Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Roger Stone: Massive Intel on Coming Indictments


Anonymous said...

Please tag the following URL to the above video to lend it gravity:

Anonymous said...

End Guantanamo Bay! It's messing up humanity's collective consciousness.

Anonymous said...

fyi: The above site is ripping off Info Wars News, which this video is a copy of.

Check this out: Roy Potter, Deep State Attacks Q: "With this attack on Q, the CIA/Deep State has just verified Q is real and not a LARP or an AI (which it would not be, anyway)." ~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IX-t1I_1iA

Anonymous said...

Or that is exactly what the deep state wants you to think. Q sounds as phony as a 3 dollar bill to me. Can anyone point to anything Q said as true?

SuzyAZ said...

Oct. 31: Q said billionaire George Soros is targeted. Nov 3: Howard Rubin, fundmanager for Soros, is
arrested for human trafficking and violent rape.

Q said on Oct. 31: “Any person stating they won’t run for re-election, has been put in submission”
(meaning complicit but cooperating). 10 days later FOX News announced “40 politicians not running”

Over 840 sealed indictments were issued in the 12 days after Q’s first announcement. This is an unusu-
ally high number. Indictments are publicly announced on government websites. The normal procedure is to
name the cases in the format plaintiff vs. defendant (e.g. Waldorf vs. Brokers). Sealed indictments are num-
bered but nameless, and happen when it involves criminal networks. Their number has since risen to 4200+

Q sent two photo’s taken from an airplane, one from a city and one from some islands in the sea. Anons
(anonymous users of 4chan) identify the locations on the photos and their time stamps and they seem to match
Air Force 1’s trajectory, meaning the photos were taken from inside AF1 during POTUS Asia trip: Q is on board.