Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jimstone - Marines landing at Langley was a hoax


I never reported the Marines landing at Langley because I knew it was a hoax

Evidently it got high profile reporting. Supposedly marines landed at Langley to prevent a coup against Trump. Problem is, it was such an obvious hoax I knew it within 45 minutes of it first being reported. How did I know? EASY: No reports on social media. If the Marines did anything anywhere, it would be all over social media. I did a wait and see. It took less than an hour of waiting for me to know it had to be fake. And when nothing popped up, I called it a hoax and never posted it. And I was right.
Lots of times if I don't have it here, I called it a hoax before practically anyone even heard of it. I am most often right when I skip a story.

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marylee said...

good call...it's not always easy to discern rite away, but it didn't make sense that the marines would go to that place, before "they"... get the bracelets on..them.