to detail in these pieces is truly beautiful and I’m happy to see it being preserved with great care. 

Are You a Hue-Man? The Entrapment Game on a Global Scale

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last year or so I keep knocking into bright-eyed, bushy-tailed idealists preaching about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promoted by the United Nations. 

A "hue-man" by legal definition is not a man (or woman).  It is a "color of Man"--- something that appears to be a man, but not isn't actually, similar to "color of law"-- a statute or other representation that appears to be a law, but isn't. 

Another definition of "human" is "monster"---- a thing, and again, not a man or woman. 

So, are you a "human"?  No. 

Should "humans" have rights?  Arguably not, if they exist.  Why would you give rights to something that only appears to be a man, but which is in fact, a monster--- an animal or a thing only appearing to be a man?

Universal Declaration of Sasquatch Rights?

What does that have to do with the price of beans in China? 

Let me tell you---- it's all about what lawyers call "admissions", and it is the same filthy game that you have already seen before, when they used similar names deceits to get your Mother to agree that you were a "US Citizen".  She admitted it, so it must be true, right?  Even if she was deceived, even if she was coerced, there is a record of accusation called an "information" signed by your own Mother standing against your good name that admitting you are a "US Citizen".

Oh, and also an unwanted bastard child born out of wedlock and cast upon the mercy of the State of Whatever corporation as a ward of the state. 

In fact--- unless you are a federal employee or dependent or political asylum seeker, there is no way that you are now nor ever were a "US Citizen", nor have you ever been a "citizen of the United States"---- but by getting your Mother (and you) to ignorantly sign paperwork agreeing that you are such a "citizen" the vermin have an excuse for treating you as one. 

And that's the whole point of the exercise--- to test you and see if you know who and what you are.  If you don't, you are prey. 

This is how they gain the evidence needed to "presume" against you in court.  This is how they allege that you are liable to pay federal income taxes, that you are obligated to follow all 80 million federal codes and statutes, that you are responsible for paying their public debts, that you are subject to their government, that you are "eligible" (and required) to pay into Social Security (which is their private pension plan) and so on.

If you admit to being a "US Citizen", you are one until you go through a very arduous learning and reclamation process to prove that you aren't in fact a "US Citizen" and don't desire any such foreign political status. 

So that's the Entrapment Game--- get you to ignorantly admit being something you aren't and then take full advantage of the admission. 

It's the same thing with admitting to being a "human". 

If you are not a man, they are justified in treating you as something subhuman, something that merely appears to be a man.  And the whole diatribe about "human rights" is just sop, a means of allegedly providing you with "benefits" that you are already owed anyway, that cost them nothing, in exchange for your admission that you aren't really a man or woman--- and are therefore inferior and subject to them. 

Another common gambit is to call you "Mister" or "Miss" or "Missus" or some other "title"---- titles are a British means to subject people to the rule of their government.  In fact, a "Mister" is either a Midshipman in the British Navy, or a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines, which is, interestingly enough also the definition of a "Withholding Agent". 

I once witnessed an absolutely brilliant defense against tax charges.  It was clear that the man had won his case.  As he was walking out the Judge called him, "Mr. Smith" (not really his name, but you get the point) and he didn't immediately object and he didn't just keep on walking.  The victim turned around and answered politely ----and zap!  Right back into the net, right back into the presumption that he was in fact a "Mister"--- a renegade Withholding Agent who failed to do his duty and didn't give the Queen and the Pope their cut. 

The judge then proceeded to ream him and sentence him on the spot to 3 years in jail and a huge fine---and the poor man had no idea what happened or why. 

Now you know and I know that he admitted to being a "Mister" which then gave the judge the needed prima facie evidence to convict him of tax fraud.

It's the same thing with the word "resident".  US Citizens--- real ones--- can't own land in the states, because they are foreigners merely "residing" here on a temporary basis while they conduct their business of providing "essential government services". 

If you admit to being a "resident" either by calling yourself one or by allowing one of them to apply that description to you, your claim to own your own property (as in a foreclosure case where this is a common ploy) flies right out the window.  Such verbal tricks are the stock and trade of these fraud artists and you must learn to be wary and recognize them and rebut them whenever and wherever they rear their ugly heads.

Any time anyone applies any kind of descriptive label to you--- balk. Object. Even if you are not sure that there is any agenda afoot, object and "demur" anyway. Give yourself the chance to look up the legal meanings of the words or force your opponent to define the meaning of the word for you. 

