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Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda / Jesus

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Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda / Jesus
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Chapter Ten, the New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/31/13
When this Ascension plan you are carrying out now was put in place thousands of years ago, it was considered a very ambitious design. While there have been many planets in the cosmos which have ascended, and many groups of people who have ascended in the past, it is not generally done all together - planet and inhabitants in cooperation.
It is common for a planet to be cleared of its inhabitants, who go elsewhere for a time to do their lessons, while the planet itself raises its vibration to a higher and higher level, finally achieving the transition to a higher dimension. Some have done this several times, and now reside in the plane which is not visible to you. In other cases, the individual souls have taken on the project to raise themselves to a higher dimension, where they too exist in a dimension which your human eyes cannot perceive.
You are familiar with the story of my death and resurrection. This was my ascension from planet Earth into higher dimensions. It was intended to represent for you the possibility of eternal life, with a body risen to be your vehicle by which you can return to lower dimensions if you wish without having to go through the birth and death experience. Unfortunately, that was not the part of the story that has been told, so I will take the opportunity here to explain it.
I did not come to our beloved Planet Earth to die for anyone’s sins. That is a nonsensical idea, since we are all individually responsible for our own actions and beliefs. I came to teach Love, simply that. I wanted to express my own Love for the Creator, and to show others that they too could find solace, inspiration and deep connection with those in spirit form who oversee and assist in our lives. I saw the cruelty and greed on the planet and wished to find a way to lead people away from the suffering it caused.
Unfortunately, I was not very successful in stopping the march of the Reptilian race. They distorted my teachings, in the way they compiled the Bible, and even more effectively in the way they interpreted my teachings. My disciples tried very hard to make an accurate record of what we stood for, but their writings are overwhelmed by the contributions of others whose agenda was to promote divisiveness and exclusivity rather than Unity and recognition that we are all One.
I did not come to establish the religion, Christianity. I would not have permitted teachings which would divide my people, the Jews, from anyone of other faiths or belief systems. I had hoped to create a body of work which could be included in any and all religious or philosophical points of view. It was intended to expand consciousness, no matter what a person’s belief system might be. Unfortunately, I had not yet left the Earth plane when the one who called himself Paul took it upon himself to begin an energetic proselytizing campaign in which he appointed himself the Apostle to the Gentiles. Thus began the divisiveness between my followers and others which has continued to this day.
Paul, or Saul as he had been known, did not know me, nor did he understand the depth of my desire to encourage Unity across races, religions and creeds. Instead, he began a crusade to teach his own version of my words, adapted to his own narrow view of the world. He had been a cruel man, one whose purpose it had been to persecute my followers. It is true that he had a “vision” in which I asked him why he was so determined to do this. There was nothing unique about his ability to hear my complaint. Many have been able to hear my voice more consistently than he did. It did convince him to end his overt crusade which was intended to murder us, but his attraction to power and psychological violence did not end there.
I do not blame Paul for his zealousness nor his destructive effect on my teachings. He was under the sway of Dark forces, was inhabited by Reptilian entities, and was strongly influenced by his early family lessons. He has long ago been forgiven, and has returned to the family of Love and Light. He will play an important part in the coming Ascension of humankind. In fact he is now a Commander of one of the large ships which will aid in the healing process of those who come to us in the first waves of those who have raised themselves sufficiently to cross into the 5th dimension.
Now, many of you have been given the impression that the coming event is something that will “happen” to you because you are here on Earth. You have been frightened with images of massive war, catastrophic weather, and other life-threatening events. This has been a fear campaign initiated by the Dark Ones, to distract you and lower your vibration so you cannot raise yourselves high enough to ascend to the Light, where you would be completely out of their reach.
You see, the Reptilian race which controlled the media and all the other important institutions on the planet were not capable of ascending higher than the 4th dimension. They were mired in their self-created genetic limitations; they were not capable of great Love, and they despised the Light. Their only desire was to control humanity, and they did that by keeping you in a state of fear. Fear is the opposite of Love, therefore if you are in fear, you cannot ascend to join the Company of Heaven. It was a very simple but effective strategy, and it is the way of life from which we are now working to free you.
The Reptilians and other Dark Entities are now gone from the planet, as of August 22, 2013. You can hear the narration of the great ceremony in which they were given the alternative to go to the LIght or be dissolved as souls. Nearly a million of them were rescued and went voluntarily to join Mother and Father God and the other Masters who welcomed them Home. The recording of the event is at,* available for all to hear. I was there, observing the momentous moment which marks the beginning of a new era. It was truly the turning point which will allow your Ascension to proceed in an atmosphere of freedom and individual independence.
Many of you were “possessed” by the affliction of carrying a Dark Entity within your bodies. They were able to move, in spirit form, from one human body to another, inflicting pain, illness, and perhaps worst of all, instilling ideas of despair, depression and anxiety in the host. They had developed technologies to promote their propaganda and to torture those who defied them. They were truly the nemesis of Humankind. Mother God has spoken of these things eloquently in her messages to you, on the same radio channel and in the recent message given in her name.
The leader of the Reptilians, Reginald, has taken the responsibility for leading his people to the Light, and will play an important role in their restoration and recovery from thousands of years of living as followers of the imaginary being called the Devil, or Satan. They were mistakenly convinced that Lucifer was their Dark hero. When he publicly and tearfully announced his return to Mother/Father God, and was welcomed as a hero of the Light, it was the beginning of the end for them.
In the short period of one month, their reign of terror came to an end. Their leaders have been removed from the planet, their hero was revealed to be the leader of their supposed enemies, and they were invited to be welcomed back as the prodigal race they had been for eons. The implications of this dramatic ending - the true Apocalypse - has just begun to be felt across the planet. It will unfold gradually, as people awaken to the knowledge that they are no longer living under massive oppression.
