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Massive Manipulation-We Are At The CUSP

Keep A Jaundice Eye On Silver Price Especially Until September 1st 2013: Massive Manipulation ~ We Are At The CUSP!

Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold
Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold
UPDATE -> They may throw in the towel even after massive manipulation or plummet price for last go of paper silver.

Bullion was mauled in the overnight session, when thin volume facilitates cartel price management.
As can be seen with the overnight session’s sharp decline, this was not the typical stair-step downward move that would be considered normal profit taking following last week’s big gains.
In fact, the regular session on Monday saw normal profit taking during London and New York trading sessions.
Who in their right mind would try to exit large positions for profit taking during the most illiquid period during Tuesday’s overnight session?
Today’s upside reversal speaks to the underlying strength of this new bull cycle. The character of the bullion market has changed, readily apparent to anyone with a lick of “mercantile sense” as James Sinclair observes.
The silver COT’s [COMMITMENT OF TRADERS] are showing that SOMEONE is massively shorting on the latest rise in the price of silver. Although in the past it has usually been JP Morgan, I believe that it may be someone else this time…a non-regulated hedge fund like BLACKROCK. This would be part of their takeover plans of the silver rigging reigns. RoadtoRoota
By Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:
It should also be noted: the argument can be made that coming into Monday during the access hours there was a small cartel raid that set the stage; who needs “nudge teams” when they already exist on Wall Street?
Conventional thinkers outside of the reality-based community might scoff at this analysis. So be it.

The bottom-line is that Tuesday’s overnight session witnessed a raid. It’s very visible in the chart.

Today’s upside reversal speaks to the underlying strength of this new bull cycle. The character of the bullion market has changed, readily apparent to anyone with a lick of “mercantile sense” as James Sinclair observes. It also comes a day before the release of minutes from the FOMC, and futures contract settlement later this month. Precious metals markets typically come under pressure against that sort of backdrop.
Regular readers are familiar with daily cartel patterns of crashing the gold and silver markets on both the LBMA and COMEX open.
Hedge funds are incrementally increasing their long exposure. Some of these very same hedge funds were playing the short side more aggressively only three weeks ago. In addition, the hot money crowd is demonstrably not interested in laying on big, new short positions; many are looking for entry points to get long. This shift in the speculator community is contributing to fast upside reversals like we see in this morning’s trade.
Meanwhile, fundamentals for the physical market are strengthening. The seasonally strong period for Asian purchases has begun. We also have the bullion banks apparently net long both gold and silver. The talking heads on CNBC might not be able to see that the bullion markets have turned, but you can and that’s why you’re reading this (and the brainwashing box is ideally turned off!).
Mining Shares Confirming Bullion Price Action
Monday’s standard profit taking was telegraphed to some extent by Friday’s tepid trading across mining shares. Mining shares have a tendency of revealing short-term inflection points when it comes to the speculator community. The shares also can reveal shifts in the aggregate view of longer-term oriented investors.
Ever since the cyclical bear cycle in bullion began last fall, all mining share rallies were eventually sold. Precious metals equities acted like they had fallen into a bottomless pit. Early this month, that pattern decidedly changed. Dips are being bought – sometimes, quite aggressively.
Today’s trading offers a perfect example. It speaks to the fact that the character of the precious metals market has changed. At 12:00 EST, Gold was up about half a percent, Meanwhile, the Market Vectors GDX ETF was up over a buck, and more than 3.5%. Trading volume in the shares has been healthy all morning. This” confirming” trading action is consistent with a precious metals market that has fully switched into a new bull market cycle.
Last Friday, SD Weekly Metals & Markets radio show covered longer-term forecast for the balance of the year and 1Q-2014.
Click here to listen to the show.
Trading we see this week fits with our longer-term forecasts. Most investors are not seeing this rebirth of the bullion bull market cycle. Eventually, that will change.
Simply hold – they are now trying to buy your silver on this tiny rise but you MAY see the price fall dramatically. They have created a massive amount of paper silver to trick the silver charts into thinking there is much more silver than there really is. But Demand Is growing Strong For The Real Physical Silver At This CUSP.
China has outlawed this practice of ‘derivatives’, where’s the law enforcement in our own country?
Commercial longs are controlling the silver PHYSICAL market supply (this is good as we who hold are apart of this).
But its the banksters who are printing paper silver as if it were real. They in time will see their own waterloo. Volubrjotr
Silver Doctors
Silver Paul


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