Friday, August 30, 2013

Dinar Intel - Midnight Updates


From Dinarmaven

Good evening my wealthy friends. If you remember from last night the ball is on the move and we are awaiting our turn to plant a big fat kiss on our significant other. With all the ensuing hoopla I hope that we all take a second to contemplate the gravity of what is happening to us. This event was prophesied thousands of years ago and we are the ones who have been chosen to benefit.

It's funny- how many people did you try to "turn-on" to this opportunity over the years? I did many times and was laughed at. There, the choice was made. IMO,we were chosen because we're the type of people who live to pay it forward. I'm literally itching to see what good comes out of this from a community that has a huge heart and a checkbook to match.

And it's amazingly ironic that some who are hurting the most right now will soon be standing in those shoes. For those of you feeling that pain right now let me say this. Your time has come. The intel is overwhelming and saying "now".

Until next time-DINARMAVEN

12thman Update 

12thman said: Please post: wanted to stop in for a sec and share what has been told to me. Received a call from the main HR that spoke directly to our UST contact.

As I had mentioned in my last post, on Friday I feel like I will be sitting at the bank in a nice plush leather chair. Well based off info we just received, we still might be doing so.

Based off a few calls and a report that came across his desk, people are gearing up to make this happen. We believe its in the UST's hands and they are ready to push the "it's live" button.

I know it's right there so please everyone stay grounded and keep God at the for front of all of this. My Aggie buddy thinks Saturday night based off our IMF contact.

I guess as the weekend gets closer, we will see! Either way, by next week, we all will be blessed 10 fold and I know I will be giving much away based off God's plan. Keep the faith, trust in the Holy Spirit, and know God is in control of all. Jesus take my hand, walk with me and keep me on the path the Father has for me and I know I will always be in His will. May you allow God to use you to further the Kingdom...12thman

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These Guru's are soooo funny! I can't take it anymore.