There are a few holdouts, like the Syrian dictator who was allowed to remain as the final example, or object lesson, for how cruelty will be dealt with, should the human converts to the Reptilian program - the ones our Kathryn has called Wannabes - decide to continue their Dark actions. This will be resolved when he realizes he no longer has any supporters, because everyone has “given up the ghost” when it comes to profiting on the backs of the poor and holding power over others. There is no more power structure to protect them, and to allow them immunity from prosecution. The collapse of the Tower of Darkness is at hand.
This is your Apocalypse, Dear Ones. It is an event that will bring dancing in the streets, as the entire globe experiences Arab Spring - the term that has come to represent the final rising up of those who have been oppressed, to form more humane and viable forms of governance for all. It has gone by fits and starts, as can be expected, but it is a powerful and unstoppable force for Good which has taken hold of the imaginations of all who strive toward the Light. It will be done, as Earth as it is in Heaven.
Heaven, you see, is a place of endless Love. There is no punishment, no judgment and no retribution. It is what you would think of as a democratically governed multidimensional place beyond time or space. There are no limits to the possibility for each soul to evolve, to learn and to thrive. All creativity is celebrated, all individuality respected, and all efforts toward Love and Light are supported by Prime Creator and the Ascended Masters who are his Legions of Light. In the Milky Way Galaxy, which is home to us, the governance of the galaxy is overseen by Mother/Father God, those great Enlightened Beings of Pure Love who have created All That Is within this galaxy.
You have been taught that there is a Trinity of leadership which is responsible for you here on Earth and beyond. We are Prime Creator, the Creator of all Creators, Mother/Father God, and I, Sananda, the one you knew in my most recent incarnation as Yeshua ben Joseph. Mother God has been known as Sekhmet, Isis, The Empress, and has been represented as the lioness, the great Sphinx. Father God has been known variously as Alcyone, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva and more recently, Zorra. Prime Creator is the Invisible Hand behind all creation, the Source of All Things, and the one we honor and love above all. There is no designation to describe Prime Creator, such as he/she/it. We simply honor and adore our Creator, who is Love, the source of all Light.
Within the great cosmos, which includes the star systems, visible and invisible to your human eyes, there are many races, many inhabited planets, and infinite energy. It is this energy which is managed and used by the powerful Creators, the Gods who create all beings, all souls, all planets and stars. The mystery of Creation is known and taught by them, and is the height of the ascension ladder - the ability to create. This ability is held sacred, a holy responsibility which is only carried by the Highest of the High.
There are many Dark Ones who have tried to command the power of Creation, but their efforts have always come to naught, as in their efforts on Planet Earth to clone beings, artificially engineer plants, and manipulate the sacred DNA structures. It will not continue, now that the originators of these projects are gone. In addition, the massive poisoning of Mother Earth through the extraction and use of fossil fuels will be completely discontinued, because it is an unholy invasion of her sacred body.
There have long been technologies which could have taken the place of these destructive practices, but their use has been forbidden by those whose hold on power and profit would have been weakened. This stranglehold on technological progress has been lifted with the removal of the Reptilian race. You will now see a blossoming of invention as never before, and your access to advanced knowledge will be unlimited as your brothers and sisters from other star systems will now be able to share their own knowledge in every area of life.
Not only will new forms of energy and transportation be available to you. All the problems of agriculture, water supply and management, and all the comforts of living will be brought into new light by cooperation and inspiration from everyone and anyone whose expertise you wish to draw upon. This cooperation will be offered, but never imposed, because that is not the way of the peaceful and loving members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light. Of course, this English translation of their name does not capture the sense of freedom and cooperation they stand for. It is an organization of planetary leaders from all the cosmos who have pledged their allegiance to the work of Prime Creator, which is the action of Love and Light in the interest of all Good.
The Supreme Commander of the fleet of spacecraft belonging to the Intergalactic Federation is the one you have known as Ashtar. He has been present in Earth orbit, and has often been channeled by various ones among you, as he gathered and organized the great fleet which has come to be of assistance to you. His ship, The New Jerusalem, has been my home since my last incarnation as Jesus, as together we have overseen the coming Ascension of Planet Earth. It is Ashtar who has been in charge of the protection of Mother Earth from any outside influence as she has gone through the process of her own Ascension.
Yes, there are still some in the lower dimensions of the Universe who would bring military force to disrupt the movement of the entire planet into higher vibrations, but they are not as dangerous as they imagine themselves to be. The Federation would always prefer peaceful means to settle any conflict, and will not use their considerable might if it is at all avoidable. This gives the Dark Ones the impression that We are afraid to fight them, an idea that is of course entirely false; we simply prefer not to use force. The IFL has taken action when it is completely necessary, when a planet calls upon them to do so, as in the current removal of the Dark Ones from your midst.
So you see, you are entirely protected and overseen by the Legions of Light, who have been given permission by Prime Creator to carry out the mission of aiding Mother Earth and humankind in their coming Ascension. They will help, but only in so far as it is not considered intervention. I wish to emphasize here that this process is not something that will be done to you or for you. It is something you will accomplish individually first, and as a group next, for no one will ascend who has not completed their own learning process.
This means you must each learn to heal the residue of discontent, anger, resentment and fear which you have been steeped in for lifetimes. Each person must lay down their weapons, whether they be the tendency toward aggression or the inclination toward self-centered control of others. All dark energy must be purged, all dark actions forsworn. This is what many of you would consider a “tall order.” Indeed it is. You may find it difficult at first, as you are newly adjusting to your physical and emotional freedom, but We have trusted in the resilience and great potential which is inherent in the human soul. We are here to help you, and our presence will be felt increasingly, as the energy of Light spreads across your planet.
Rejoice, Beloved Ones. Your Apocalypse has been written in the stars. It is the end of the world as you have known it, and the world you have known was one of Darkness, war, suffering and control by the forces of evil. No more. Now, in this year of your calendar, 2013, begins a new era in the life of the glorious Blue Planet, Mother Earth. You who have chosen to be here at this time, all who came as souls from distant origins across the Universes, will share in the triumph and the joy which is our destiny.
I too have chosen to be here, to help lead this magnificent Ascension, filled with Love and admiration for the courageous souls who are the brothers and sisters of my heart.
I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus of Nazareth.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 30, 5 PM,
To hear Lucifer tell of his return, go to
To hear the ceremony in which all Reptilians were taken to the Light, go to