Anyway, a big thumbs down on "human rights" and a big thumbs up for the natural and unalienable rights of all natural men and woman worldwide.  

Next time someone starts blathering to you about human rights--- you know what to do. 

Look that glazed-over, starry-eyed individual in the eye and with as straight a face as you can manage, say, "Oh! How interesting!  Are you a monster, or just favorable to their cause?" 

See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website here:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Difference

The Difference Between
President Donald Trump

I'd like to report a motorcycle accident.

I'd like to report a motorcycle accident  

Caller:  Hello Police?  I'd like to report a motorcycle accident.   

911 : Any injuries?
 Caller :  Yes, at least 10 passengers on a motorcycle:
Mohammed, Abadhalla, Hassan,  Omar, Youssef, Ahmed, Ali, Hocine, Yadira, Recip.

911:  You do know that making a fake call to 911 is a criminal offense?
Caller :  You don't believe me, watch the video I'm sending you...

U.S. Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is imminent

Katie Pavlich   
Nov 29, 2017
Israeli media is reporting the U.S. Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is imminent. 
Israeli officials  are reportedly expecting US President Donald Trump to make a landmark announcement in the coming days regarding the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing the highly-sensitive holy city as Israel’s capital, according to a local TV report on Wednesday.

The report comes just a day after Trump’s vice-president Mike Pence stated that the President was “actively considering” how and when to move the US embassy.

According to the Hadashot report, the move could take place as soon as Sunday and Trump is instructing officials to prepare for it.
The news comes just one day after Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at the UN commemorating the 70th anniversary of Israel's foundation as a country.

President Trump promised to move the embassy on the campaign trail. Earlier this year, the White House officially postponed the decision to do so and did not indicate when a change would be made.

"While President Donald J. Trump signed the waiver under the Jerusalem Embassy Act and delayed moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no one should consider this step to be in any way a retreat from the President's strong support for Israel and for the United States-Israel alliance," the White House released in a June statement. 

"President Trump made this decision to maximize the chances of successfully negotiating a deal between Israel and the Palestinians, fulfilling his solemn obligation to defend America's national security interests.  

But, as he has repeatedly stated his intention to move the embassy, the question is not if that move happens, but only when."

No word from the White House yet about this latest development.




President Donald J. Trump has been savaged by Democrats, the media and even many Republicans in the Washington establishment (“The Swamp”) for his tireless efforts to change America’s course for the better. 
Isn’t it about time he heard directly from his supporters about how much they appreciate what he has done in his first year? 
Now it’s easy – and free. 
Pick a digital card, personalize it, and send it to President Trump for FREE! 
That’s all there is to it – besides spreading the word to all your friends!
Go to this page and select the card you wish to send.
It's that easy!!


Finally! CLASS has RETURNED to the WHITE HOUSE!!


Trumps Return To White House, Stunned When They Spot 1 Thing Different In Oval Office

Christmas is Back at the White House 
and Some Aren't Happy

What Melania has done is truly amazing and beautiful!  There has never been such a beautiful display for Christmas in the White House as Melania has brought forth for this year's celebration.  The beauty of the decor and the graciousness extended to the guests viewing this magnificent display evidences this great gift the Lord has given to us through the Trump family's heart for our nation and its people.

Despite the grace and beauty of the Christmas decor in the White House, Vogue Magazine has outdone itself with the absolutely critical, hateful and insulting write up in their current magazine.  This video provides evidence of that.  There are many more video reports as you scroll down the internet search page.

Please!  I encourage you - if you have a subscription to Vogue - CANCEL IT PLEASE!  BOYCOTT VOGUE from now on.  

As  Americans, and especially as Christians, if we don't let these enemies in the publishing business/media KNOW that we will NOT accept nor tolerate their continued criticism and insulting attacks on our President, his wife Melania and Barron, and especially the Trumps RIGHT to observe and celebrate Christmas in the manner they so choose while they are in the White House, THEN WHO WILL?  YOU AND I WILL!


At the same time, we can make our voices of approval be heard in the White House by going to:

AND you can make your disapproval heard to VOGUE by notifying the editors to cancel your subscription and/or that you will never purchase one of their magazines or support their advertisers. We can drive Vogue out of business with our boycotts.

Please let Melanie, Barron and President Trump know that you appreciate them and all they are doing on behalf of the American people.  And ..... be sure to tell Melania how proud you are of her as our First Lady, and your appreciation for her having brought Christmas and Christ back in the White House.

Thank you, and God bless you and yours during this Christmas season and always.

Shedding tears of gratitude and joy to the Lord for what He has done for us .......