Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Marines Raid CIA! FBI Neutralized!

Marines Raid CIA!
FBI Neutralized!
Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb

Published on Nov 21, 2017

Stew and Tom go over huge developments regarding the Marines raid on the CIA. They got computers and documents. The FBI is not answering their phones according to their sources and Sorcha Faal intel assets! Something huge has gone down! Copy and distribute this interview to combat Illuminati gatekeepers such as Alex Jones!


Anonymous said...

Now that's interesting. Sorcha Faal, a well known CIA disinfo agent, is reporting the CIA got raided. That should totally disprove this nonsense. I can't believe you are still posting this silliness here.

Anonymous said...

As with most things reported on this blog, this will turn out to be total nonsense. Nothing any of these people have ever said has been true. Heneghan, Fulford, Mount, Jones (maybe Jones partially because he is controlled opposition),Faal, etc. are either deep state mouthpieces or useful idiots.

The important thing to note is everyone who reported this non-event. Then you will see who is deep state mouthpiece.

Freewill said...

Both of the above commenters missed the Jim Stone article I posted. Read it then read our mission statement. If you have any intelligence you will retract your comments.

Here is the post:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Jimstone - Marines landing at Langley was a hoax
I never reported the Marines landing at Langley because I knew it was a hoax
Evidently it got high profile reporting. Supposedly marines landed at Langley to prevent a coup against Trump. Problem is, it was such an obvious hoax I knew it within 45 minutes of it first being reported. How did I know? EASY: No reports on social media. If the Marines did anything anywhere, it would be all over social media. I did a wait and see. It took less than an hour of waiting for me to know it had to be fake. And when nothing popped up, I called it a hoax and never posted it. And I was right.
Lots of times if I don't have it here, I called it a hoax before practically anyone even heard of it. I am most often right when I skip a story.
Posted by Freewill at 6:40:00 AM

Anonymous said...

So what? Jim Stone did not report it, but plenty of other people did. I believe it is you who missed the point. While you may have posted one person who correctly discounted the story, you also posted many others who ran with it as true. I see no reason to retract my statement above. Your mission statement appears to be an attempt to avoid responsibility for what you publish. You certainly are not accomplishing that by posting all these disinfo reports on your blog. Are you using that to try and ease your conscience? My intelligence as you refer to tells me to call bs when I see it. If you can't take it, perhaps you should stop posting deep state crap.

Freewill said...

You still did not read the mission statement! Read It! Left column near the bottom!

Posts are for dissemination! Do you know what that means? If not then i can point you in the right direction to learn it! This is an AWARENESS blog! Not a blog of just fact or fiction! This is a blog for seeking truth on articles! You attack for posts being published! Shame on You! Be a good disseminator and comment with evidence of truth or false claims! No more bashing publishers or you will be ignored in the future!

Freewill said...

No response to that bud?? Well??
I decided to post the mission statement right in the middle of the top of this blog so you can't miss it! Read it!

Freewill said...

I swear you just can't fix stupid!