 From a friend.
I just got off the phone with a source I trust. I called to ask if there was verification of the Republic being restored now. She said that she could not confirm that, but could say for sure:

The Global Settlements have been issued

Impeachment proceedings are now underway against Obama.

The Reset is underway.

The United States, Canada and Great Britain will be the first countries to be liberated.
 Global Financial Reset - ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY

August 28th, 2013

Suzy Star wrote: This is Fantastic!!

On world news today it has been talking about Global Reset - (the live link is no longer available as it was earlier today)

They were saying that the world is setting the stage for a global currency reset that's about to take place!

It was on CNBC several times today. Was at the top of the hour!!
The news anchor was reporting it. It's about to gooooooooo down!!!!! YES...CNBC. They were talking about how it was going to change the financial status of the world!! The words they used were “GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET”.
 From another Skype Chat room.......Great News!

Just saw this on facebook no link

Dan Mathews

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! The UN peace council has just convened and all world superpowers have committed to a complete non-violence stand down. ALL Peacekeeping troops fighting on foreign soils will immediately be deployed back to their own respective countries, all warships in non-territorial waters are to leave for their home ports immediately. Next week in Switzerland there will be a round table meeting, the biggest meeting ever constructed involving a diplomat from every known country from around the globe. Peace talks will commence and failure to come to a worldwide agreement CANNOT AND WILL NOT be considered an option. There is talk that intervention from above has had a direct influence on this historic and monumental meeting of world-wide countries. Officials of the highest levels have just confirmed that intervention was the governing factor for this most urgent world meeting and DISCLOSURE has been mentioned....It's happening... THIS INFORMATION WAS SENT TO ME FROM A HIGH LEVEL CLEARANCE REPORTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.



