Friday, August 30, 2013

What are the Republic Declarations all about?

I have been posting a number of declarations for the restored republic and clarifications/answers are required at this time.

The true republic is the legal "DEJURE" republic which is recognized worldwide and approved by the Hague World Court. It is restoring the constitutional republic of the people which was stolen by the illegal corporate govt. The dark cabal have used the corporate and British admiralty law to take away your freedoms and rights.

These republic declarations are for the this legal "DEJURE" republic which is having ongoing communications with the good military, which is supportive but in the back seat. The people are in charge with the "DEJURE" republic.

Where and who are they? They are regular 'good old boys' who care about our country. TRUE PATRIOTS!

I was aware of the republic restoration from the original RAP program which got taken over by Tim Turner RUSA cabal supported operation. The Cabal derailed the republic then but that was a temporary battle lost.

The PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK to get the true republic restored.

The declarations postings on the net are to provide a legal filing track record for the Republic as required by Common Law. NesaraNews has been chosen as one of the means to get these filings on record.

Contact info will be provided shortly for you to send in your questions. They are being very secretive to protect themselves against the ruthless cabal.

GOD Bless Our Republic,

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

Bravo, John. Thank you for this post. I am sure we all look forward to the contact info.
I am sure that many had concerns regarding Mr. TT and his undermining attempts.
Please keep us posted on the "REAL" truth.

Anonymous said...

thanks John!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks be to God you have been here and provided a reference for all of God's people John- even for those many souls who have been attempting to help in the restoration our Republic over the past years. I would like to inquire as to the secrecy of the non informed names of the new declarations and to why it is that "The People " cannot see the names of the interim President and VP and House Reps that are referenced on our behalf as Americans who supposedly have elected to represent us...Thank you and God's many blessings.

Concerned from Wisconsin said...

I was a member of the RUSA until the arrest of TT. If nothing else it gave me a great understanding of our nation's history. Is there a name for this group that is restoring our republic? I thank all those who were involved in this from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all you do.

Unknown said...

anybody who refuses to publicly give their full given name and wet ink signature to a document means absolutely nothing. i was a governor in the republic and if the same one they are as lawless as the de facto, and in fact just a de facto 2.0. public notice is given when someone puts their full liability on the line. absent a wet ink signature publicly displayed all of their announcements are worthless. full liability and transparency is required in common law. IGNORANT AMERICANS you are already free, do you really need more people hiding and claiming to be your superior?? You all shall get what you ask for. as for me i have no contract with any earthly entities and any attempts by the de facto or de facto 2.0 to intefere with my freedoms, privileges, immunities and properties will be met with extreme prejudice. Thomas David House of Deegan

Anonymous said...

and so although i posted a bit earlier...a comment, i would like to add that i have come to realize that man's laws have super-ceded God's laws.. He says " do nor swear- oaths, etc- "anything" and we find that men have sworn oaths etc- all kinds of things men have sworn oaths about in secret.Why can we not live under God's law and not man made laws? Just a question? Huh?

Jim Costa said...

What's This About The De Jure Republic?

Just in case you missed it, a De Jure government means the legal government. A De Facto government is one that is not legal but which is now commonly accepted. By the definitions, courts will recognize a De Facto government in the event that the De Jure government is dormant. Our De Jure government went dormant after the Civil War in 1871 when slight of hand switched our government to a corporation which is now our De Facto government.

In order to reactivate the De Jure government, all that is needed is for all the states to reactivate their De Jure state governments then all bring up the De Jure Federal Government. The problem in doing this is two fold. First, it must be done in secrecy so as to not be killed by the Cabal that owns the De Facto government.
The second problem is how to legally reactivate the De Jure governments? There is no precedents to doing this; no cook books to tell us how to legally accomplish it. Two years ago I spent six, months traveling the top half of Florida trying to bring up County Assemblies so that we could restore the state to a De Jure Republic. I worked along side a lot of very good people.  Trust me, two years ago it was hard to explain to people all the goings on with our governments as there was not that much on the internet at the time like there is now.
Because of my slight legal background, I did a lot of research on the legalities of accomplishing this De Jure reactivation. After a while I finally came to the point of looking at the final test of “Is it legal or not”, then working back from there. That final test is ultimately, “Will the U.S. Military recognize it as the one and only De Jure Government(s)?” If so, then you have done it successfully.

