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BEFORE READING THIS ARTICLE ASK "WHO'S PUSHING OBAMA'S WAR BUTTON?" FOUND ON RMN. 25 Quotes About The Coming War With Syria That Every American Should See

WHO IS PUSHING OBAMA'S WAR BUTTON?  A SAFE GUESS THE SAME OLD GROUP THAT ARE INVOLVED IN The Contract on America announced by New Gingrich as Speaker of the U.S. House 1994 during the Clinton Administration which followed up on president G.H.W. Bush's Executive Order 12803 of 1992.

When all else fails go back to the beginning.  1.  Week of October 20th, 1982 Saddam's Princely Allowance of Bonnie Light Crude was on the market on a 3X3X3 [9 year] Contract. 
   a.  That contract was purchased by G.H.W. Bush's Zapata Oil and Union Oil acting transaction agency Nathaniel Ruvell attorney and Marlene Daniels.  Transaction went through the Israel Bank in Moshi Ishy.

2.  October 1982 to time 9 years later when Saddam Hussein went to Kuwait for the payment of his oil, he was refused his money.  Saddam calls G.H.W. Bush [president] who tells Saddam "Saddam old Buddy!  Go on back to Kuwait and get your money."  Saddam goes back with his troops and collects his money.  He stayed un Kuwait too long, long enough for G.H.W. Bush to rally troops and attack the man, his buddy for collecting the money on that 9 year contract of 1982.

3.  By 1991 G.H.W. Bush was up to his ears in 'debts' [proxy wars] as president G.H.W. Bush authorized James Baker III to use two $120 Billion Dollar Prime Bank Instruments [$240 Billion Total]  9/12/91 on a 10 year term, or until the US DOLLAR PROVIDER was exhausted.  The president G.H.W. Bush then goes to his friends Prince Bandar and Abdullah for banking assistance to launder out the two $120 Billion Dollar Unauthorized Prime Bank Instruments equaling the $240 Billion Dollar Transactions put through by Cantor Fitzgerald, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

4.  2003 article. The TEN YEAR CONTRACT ended on, or about 9/11/01. Who sat watching the WTC's go down? The Carlyle Group at the Carlyle Hotel. The BCCI BANK (BANK OF CROOKS & CRIMINALS) CARLYLE GROUP paid the SAUDI Prince Abdullah over $500 million dollars out of the 1991 TRANSACTIONS and bought major shares in CITIGROUP-CITIBANK written by renown reporter, and member National Press Club, Herb Mallard. Sherman Skolnick, and RMNews happens to be, one of the best investigative reporters to come on board since "WATERGATE" Bob Woodward, has written volumes about this, as has DAN BRIODY at "THE RED HERRING".

5. As readers can finally discover the truth about THE CONTRACT ON AMERICA as 
Names are being named .

a.  Per: Earl Hightower [International Corporate Counsel, Tennaco Oil Corporation who attended the dinner]; The meeting consisted of personages such as George Bush CIA, James Baker III, Paul Volker, Ed Meese, Henry Kissinger, George Whackenhut, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Earl Hightower, Senior International Corporate Council for Tennaco Oil Corporation, Atlantic Richfield, Union Oil, OPEC, Russian emissaries, and so forth. The list went on.

At this dinner party held by Ronald Reagan and supporters, an agreement was made. The agreement was (Per: Earl Hightower of Tennaco Oil Corporation):
   " Once in office as the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan;
1. Would start a conflict with Lybia,
2. Lybia would be caused to be kicked out of the U.S.
3. Russia was to come down through Afghanistan towards the Saudi Oil Fields,
4. This operation was to be called "Desert Breeze" and
5. The U.S. was to use Israel as the base of operations in the "Desert Wind" portion, which
6. turned into "Desert Storm" of the 1991 time frame in taking over the Far East Oil Fields.
  Note: It is believed this "agreement" is what ISRAEL holds over the Head of the Presidential Office, Presidents of the United States and Executive Branch allowing her to abuse neighboring Palestine etc.



CGI's Lymerick: 25 Quotes About The Coming War With Syria That Every American Should See
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If the American people are going to stop this war, they need to do it now. The following are 25 quotes about the coming war with Syria that every American should see...