Posted by helen

Knowing the current puppet occupying the White House is willing to use America’s military might to destroy evidence of US war crimes which will knowingly lead to WWIII is well, nothing short of pure diabolical evil.
August 31, 2013
by Helen Tansey
The T-Room dot us
What if the WMD’s aka chemical weapons reportedly never found in Iraq exist? What if those chemicals were safely ensconced in Syria, then an ally in America’s War on Terror? What if the heated US government “attack” on Syria rhetoric coming out of DC has absolutely nothing to do with O’Bushies “red line” and everything to do with blowing up “evidence” of the Bush Cabal’s “Coalition of the Willing” war crimes?
When the alleged chemical attack on Damascus was reported on August 21, 2013, I asked then “Why would the Syrian government use chemical weapons on it’s own people a few miles from the capitol’s footsteps?”
In the same article I used the letter from General Dempsey to Rep Engel (D) NY, a dual Israeli-American citizen, dated August 19, 2013 to argue the fact Syria wouldn’t use, much less never needed to use chemicals of any kind on its own people let alone the terrorists and mercenaries. You see, up until the 21st, the Syrian Army was kicking ass and routing the thugs out of their country through conventional warfare.
Naturally, I along with the awakened world community was asking – if Syria had no logical motive to inflict such a despicable heinous act of cowardice, then it must have been the Qatari/Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Israel paid for terrorists and mercenaries.  But then as the events began to unfold what became extremely curious was, why in the world would the US government, a government that has starved the domestic front for 10 years to fight a nebulous war on terror, all of a sudden flip their support from fighting Al Queda terrorists to using Al Queda’s manufactured information accusing the Assad government as the perpetrator to substantiate an US attack on Syria?
What in the world is going on? It makes no sense. Totally illogical and well, just plain stupid.
Cobbling together the last week’s curious news reports
(Note: all links to articles are posted below by date)
General Dempsey in a response to a letter from Rep Engel dated August 19 stated an attack on Syria “… would not be militarily decisive, but it would commit us decisively to the conflict.”
Then, out of the blue, an alleged chemical attack was being reported on August 21 out of Damascus placing the blame on the Assad government.
If that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, on the morning of August 26, five days after the chemical attack in Syria, a rather queer report was published detailing Holder’s DOJ requesting the court to give immunity for war crimes to Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell, and Rice. Why all of a sudden would Holder, of all people, file such a request now?
If that wasn’t odd enough, on the morning of August 27 another queer report pops up out of nowhere. This one is from the esteemed Foreign Policy news service titled “CIA files show America Helped Saddam Hussein as He Gassed Iran” and his own people . We learn -
It has been previously reported that the United States provided tactical intelligence to Iraq at the same time that officials suspected Saddam would use chemical weapons. But the CIA documents, which sat almost entirely unnoticed in a trove of declassified material at the National Archives in College Park, Md., combined with exclusive interviews with former intelligence officials, reveal new details about the depth of the United States’ knowledge of how and when Iraq employed the deadly agents. They show that senior U.S. officials were being regularly informed about the scale of the nerve gas attacks. They are tantamount to an official American admission of complicity in some of the most gruesome chemical weapons attacks ever launched.
Top CIA officials, including the Director of Central Intelligence William Casey, a close friend of President Ronald Reagan, were told about the location of Iraqi chemical weapons assembly plants; that Iraq was desperately trying to make enough mustard agent to keep up with frontline demand from its forces; that Iraq was about to buy equipment from Italy to help speed up production of chemical-packed artillery rounds and bombs; and that Iraq could also use nerve agents on Iranian troops and possibly civilians.
Officials were also warned that Iran might launch retaliatory attacks against U.S. interests in the Middle East, including terrorist strikes, if it believed the United States was complicit in Iraq’s chemical warfare campaign. (emphasis added throughout)
Sadly, the US government was complicit in not only supplying illegal chemicals of mass destruction to Saddam, but the US government provided strategic coordinates of where Iranian soldiers were located on the battlefield using American satellite imagery.
There are no words.
Timeline re cap:
August 19, General Dempsey responds to Rep Engel’s letter making it clear that any strike against Syria “… would not be militarily decisive, but it would commit us decisively to the conflict.”
August 21, an alleged chemical attack wa being reported out of Damascus, the capitol of Syria, for which the corporate media, nearly in unison, began to blame the Assad government
August 26, Holder requests immunity for Bush Jr, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell and Rice for war crimes
August 27, the esteemed Foreign Policy news service reports the CIA helped Saddam Hussein gas the Iranian’s and his own people during the Iraq/Iran war by providing strategic “on the ground” coordinates detailing the location of Iran’s military units on the battlefield using American satellite imagery
August 30, Secretary of State John Kerry uses the Syrian terrorists and mercenaries manufactured imagery to justify to the American people an imminent US strike on Syria
Throughout the week of August 24 – 30, O’Bush took to the airwaves and sold the need to strike Syria by stating as justification the need to protect American national security interests. He assures any who are listening that the strikes will be strategic, the assault will be a day or two, the goal is not to change government and that there will be no boots on the ground.
But again, why is America’s puppet government up in arms about all of this now? Why Syria? Why suddenly request immunity for the Bush Cabal war crimes? Why the out of the blue report detailing the ‘CIA/DOD’ culpability in gassing Iranian’s and Iraqian’s back in the 80′s?
Well, I’m thinking I have found a critical part of the answer thanks to the intrepid investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen. Not all of it but certainly a critical key fact.
Iraq’s 223rd M.I. Battalion
Let me introduce you to former Military Intelligence Agent, Frank Gregory Ford, who was profiled in a Salon article titled “Whitewashing Torture?” on December 8, 2004 -
The 223rd M.I. Battalion was one of the first divisions to enter Iraq after the U.S. “Shock and Awe” aerial bombardment ended, in mid-April 2003. (I also served in that unit in-country from April through October 2003. I met Ford in February 2003, at Fort Bragg, N.C., and continued to stay in contact with him until he was shipped out of the country. I have also since left the military.) The battalion’s mission was to collect counterintelligence. Its agents, highly trained soldiers responsible for force protection and for investigating national security crimes committed against the Army, were divided into small units called Tactical Human Intelligence Teams, or THTs. Every day, these teams went out from their forward operating bases in Iraq and interacted with the local people in an effort to gather critical intelligence on such matters as the location of conventional and unconventional weapons and the whereabouts of the fugitives depicted on the Pentagon’s 55-most-wanted playing cards. It was arguably one of the most sensitive and important jobs in the entire Iraqi theater of operations. As the team sergeant of his THT, Ford was second in command of his four-person team and responsible for training, discipline, logistics and supervision of day-to-day operations. He was also the team’s designated combat life saver, or medic.
Ford spent his first weeks in Iraq at Balad Air Base, also known as Camp Anaconda, about 50 kilometers north of Baghdad along the Tigris. In early May, he was assigned to a THT that was headed for Samarra, another 20 kilometers to the northeast. An ancient trading center that dates to the Mesopotamian era, Samarra was known as a hotbed of Sunni Arab loyalists, ex-Baath Party officials, and Islamist extremists…