There were several groups trying to reactivate the state governments. Which one was the real one that we were supposed to support? This was the quandary all of us patriots faced. Which one, which method? As I told my audiences, it was like a group of people, all wearing sunglasses, being placed in a dark room searching for a black cat. The first to catch it is the winner. Every now and then you would hear a cat screech followed by someone leaving through the door.

Did they catch it? Some groups would give up the hunt then later discover that the so called winner actually caught a big rat, and so the race would be on again. So for me, the final proof is still does the military support it?

John Machaffie says it does. But again, all of this is occurring in secret, so as my wife always says, “We'll see.” Stay tuned Sports Fans!       

Anonymous said...

Jim Costa, you couldn't have said it any better!

Ps. this IS the real deal!

Anonymous said...

How you all gonna demand a Republican form of government when you are contracted slaves, it's like a child demanding from his parents, aint none of you gonna rid yourself of the mark cause your too chicken shit, you know it and so do i, all you do is come up with excuses why you can't, only a Sovereign can make demands, and as far as i know Top Jimmy and I are the only true Sovereign's in this country of cowards, and it could not have been done without the help of the Crane. Go ahead and make your demands it aint going nowhere. BPM 37093 WASP12b we are whats in the Purple forbidden enclosure.

Anonymous said...

Our "constitution" was just another cleverly-written contract that the people were never a party to. Did you sign it? Were the terms of the contract made known to everyone in the country before it was put into effect? Think of a traffic ticket, or a mortgage contract .... were ALL the terms made known to you before you signed on the dotted line? How will you run for office when you don't have the money and the power to reach all the people? Will only the more wealthy be able to hold office? Does this sound a little like Slavery 2.0, in just a few years?

Do you want more perceived "leaders" dictating your life? How about the right to self-governance, without interference? No thank you to any more contracts that I have not seen nor signed, and to unknown and anonymous "leaders" and "interim presidents" telling me how to live my life. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one minute that group from TT is being honest. They were infiltrated and many of the governor's we're crooks and remain crooks. They said they had military support way back and it was a lie. So now I'm supposed to believe them?? don't think so. There would have to be massive changes massive massive changes in that group or it isnt worth even looking at. Some of the most despicable people are still working at high levels in that group including the Congress. and I see that a total dufus from illinois is Speaker of the House. nuff said

Anonymous said...

thanks Jim 8:36 I am hoping for the Lawful reestablishment of the De Jure United States of America. I do not wish to be connected or obliged to any legal act that operates or enables anything. Legal is to De Facto as Lawful is to De Jure. We do not want to be involved in any legal proceeding because if one is they are a corporate fiction and are in and under a jurisdiction that is foreign to an otherwise flesh and blood living being. We will be free men when the govt acknowledges that we are their masters and they are serving us. But we first must learn how to behave as masters and act accordingly. We must educate ourselves as to our lawful responsibility to conduct ourselves as sovereigns in the De Jure . Or we will find ourselves enslaved under binding unlawful contracts that we consent to and if we try to get out of them we will be acting illegally and found guilty and fined and or imprisoned by a govt who is simply using us as legal chattel by our own consent when we are made liable by their offers such as unilateral contracts that include drivers license etc. Pardon the ramble but suffice to say, remove the word legal and replace it with LAWFUL and I would be in full agreement with your post.

Unknown said...

another person in hiding. bet you have done alot to help the cause. if it is only your country please show deed to it. otherwise i am free under God to be any where on God's green earth i please. keep hiding in the shadows that is freedom.A sovereign uses his name at all times.

Anonymous said...

I have one serious question to ask about John's post.

As far as I am aware the International Court in the Hague is corrupt and is controlled by the Cabal. So this in effect nullifies John's comments and also any progress towards righteousness and De Jure United States of America, or for that matter, any other country in the world.

I find this type of information most annoying because it all leads us to nothing.

What does excite me no end though is that GOD's Plan is the ultimate superior plan for us all. That's only if we allow it to happen and through prayer and expectation. God's Plan supersedes all other earthly plans developed by man and His Plan will result in righteousness. So let's all focus on GOD and His Plans for us and let's rejoice and love each other, because the Lord says "If you are for Me then who can be against you?"

Love to all and abundant blessings ... Amen!!!

Unknown said...

you are correct, it is a corporation like everything else. who cares what a corporation thinks. His people shall perish for lack of knowledge. amen