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Libturds furious - Trumps doing Christmas differently this year at the White House!

Libs Attack Melania & Barron After Seeing 1 Major Thing They Did Different For WH Christmas Tree...

Published on Nov 21, 2017
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Libs Attack Melania & Barron After Seeing 1 Major Thing They Did Different For WH Christmas Tree Tradition Today

Decorating the Christmas tree is a ritual that many families hold dear. It’s a time-honored tradition that has historically united our nation with feelings of joy, brought on by the Christmas spirit. The Trump family is no exception, and their first Christmas in the White House promises to be a historic one.

The hotly debated First Family is starting off the holidays in the way many of us are, by setting up a tree. Of course, theirs is probably a little bigger than most of ours, and there will be a little more fanfare surrounding its decoration and lighting. The traditions surrounding the White House Christmas tree have gotten a little bit watered down over the past few years, but no longer.

Even though the White House has been plagued by political correctness and racial inequality for the past few years, this year sees a change for the better, and while not everyone might appreciate it, the silent majority is ready for this change. It’s a change that started when President Trump announced that they would be saying “Merry Christmas” again instead of “Happy Holidays.” It’s the change seen in Melania’s determination to bring the nativity scene and Christian values back to the celebration of the birth of Christ and it’s the change in the way every single person is treated by the First Family when rendering service to the White House.

Daily Mail reported on the events surrounding the delivering of the White House Christmas tree, and just what a beautiful occasion it turned out to be this year:

“WASHINGTON (AP) – Melania Trump and son Barron joined in a time-honored tradition of receiving the official White House Christmas tree, which will become the showstopper for a president who has vowed to put Christmas back at the center of the winter holidays.

A military quartet played holiday tunes Monday as a horse-drawn wagon carried the 19 1/2-foot (5.9-meter) Balsam fir from Wisconsin up the White House driveway.

The first lady, wearing a red turtleneck and a coat draped over her shoulders, and 11-year-old Barron, in a dark suit coat, white shirt and dark slacks, circled the tree and then visited with growers Jim and Diane Chapman. The Chapmans own a Wisconsin Christmas tree farm and won an annual contest sponsored by the National Christmas Tree Association.”

While what the First Family wears is always an attention grabber, what is more, noteworthy in this case is what they said. The First Lady never has to want for a Christmas tree, in fact, the Trump family, in particular, hasn’t really had to scrape for much of anything for the past several decades, but they’re in the White House, giving their time to the American people in order to make this country better.

That dedication to America is seen in the way that Melania Trump addressed the owners of the Christmas tree farm who grew the tree they will be enjoying this year. Not only is she kind and welcoming to them, but she assures them that she will take great care of their prized tree.

“‘This is a beautiful tree. Thank you so much. We will decorate it very nicely,’ the first lady told the Chapmans and other family members. ‘I hope you can come and visit with us.’


Anonymous said...

Even though I have come to believe that the christmas holiday stems from a lot false history and pagan beliefs, it has generated the spirit love, compassion, family, friends and other loved ones, times of joy and happiness for many in this country which was being smothered out during the last corporate regime. Trump is steering us all back to the right side of history and all those who are against the values of Americans and our way of life need to go back where they came from which also includes a mental institution if necessary. GO TRUMP!

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