Obviously, this fellow Ford might know some things. He and his team(s) may have seen some things that provide answers to some of the questions raised above.  Being true to his oath, his conscience and his integrity former Military Intelligence Agent Frank Gregory Ford released the below press release on August 8, 2013. His release was sent out to his press list a full 11 days before Dempsey responded to Rep Engel, 13 days before the alleged chemical attack, 18 days before Holder asked for immunity and 19 days before the Foreign Policy report. Yet when I google, yahoo, bing or duckduck the only news outlet that has reported on Mr. Ford’s release is the Wayne Madsen Report -
 August 8, 2013
 Frank Gregory Ford
 Evidence of American War Crimes Likely Target in Syria
While Obama’s Department of Justice seeks to shield the Bush Administration by declaring their war crimes “business as usual,” his Department of Defense prepares to eliminate hard evidence of those crimes by destroying Syria’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Those WMDs came from us.
I saw canisters, “bombs,” of VX/GF in storage in Iraq. They were tagged showing they were shipped there from Ft. Rucker, Alabama by the Carlyle Group, the giant blue-ribbon finance-and-weapons conglomerate, home to former-President George H.W. Bush and other prominent war profiteers.
The nerve agent VX is the deadliest chemical weapon ever made. It is useful only for the indiscriminate destruction of human and animal life. It has been outlawed internationally, most recently by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993, by the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention of 1972 and the Geneva Protocol of 1925.
We supplied VX to Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein, before we named him an enemy. He used it in his war against Iran and against civilian Iraqi Kurds. I learned from an Iraqi official that just before our 2003 invasion Saddam shipped great quantities of gold and nerve gas to Syria. I reported this “actionable intelligence” to my superiors, but no action followed.
The stockpile I saw was never shipped out of Iraq. It was hidden from weapons inspectors until I and others saw it in 2003, just days after we invadedIt was soon removed from its concealment by British specialists and destroyed.
It is virtually certain that this weapons cache is targeted in our run-up to an attack on Syria—as before, with Iraq—for using U.S.-made weapons. The attack is also virtually certain to eliminate evidence of complicity by the Bush presidents, father and son, who, through their positions as American presidents and as associates of the Carlyle Group and myriad other military contractors, provided them to the warring nations of the Middle East.
As with Iraq, Afghanistan and so many of America’s recent military engagements, this looming rebuke to Bashar al-Assad for allegedly using internationally outlawed American-made weapons, will fall on a vastly smaller opponent. Syria has a population of fewer than 23 million highly vulnerable men, women and children in a country that would fit in Texas almost four times. The capital, Damascus, the home of the government and location of the WMD stockpile, is the oldest continuously occupied city in the world. 
(Emphasis added throughout)
A former Iraqi “Shock and Awe” Military Intelligence Agent saw with his own eyes “…canisters, “bombs,” of VX/GF in storage in Iraq. They were tagged showing they were shipped there from Ft. Rucker, Alabama by the Carlyle Group, the giant blue-ribbon finance-and-weapons conglomerate, home to former-President George H.W. Bush and other prominent war profiteers.
Ft. Rucker, Alabama. Ft. Rucker, Alabama. Ft. Rucker, Alabama. Shipped by the Carlyle Group no less!
Now, take the Foreign Policy report “CIA FILES SHOW AMERICA HELPED SADDAM HUSSEIN AS HE GASSED IRAN”, linked below, and replace all the words related to Iraq’s  chemical weapons with  — FT. RUCKER, ALABAMA and/or the Carlyle Group.
Also note, while reading the FP report, who the two President’s were during the Iraq/Iran conflict. Hint: Reagan and Bush Sr.
Now ask yourself, who served in those administrations and was the son of one of those Republican Presidents? Why the same crowd the DOJ is suddenly asking the courts to grant immunity to for war crimes – GEORGE W. BUSH, DONALD RUMSFELD, COLIN POWELL, CONDOLEZZA RICE, PAUL WOLFOWITZ and DICK CHENEY.
Made in America
Now, recall the Iraq/Iran conflict happened before Jr. got into the White House. The Carlyle Group, Sr’s home away from home, served then as it does now, as the center for the entirety of the American military industrial complex. This groups leadership are the maestros of America’s war machine.
Now, these geniuses knew they had to get the “Ft. Rucker -  Made in America” illegal WMDs the hell out of Iraq before anybody discovered their treasonous cowardly helping hand in the gassing of thousands of Iranians and Iraqis because their very name, the Carlyle Group, were on the labels of Saddam’s WMDs.  But Sr. had an election coming up of which they were confident he would win. Thus, gaining four years to cover up their crimes against humanity.
But they weren’t counting on a guy from “Hope” stealing their thunder.
Sidebar: When I was a Democrat, I worked my ass off in Cincinnati to get Clinton elected. I’ll never forget a tailgate party I was invited to the Sunday morning before election day. When Clinton was lead into a tent; his eyes were so puffy I didn’t think the poor guy could see. His handlers were holding him up. I shook his hand and then watched Hillary give his stump speech standing on the bed on the back of a pick-up truck.
I cannot imagine how painful it was for the Carlyle Group and their useful treasonous idiots to have to coddle Saddam for eight long years while Clinton played President. Maybe this was one of the contributing factors to Cheney’s multiple heart attacks during those years…hhhmmmm.
Of course, the Bushie Cabal couldn’t hold Saddam’s hands for another eight years. Who could? Saddam remained a threat. He had the goods. So these evil geniuses put the two most trusted people – Jr. and Cheney – they could into the 2000 race, bankrolled them and no matter the electoral outcome, ripped the election out of the Democrat’s hands.
Looking back, you just know the majority of the Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of the Bush/Cheney ticket became instant millionaires. You just know it! I’d love to see their bank statements. Wouldn’t you?
So, what was to be a rather challenging task of getting the “Ft. Rucker – Made in America – WMDs” provided by the Carlyle Group out of Saddam’s hands in 1991-1992 turned into eight years of hell. Pure hell for everyone elected to serve the People. Pure hell for America’s once proud military. Then it took another nine years for pure hell to be unleashed on the American public and worldwide.
In Eisenhower’s last speech at the White House he warned the American people stating -
“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”
Knowing just such a machine exists; knowing the Carlyle Group is THE private hand behind the building of America’s military industrial complex; knowing a former President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a US Deputy Secretary of Defense are all seeking immunity for war crimes; knowing the CIA and the DOD deliberately supplied illegal deadly chemicals to the Iraqi’s who then used said chemicals on Iranian soldiers and their own people; knowing the CIA and the DOD used America’s satellite imagery to provide strategic coordinates to the Iraqi’s who then front loaded missiles with mustard gas and sarin aimed at Iranians on the battlefield; knowing the US chemical weapons, supplied by the Carlyle Group, then made their way to Syria; knowing the Assad government would gain absolutely nothing from using this supply on the thugs unleashed by US Middle East allies to destroy the Syrian people and wreak havoc on their government, and; knowing the current puppet occupying the White House is willing to use America’s military might to destroy evidence of US war crimes which will knowingly lead to WWIII is well, nothing short of pure diabolical evil.
# # #
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Before they know it they catch themselves running out to the car to get a small fix or off to a room where no one will know what they are doing to get there daily dose. I’ve even seen people tell there better half “I’m up to the store do you need any thing?” and before they get out of the driveway they are reaching to get some more HOPEUM. Not even realizing that they are interrupting their family and worst of all themselves through this addiction.