1. Barack Obama, during an interview with Charlie Savage on December 20, 2007: "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."
2. Joe Biden, during a television interview in 2007: "The president has no constitutional authority ... to take this nation to war ... unless we're attacked or unless there is proof we are about to be attacked. And if he does, if he does, I would move to impeach him."
3. U.S. Representative Ted Poe: "Mr. President, you must call Congress back from recess immediately to take a vote on a military strike on Syria. Assad may have crossed a red line but that does not give you the authority to redline the Constitution."
4. U.S. Representative Kurt Schrader: "I see no convincing evidence that this is an imminent threat to the United States of America."
5. U.S. Representative Barbara Lee: "While we understand that as commander-in-chief you have a constitutional obligation to protect our national interests from direct attack, Congress has the constitutional obligation and power to approve military force, even if the United States or its direct interests (such as its embassies) have not been attacked or threatened with an attack."
6. The New York Times: "American officials said Wednesday there was no 'smoking gun' that directly links President Bashar al-Assad to the attack, and they tried to lower expectations about the public intelligence presentation."
7. U.S. Senator Rand Paul: "The war in Syria has no clear national security connection to the United States and victory by either side will not necessarily bring in to power people friendly to the United States."
8. U.S. Senator Tim Kaine: "I definitely believe there needs to be a vote."
9. Donald Rumsfeld: "There really hasn’t been any indication from the administration as to what our national interest is with respect to this particular situation."
10. Robert Fisk: "If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida."
11. Former congressman Dennis Kucinich: "So what, we’re about to become al-Qaeda’s air force now?"
12. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem: "We have two options: either to surrender, or to defend ourselves with the means at our disposal. The second choice is the best: we will defend ourselves."
13. A Syrian Army officer: "We have more than 8,000 suicide martyrs within the Syrian army, ready to carry out martyrdom operations at any moment to stop the Americans and the British. I myself am ready to blow myself up against US aircraft carriers to stop them attacking Syria and its people."
14. Khalaf Muftah, a senior Ba'ath Party official: "We have strategic weapons and we’re capable of responding."
15. An anonymous senior Hezbollah source: "A large-scale Western strike on Syria will plunge Lebanon virtually and immediately into the inferno of a war with Israel."
16. Ali Larjiani, the speaker of the Iranian parliament: "...the country which has been destroyed by the terrorists during the past two years will not sustain so much damage as the warmongers will receive in this war."
17. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: "Starting this fire will be like a spark in a large store of gunpowder, with unclear and unspecified outcomes and consequences"
18. General Mohammad Ali Jafari, chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards: (an attack on Syria) "means the immediate destruction of Israel."
19. Israeli President Shimon Peres: "Israel is not and has not been involved in the civil war in Syria, but if they try to hurt us, we will respond with full force."
20. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "We are not part of the civil war in Syria, but if we identify any attempt whatsoever to harm us, we will respond and we will respond in strength."
21. The Jerusalem Post: "The lines between Hezbollah and the Syrian regime are so blurred that Israel will hold Damascus responsible if Hezbollah bombards Israel in the coming days, Israeli officials indicated on Wednesday."
22. Ron Paul: "The danger of escalation with Russia is very high"
23. Pat Buchanan: "The sole beneficiary of this apparent use of poison gas against civilians in rebel-held territory appears to be the rebels, who have long sought to have us come in and fight their war."
24. Retired U.S. General James Mattis: "We have no moral obligation to do the impossible and harm our children’s future because we think we just have to do something."
25. Syrian refugee Um Ahmad: "Isn't it enough, all the violence and fighting that we already have in the country, now America wants to bomb us, too?"
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[Most are dual-citizen Israeli zionist war-mongers & PNAC members inside the US Govt. Many of these SAME PEOPLE are pictured here as co-conspirators to 911 - ]

Karl Rove
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
Ammar Abdulhamid
Ambassador Robert G. Joseph Elliott Abrams
Dr. Robert Kagan
Dr. Fouad Ajami
Lawrence F. Kaplan
Michael Allen
James Kirchick
Dr. Michael Auslin
Irina Krasovskaya
Gary Bauer
Dr. William Kristol, Journalist
Rep Paul Berman
Bernard-Henri Levy
Max Boot
Dr. Robert J. Lieber
Ellen Bork
Ambassador L. Paul Bremer
Tod Lindberg
Matthew R. J. Brodsky
Mary Beth Long
Dr. Eliot A. Cohen
Dr. Thomas G. Mahnken
Senator Norm Coleman
Dr. Michael Makovsky
Ambassador William Courtney
Ann Marlowe
Seth Cropsey
Clifford D. May
James S. Denton
Dr. Alan Mendoza
Paula A. DeSutter
David A. Merkel
Dr. Larry Diamond
Dr. Joshua Muravchik
Dr. Paula J. Dobriansky
Ambassador Andrew Natsios
Thomas Donnelly
Governor Tim Pawlenty
Dr. Michael Doran
Martin Peretz
Mark Dubowitz
Danielle Pletka
Dr. Colin Dueck
Dr. David Pollock
Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt
Arch Puddington
Ambassador Eric S. Edelman
Douglas J. Feith
Randy Scheunemann
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Dan Senor
Abe Greenwald
Ambassador John Shattuck
Christopher J. Griffin
Lee Smith
John P. Hannah
Henry D. Sokolski
Dr. Jeffrey Herf
James Traub
Peter R. Huessy
Ambassador Mark D. Wallace
Dr. William Inboden
Michael Weiss
Bruce Pitcairn Jackson
Leon Wieseltier
Ash JainKhawla
Yusuf Dr. Kenneth Jensen
Robert Zarate
Allison Johnson
Dr. Radwan Ziadeh