I’ve herd of groups that number 200 – 600 people gather together in Alabama, Bat caves and even on Toni’s hill to get there HOPEUM. This could brake out into an epidemic if some one doesn’t show them how to get off of the HOPEUM.  It is terrible, folks are going broke due to the effects of there addiction. They’re not open to here about anything that could help them. They would rather sit and wait, loose what they have then to try and do something about it. HOPEUM is killing you people it’s time to get on the antidote and wing yourself off the HOPEUM.

There is a cure HVM! For a small fee you can get involved in our movement to help people get off of the HOPEUM addiction. To help them have a better quality of life and spend more time with the ones that need them the most. We will take you through the simple A,B,C’s  of how to change not only your life but others as well.

The first step is go to this pre recorded call and hear what HVM can do for you. The number is 712-432-6099 pin 6959064#  after you hear about the simple A.B.C. steps give me a call and I will help you to get off the HOPEUM and start down the road of recovery.

Tugboat Harry

Mid day Saturday finds in Dinarland chat - 8/31/1

Subject: Mid day Saturday finds in Dinarland chat - 8/31/1

If September 1 really is our "predetermined"
RV time, we don't have long to wait now! If.

Do Not Call Banks.

Intel Guru Loechin  It seems that someone got a shock when we saw the rates drop. I think it may have been a situation that say's "If you want the higher rate then let it go, or here is what you will get" I don't know nor do I care what the final outcome is.As Tony said last should tell the story.  I love people who have no idea of items like Chapter 7, 13303, 2013 Iraq Budget posting craziness like the rate of .03.  Guys it will be anywhere from upper 3 range to the 23 plus range.   If and I mean If we do anything in Syria it will not effect our Blessing from coming.

[Mithrandir] Encouragement to the TNT room:This has been some journey for me, in seven more weeks it will be exactly 10 years since this journey began for. I’m really looking for closure this weekend. To all those nubies that have had doubts of this reality let me say this; never, and I mean never in the history of the world has any country ever been conquered and then come back to be fully sovereign and not eventually had their own revalued currency. Because you are here, you are going to be a part of that history. I believe this will be the weekend we have been waiting for. And as Okie says…Nuff Said


walkongstick :إرسل الموضوع الى صديق   Raise the level of Iraq's credit rating attracts investments and achieve development .......... (This was an article about the importance of starting to negotiation to improve Iraq's credit rating in the world, also about selling bonds in the global market, etc. ...)

Frank26:  KTFA Family .......... Not sure if You understand the magnitude of this rating concerning our investment in the IQD.  It is very significant !!!   Very.


Dinan] So let's recap..GCR done, check..$660 Trillion done, check..CIX Systems synchronized with World Markets done, check...US Banks have Plan A Rates done, check...IMF have Plan B Rates done, check...UST has codes and autorization to release the rates..done? checked?...Could Syria be a hurdle...I think not...when we attacked Iraq none of the neighboring countries were affected...what say you all....

[imperium] Dinan "show me the money".
 [Dinan] imperium that is all that is left to be done....

[goldstandard] Dinan There's always that one issue that Tony mentioned on one call ...... Ego's. Just wonder whose egos he's was talking about

[manishma] In my opinion, I don't believe this was ever going to happen before 9/1 because isn't that when fed is out, PTB lose their immunity & the Pope issue some kind of an edificte (sp) along with other important things that will be release? So perhaps we were just put off all these month/years until this date. Any opinions out there?

 [skysthelimit] not releasing it now when all is ready and needed is very irresponsible of the PTB but hey who knows


Posted by EXOGEN on August 30, 2013, at 9:01pm

Ben Bernanke announced that he is resigning the Federal Reserve effective September 1, 2013.
One of the Federal Reserve Governors has resigned effective September 1, 2013.
Janet Napolitano [Homeland Security] has resigned effective September 1, 2013.

The Most Holy Francis issued an Apostolic Letter on July 11 and effective September 1, 2013 that effectively stripped away the immunity of all judges, attorneys, government officials and all entities established under the Roman Curia [hint: All corporations are established under the Roman Curia].

All of these "persons" can now be held accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity, [hint: Divine Spirit is humanity], for the unlawful restrictions of the liberties of the divine spirit incarnate; for failure to settle the accounts; for continued prosecution of claims already settled, etc.


AUGUST 31, 2013

Tony's Sat. afternoon report...

I know you guys have been waiting for this, but I can't give it to you until I get it.  I have been on calls with people here and half way around the world, late last night and all day today.  We had a time frame of 9pm to 1am last night that everyone was looking for something to happen. Were we disappointed, yes.

Everyone is scared that if the missiles fly first, it will greatly affect the course of this RV.  It would have an effect on the rate, the date, the cashout time frame and the economies of several counties.  We have been given a reprieve at the moment and if we can simply stay on course through out the weekend all will be accomplished.

The IMF has offered a comprise rate, as well as the ability for the original plan to proceed as scheduled, as long as there are no further delays.

The bank screens are showing the lower rates under the symbols -  IQD/VND and the higher rates under the symbols - IQN/VNN.  So the option is there to go either way.

I was hoping this would be over this morning, just like you were.  Now we will have to wait and see what happens throughout the weekend and into Tuesday morning.  The regular/planned schedule calls for sooner than Tuesday, but less just give them a little more time.

So if I were you, I would enjoy my holiday weekend to the fullest, because if everything works like it is supposed to you will be busy next week.
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The White House

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
August 31, 2013

Statement by the President on Syria

Rose Garden

1:52 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon, everybody.  Ten days ago, the world watched in horror as men, women and children were massacred in Syria in the worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st century.  Yesterday the United States presented a powerful case that the Syrian government was responsible for this attack on its own people.

Our intelligence shows the Assad regime and its forces preparing to use chemical weapons, launching rockets in the highly populated suburbs of Damascus, and acknowledging that a chemical weapons attack took place.  And all of this corroborates what the world can plainly see -- hospitals overflowing with victims; terrible images of the dead.  All told, well over 1,000 people were murdered.  Several hundred of them were children -- young girls and boys gassed to death by their own government.

This attack is an assault on human dignity.  It also presents a serious danger to our national security.  It risks making a mockery of the global prohibition on the use of chemical weapons.  It endangers our friends and our partners along Syria’s borders, including Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq.  It could lead to escalating use of chemical weapons, or their proliferation to terrorist groups who would do our people harm.

In a world with many dangers, this menace must be confronted.

Now, after careful deliberation, I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets.  This would not be an open-ended intervention.  We would not put boots on the ground.  Instead, our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope.  But I'm confident we can hold the Assad regime accountable for their use of chemical weapons, deter this kind of behavior, and degrade their capacity to carry it out.

Our military has positioned assets in the region.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever we choose.  Moreover, the Chairman has indicated to me that our capacity to execute this mission is not time-sensitive; it will be effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now.  And I'm prepared to give that order.

But having made my decision as Commander-in-Chief based on what I am convinced is our national security interests, I'm also mindful that I'm the President of the world's oldest constitutional democracy.  I've long believed that our power is rooted not just in our military might, but in our example as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  And that’s why I've made a second decision:  I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people's representatives in Congress. 

Over the last several days, we've heard from members of Congress who want their voices to be heard.  I absolutely agree. So this morning, I spoke with all four congressional leaders, and they've agreed to schedule a debate and then a vote as soon as Congress comes back into session.

In the coming days, my administration stands ready to provide every member with the information they need to understand what happened in Syria and why it has such profound implications for America's national security.  And all of us should be accountable as we move forward, and that can only be accomplished with a vote.

I'm confident in the case our government has made without waiting for U.N. inspectors.  I'm comfortable going forward without the approval of a United Nations Security Council that, so far, has been completely paralyzed and unwilling to hold Assad accountable.  As a consequence, many people have advised against taking this decision to Congress, and undoubtedly, they were impacted by what we saw happen in the United Kingdom this week when the Parliament of our closest ally failed to pass a resolution with a similar goal, even as the Prime Minister supported taking action.

Yet, while I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, I know that the country will be stronger if we take this course, and our actions will be even more effective.  We should have this debate, because the issues are too big for business as usual.  And this morning, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell agreed that this is the right thing to do for our democracy.

A country faces few decisions as grave as using military force, even when that force is limited.  I respect the views of those who call for caution, particularly as our country emerges from a time of war that I was elected in part to end.  But if we really do want to turn away from taking appropriate action in the face of such an unspeakable outrage, then we just acknowledge the costs of doing nothing.

Here's my question for every member of Congress and every member of the global community:  What message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to death in plain sight and pay no price?  What's the purpose of the international system that we've built if a prohibition on the use of chemical weapons that has been agreed to by the governments of 98 percent of the world's people and approved overwhelmingly by the Congress of the United States is not enforced?

Make no mistake -- this has implications beyond chemical warfare.  If we won't enforce accountability in the face of this heinous act, what does it say about our resolve to stand up to others who flout fundamental international rules?  To governments who would choose to build nuclear arms?  To terrorist who would spread biological weapons?  To armies who carry out genocide?

We cannot raise our children in a world where we will not follow through on the things we say, the accords we sign, the values that define us.

So just as I will take this case to Congress, I will also deliver this message to the world.  While the U.N. investigation has some time to report on its findings, we will insist that an atrocity committed with chemical weapons is not simply investigated, it must be confronted.

I don't expect every nation to agree with the decision we have made.  Privately we’ve heard many expressions of support from our friends.  But I will ask those who care about the writ of the international community to stand publicly behind our action.

And finally, let me say this to the American people:  I know well that we are weary of war.  We’ve ended one war in Iraq.  We’re ending another in Afghanistan.  And the American people have the good sense to know we cannot resolve the underlying conflict in Syria with our military.  In that part of the world, there are ancient sectarian differences, and the hopes of the Arab Spring have unleashed forces of change that are going to take many years to resolve.  And that's why we’re not contemplating putting our troops in the middle of someone else’s war.

Instead, we’ll continue to support the Syrian people through our pressure on the Assad regime, our commitment to the opposition, our care for the displaced, and our pursuit of a political resolution that achieves a government that respects the dignity of its people.

But we are the United States of America, and we cannot and must not turn a blind eye to what happened in Damascus.  Out of the ashes of world war, we built an international order and enforced the rules that gave it meaning.  And we did so because we believe that the rights of individuals to live in peace and dignity depends on the responsibilities of nations.  We aren’t perfect, but this nation more than any other has been willing to meet those responsibilities.

So to all members of Congress of both parties, I ask you to take this vote for our national security.  I am looking forward to the debate.  And in doing so, I ask you, members of Congress, to consider that some things are more important than partisan differences or the politics of the moment.

Ultimately, this is not about who occupies this office at any given time; it’s about who we are as a country.  I believe that the people’s representatives must be invested in what America does abroad, and now is the time to show the world that America keeps our commitments.  We do what we say.  And we lead with the belief that right makes might -- not the other way around.

We all know there are no easy options.  But I wasn’t elected to avoid hard decisions.  And neither were the members of the House and the Senate.  I’ve told you what I believe, that our security and our values demand that we cannot turn away from the massacre of countless civilians with chemical weapons.  And our democracy is stronger when the President and the people’s representatives stand together.

I’m ready to act in the face of this outrage.  Today I’m asking Congress to send a message to the world that we are ready to move forward together as one nation.

Thanks very much.

                        END                2:02 P.M. EDT
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An immediate letter writing campaign to Pres.Obama, including this video
is most important now.. if we do not wish to see the makings of WWIII.

Hungary Tells Banksters To Get Out Of Their Country And Take The IMF With You

Hungary Tells Banksters To Get Out Of Their Country And Take The IMF With You
International Monetary Fund told to vacate the country;
nation now issuing debt-free money

By Ronald L. Ray

Hungary is making history of the first order.

Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild
-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide
to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.

Already in 2011, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised to serve justice on his socialist predecessors, who sold
the nation’s people into unending debt slavery under the lash of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the terrorist
state of Israel. Those earlier administrations were riddled with Israelis in high places, to the fury of the masses, who finally
elected Orbán’s Fidesz party in response.

According to a report on the German-language website “National Journal,” Orbán has now moved to unseat the usurers
from their throne. The popular, nationalistic prime minister told the IMF that Hungary neither wants nor needs further
“assistance” from that proxy of the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve Bank. No longer will Hungarians be forced to pay
usurious interest to private, unaccountable central bankers.

Instead, the Hungarian government has assumed sovereignty over its own currency and now issues money

debt free, as it is needed. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. The nation’s economy, formerly staggering
under deep indebtedness, has recovered rapidly and by means not seen since National Socialist Germany.

The Hungarian Economic Ministry announced that it has, thanks to a “disciplined budget policy,” repaid on August 12, 2013,
the remaining €2.2B owed to the IMF—well before the March 2014 due date. Orbán declared: “Hungary enjoys the trust of
investors,” by which is not meant the IMF, the Fed or any other tentacle of the Rothschild financial empire. Rather, he was
referring to investors who produce something in Hungary for Hungarians and cause true economic growth. This is not the
 “paper prosperity” of plutocratic pirates, but the sort of production that actually employs people and improves their lives.

With Hungary now free from the shackles of servitude to debt slavers, it is no wonder that the president of the Hungarian
central bank, operated by the government for the public welfare and not private enrichment, has demanded that the IMF
close its offices in that ancient European land
. In addition, the state attorney general, echoing Iceland’s efforts, has brought
charges against the last three previous prime ministers because of the criminal amount of debt into which they plunged the

The only step remaining, which would completely destroy the power of the banksters in Hungary, is for that country to
implement a barter system for foreign exchange, as existed in Germany under the National Socialists and exists today in
the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, or BRICS, international economic coalition
. And if the United States
would follow the lead of Hungary, Americans could be freed from the usurers’ tyranny and likewise hope for a return to
peaceful prosperity.

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author residing in the free state of Kansas. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American
War for Independence.

- See more at:


To all the Living & Breathing People of USA & World,

If the US military follows the US Corporation & CEO Obama on the invasion or bombing of Syria, they will be in violation of their own charter / oaths to the organic constitution circa 1789.  Therefore, the US military leadership will be considered to be ROGUE!!!  They are not more than bought and paid for mercenaries.  Not the regular solider, the Pentagon Joint Chiefs. 

Remember, the US Military is also a corporation.  The US Military falls under the Apostolic Letter by the Pope.  This means the Pope, the Queen of England and the United Nations approve the bombing or invasion of Syria before CEO Obama and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Dempsey can execute the plan.

Furthermore, Congress is just Contractors of the US Corporation and they do nothing other than look good, smell good but are rotten to the core.  The Speaker of the House is just following his handler’s orders … Binden, Bush Sr … by order of the Pope, etal.

All retired officers should stand up and go back to active duty to STOP the Pentagon from committing acts of treason against We THE People & of the People of the World.  Admiral Mike Mullen & Marine General James Cartwright we need you two men to take over the Pentagon to stop this unlawfull action by the Joint Chiefs and Defense Secretary.  We need to turn back to the original Constitution and kick out this false government US Corporation.

US Corp Supreme Court plays both side Organic Constitution & Clinton Constitution.  So YOU 9 have to step up and stop the White House from interfering in the internal issues of Syria using the Organic Constitution or you too are allowing Treasonous acts to be performing with your consent by no action.

Provost Marshall, you have the authority to stop CEO Obama and arrest any military officers supporting this action plan of invading Syria or bombing Syria.  We ask you to do your job and stop this crap. 

Very Concern Person


BREAKING NEWS !!!!! The UN peace council has just convened and all world superpowers have committed to a complete non violence stand down. ALL Peacekeeping troops fighting on foreign soils will immediately be deployed back to their own respective countries, all warships in non territorial waters are to leave for their home ports immediately..Next week in Switzerland there will be a round table meeting the biggest meeting ever constructed involving a diplomat from every known country from around the globe.. Peace talks will commence and failure to come to a worldwide agreement CANNOT AND WILL NOT be considered an option.. There is talk that intervention from above has had a direct influence on this historic and monumental meeting of world wide countries..Officials of the highest levels have just confirmed that intervention was the governing factor for this most urgent world meeting and DISCLOSURE has been mentioned....It's happening... THIS INFORMATION WAS SENT TO ME FROM A HIGH LEVEL CLEARANCE REPORTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE..